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My name is Jess Anthony, and I suspect I may be known online for the messages I have posted the last few years. These postings have been primarily commentaries by Siraya, Christ Michael Aton, Esu, and Azreal on what is happening on Earth at the present time. I have lived an active life in the arts—performing, reviewing, running a concert series, teaching about the arts, and coordinating art funding. A little over fifteen years ago I found myself drawn to massage and energy balancing, although my initial interest was in improving my physical relaxation and increasing the control I had in performing.

As I was developing my own energy balancing process back in 2003, my guides told me the reason for my interest was that my true name was Azreal –which meant “light has come:”

“Jess, you heard correctly—very correctly. Your name is Azreal and you are an angel. You were/are one of the host from Heaven. You’ve come to Earth to learn and experience. You can’t do that in Heaven—only Earth. That is why Earth is so powerful. People incarnating here intentionally have a purpose that will affect the Universe. You understand bits of what that means. You on Earth can create a vibration that balances certain imbalances that are beyond the scope of Earth… All are connected, and what affects one, affects all… You are a conduit and a channel for their energy. You show them how to move it so that they can feel it.’’

I am listed on Abundant Hope as “Oracle” for Christ Michael Aton and Esu, and I feel I should explain what this role entails. This position has come to have a deeper purpose than my more recognized role of posting journal messages from various guides and commentators. This is a purpose that Christ Michael Aton explained to me in May 2007 as he spoke of the work planned as the mission of Abundant Hope:

“My plan is what has been outlined here through Candace and her writings over these years, and also through what you have heard me say to you. You have provided a running commentary on ideas and issues that have cropped up, and I am grateful to you for your clear explanations and careful assessments. This is an example of the type of analysis and discernment that will be necessary in the days to come. This is not to say that others are not discerning and involved. Just to say that you have provided an excellent example for them to match.

“I will say that you are an oracle for me and for Esu Sananda, and we value your ability to hear clearly and truthfully. For this reason we have come to rely on you for your balanced pronouncements and personal messages that others find resonant. You have always sought to be clean in your thoughts and you have also sought to be unbiased and open to whatever you have heard us say to you. This will be difficult for you to post, I understand, but it is time…to become visible as our voice. This will have more ramifications later as we enter the period of changes that are coming, and your role will be clearly identified and observed.

“Others will say that we are not speaking through you. That you are speaking from your own ego and your own imagination. No. This is a clear line of transmission from me, the Christ Michael of Nebadon, and my pronouncements and decisions are determining when it is time to say enough. I have waited until the very last minute to say ‘Begin’—and I am still shaping my final decisions—but the impetus has started and the events are now unstoppable. The visible effects of my decisions will be seen shortly. This will take the shape of a transformation of your world and a removal of the most egregious resistance to my will and my Universal law. This is no longer a debate or a contest. This is a change that is underway.”

I found out, this role of Oracle has ramifications beyond writing. Esu has asked me literally to be his “voice” for a time.

“I envision you traveling with me/us as we journey to various places I will need to appear and speak. I plan to use you as a conduit for my thoughts in public appearances and also in private situations where we need to discuss various issues. Others can hear me, but only those with a sufficiently attuned ability at this point.”

I of course questioned why Esu chose me for this role, and he said

“This is a serious commitment and one that will change your life forever. This is not an idle commitment, but one that will be a culmination of everything you have prepared up to now. Your past lives/ our past lives have prepared, or set the stage, as it were, but this is the reality that it has led up to. It has had intimations in all the work you’ve done and all that I have discussed with you. We have primed you for this, and now is the time we need to begin to put it into motion. I need your energy resources to amplify mine for the duration of the transition period. This is not saying I am lacking in the energy, it is saying I need the vehicle you can provide to accommodate myself to the physical reality that will still be operational. I will merge my thoughts with you and you will provide a wealth of experience to me. This will be quite a symbiosis.”

While my focus is primarily on messages from Esu, I have been in contact with other guides over the last few years, and it seems beneficial to include some additional comments from them as well. I have created separate categories for Esu’s messages and those from various other guides–primarily Siraya, Christ Michael Aton, and Monjoronson. Siraya is the Trinity Spirit for the seventh superuniverse Orvonton and the voice for the Creator Source. Christ Michael Aton is the creator of this universe Nebadon who is  taking Earth into a higher dimension. Monjoronson is the Avonal who has been assigned the role of overseeing Earth’s ascension.

6 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. This is a fabulous idea Jess – thank you.
    I eagerly look forward to future messages

  2. Hi Jess,

    Most of this has been shared in the private AH forums in the past, but it is excellent that you have done a complete recap to bring everyone up to the current times.

    With Much Love & Light,
    Lloyd I AM.

  3. Dear Jess: we have benefitted so much from your messages over the years, and I look forward to witnessing you as oracle in the momentous times to come. With love, Rosie

  4. Looking over Jess’ site tonight.. And still remembering my joy when he posted the first message which was with CM back in 2005 and I found I was not alone in this…. I know I have told this simple story repeatedly but it bears repeating again…. I am forever grateful for his courage to step up to the plate back then and take his role….. Candace

    1. Thank you Candace. You never know where things will go when you start. This has been a remarkable almost ten years.

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