Siraya’s History of Azreal


Siraya, I feel a desire to know more about my history and my position in this ascension preparation. I have been told some; I ask for a more complete history explained now in terms that are the common descriptions. I ask for my name and number, if there is one. This I feel is important now.

Yes, Jess. I want to speak of aspects of you, as you asked. This is part of your learning about yourself, and it will be of much practical benefit.

You have heard us tell you about Azreal and your over-soul, as he referred to it. You are your soul, as you think of it now. That is an imprecise word for what it describes, however. All creation is an idea of the Creator Source. Ideas are energy in motion. What energy actually is and what set it in motion is not something we know. It has always been there and it has always been in motion as long as there has been creation. It would make no impact on the discussion to postulate a point before formation of an eternal idea, in fact.

Creator Source conceived an idea of you with the personality you have and the trajectory of movement your idea has taken. You were conceived of early, as you may regard it in terms of cosmic formation. You were a stream of energy involved with connection and finding balance. Imbalance occurs to cause new possibilities, and balance occurs as the result of connection between separate possibilities.

Your task, as it were, was to help create balance. You saw an image of yourself pushing a plug into an outlet. You were causing the energy to flow between the separates by doing so. The role you were created for was to facilitate this linkage.

You asked about a number. You actually have a relatively small number, in the scheme of things. In terms of sequence of creation of like kind beings, your number is 112,467. What does that actually mean, you ask? It means that you were part of the conception stage of the creation of the universes that came to be.  That is what you were told that day by Creator Source. You were one of the tools he used to extend his ideas into materiality. You helped reconcile creation. You really have no concept of what that means in terms of the scope of what I just told you.  Your life history is so much beyond the capability of any attempt you can make at understanding it.

You became an individual soul when you were created with a personality and a role. Your idea of yourself began forming the shape you have assumed. You needed certain characteristics to fulfill the role assigned you, and you began to assume the first manifestation of form you would use in Havona.

The concept of what became the seventh superuniverse was an extension of the idea of an interrelated networking of Father, Son, and Spirit. All three linked and ultimately balanced. You were created to help fulfill that balance. I was created to link the trinity to this manifestation and speak for its creator. We are part of the same stream ultimately, but with different roles to play within the manifestation of Creator Source’s idea.

As the universe of Orvonton was conceived and designed, you played a part in resolving structural questions. You brought the ability to connect and balance disconnection. This was part of your aspect, not so much part of your individual manifestation at that point. Layers of your energy stream were focusing on what would become different elements of your personality. You have no concept of the length of your time this took. Trillions of years.

As the seven superuniverses were formed, beings were created to use them and allow the Creator Source to experience his manifested ideas. He is in all and experiencing all, but his means is through his creations. His form is all of creation. His beings create ways of experiencing the paradigms their individual forms make within the complete creation they are part of.

Let’s speak now of your history. You were one of the first race who help determine the templates for the life forms that are suited to the seventh superuniverse. The form you derived became part of the structure that housed the energy that started the creation of Orvonton.  Your innate sense of what balance is contributed to the way created elements would link and interact.

Your time was spent exploring ways disparate concepts came together.  Those also exploring this concept over many, many years came to consider themselves a group of like-kind individuals and created the idea of a study forum for this purpose. This was the genesis of what developed into the colleges known on Earth under the name Lyricus. This forum created a process of thinking and examining. The intellectual processes you use on Earth were developed here in Lyricus and transferred to your human form as part of the DNA structure.

You provided insight and perspective to the Lyricus school. When the templates were developed for the inhabitants that would be going to Orvonton and its planets, Lyricus shaped the structure. You were part of the process for developing insight and ways of making comparisons that would characterize humans.

This came from an ability to compare inner concepts and feelings with exterior examples. This led to a sense of evaluation and measurement. The thinking process you now use was formulated in your Lyricus laboratory.


As we told you, you had input into the planning of Orvonton.  As Michaels were created to extend Creator Source’s vision for the seventh superuniverse to the various universes that would be created within, you existed in the stream of energy that was shaping this trinity materialization. You functioned as a connecting link between the Havona template and the outworking of, first, Uversa, and then the form Orvonton began to take on as the construction coordinators began their work. You were embedded within the form of this seventh superuniverse. Your perspective helped shape universe groups beside the one that became Nebadon.

Christ Michael Aton by your calling was created to form the universe you have been involved with as we have related. This is not to say you haven’t been integral to other universes and with other Michaels, but for our purposes now, this circumstance is the one we are speaking of. You have been connected with him since he was created because he needed your tools to produce his own vision. You stood by him as he designed and then created Nebadon. Based on his comments to Candace, you see the time frame involved with just this portion of your history.

When Aton had created his base planet and began working on the extension of his universe, you again helped with linkage. You helped structure balance and perception. I’m not saying you had a physical form per se and were showing up for work each day in your uniform. I’m saying you were part of the spiritual essence that helped him and Nebadonia shape the form and templates that would imprint their characteristics upon their universe.

As eons went on, Aton’s universe developed an imbalance that was a logical possibility of the free choice paradigm he was exploring. This imbalance became manifested ultimately in what has been labeled the Lucifer rebellion and the conscious choice of disconnection from the Creator’s intentions.  You saw this happen and watched its manifestation. Many others were concerned with the direction the choices were taking away from the Creator’s plan, and they, as well as you, decided to become more directly involved with the decision making process. You saw this as imbalance and wanted to bring more awareness of the way all things can be linked to the spiritual truths that were inside each individual.

To remedy this, you decided to incarnate in a form that could be more proactive in guiding others. This involved lowering your energy frequency to adapt to planetary structures that were lower density and dimension.  You took on a form that was suited to the energetic composite that had become a planet in the Pleiades system. The level of frequency was lower than Uversa, but still operating within a range that was suited to a planetary system revolving around a direct interaction with its Creator.  This was more detached than you had experienced, but it still had an awareness of the core linkage.

You used this form of incarnation to explore ways humans could strengthen or reestablish their awareness of universal guidance. This was directing a linkage on a more material level and finding ways to use appropriate physical objects as guides. You saw that man had chosen to forgo much of his conscious awareness of a connection with Christ Michael Aton in some galactic situations, and, in doing so, had lost his knowledge of how to reconnect. While this was not the case in the Pleiades civilization, the planets’  similarity to life formats on other, more threatened planets allowed you to consider how best to bring this reconnection to them.

You found that objects could be created in such a way that they would embody certain universal truths and then trigger a forgotten awareness of those truths in those who came in contact with the objects. The design of the object made such a forceful impression on the individual experiencing the object that it caused a change in the individual’s perceptions and memories. Once that had happened, the individual’s awareness changed.


I don’t want to give you the impression you discovered a new method for influencing awareness. Your purpose was built on the idea that a balance was possible to achieve between two dissimilar points of view. However, you realized that the resulting balance could be influenced in specific ways when one of the points had been shaped to color the nature of the interaction.

You realized that objects could be created to embody specific universal truths in terms of the structure or content. If a person could be persuaded that this specific creation was something that communicated truth to him every time he came in contact with it, the work would be regarded as an example of something that expressed those ideas with clarity and ease. The person experiencing the object’s design would remember its impact on him and set it apart in a separate category of meaningful items. These items became symbols for him for the universal truth.

In his desire to communicate his personal insight to others, he would fall back on his examples of what had spoken to him.


As you studied and experimented to find ways of effecting this kind of triggered balancing, you were aware of what was taking place on Earth. You saw that the war waged by Lucifer and his followers was causing the planet to become a focal point of resistance. The original inhabitants were considered as pawns to be used by their overlords as servants for their own selfish interests. The spiritual intention of the planet was misdirected and turned away from its purpose of providing a training ground for future creators. First the culture known as Lemuria, and then the civilization that had developed in Atlantis were overrun by off-world incarnates who seized power and turned spiritual pursuits into methods of controlling people’s innate sense of inquiry. They conditioned the inhabitants to accept changes they were making as inevitable steps in personal evolution.

The people lost their sense of inquiry and came to regard their intuited sense of incompleteness as normal. Without a strong sense of what their spiritual truth’s purpose was in their lives, they stopped looking for the previous connection with Christ Michael they had purposely shut off.  This disregard of spiritual truth caused them to lose their ability to sense an imbalance in their lives.

As you were observing this growing sense of disconnect, you felt it was time to go to Earth yourself and try to initiate a reawakening of spiritual awareness. This you attempted first in Atlantis. You incarnated there as an off-world teacher bringing a method of helping inhabitants reconnect with their own disconnected spiritual core. This involved working with vibrational frequencies matched to each individual’s personal frequency.


Jess, this is Siraya. Your questions are more appropriate for me to discuss since you are asking about the directions your path is taking. Esu knows these directions, but it is more my place to speak of larger issues.

He has just spoken to you of a transformation we see you making at some point. This move into a greater realm of responsibility is not unheard of, but it also is not the typical switch one of your kind makes. We have spoken to you of your being what the Urantia book has grouped as Daynals, or teaching sons. Your purpose has always been to explain. This means you have to know the reasons and often this comes through experience. You have examined connection and what this means in terms of individual transformation. You have brought the idea of using symbols or metaphors that can be understood and grasped by those searching for something more enriching.

I would categorize you as an observer and a coordinator as others take what you give them and try to adapt it to their own being. You bring clarity and solution. Maybe not through words, but by examples.

The stream you find yourself in at the moment is one of rapids and difficulty to find a stopping place. More people are recognizing your validity and asking you for help. Your own self tends to suffer a bit as you give over your time to peripheral issues…

I’m only going to give you hints about what is coming soon. I expect you will be removed from the hurly burly as soon as the darkness arrives. We plan to bring you to ship and work on you physically. This will provide the basic foundation you will need later.

Stasis will be spent most likely on board the ship for you. You will learn what we need you to do immediately, as well as start preparing for what will come later. The perception of your path will be clearer and more forceful.  We don’t know yet what forms future developments will take on. We have intentions and plans but little work is actually completed.  The shape the future takes is determined by the form the present assumes.

You will be transitioned when the time comes. First you must be an extension of Esu and his mission on Earth. This will go on for several years. You should also codify the sexual energy process you have been working on. This is an exciting development.

You will speak for Esu, but you also will find your own voice to speak on topics you wish. You also will get to play. This is a powerful talent you have and you should continue to use it to teach.

I’m not going to go further with your post stasis events at this point. The future is infinite, so you have time to adjust.


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