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I speak not with the tongues of men, but with the force of Christ Michael Aton’s vision. Christ Michael, as Aton, has been integral to the developments Earth inaugurated, even though he has allowed them to develop as they will. Man has long had the option to choose between better or worse possibilities, and his misinformed selection has led to an untenable result.

It is now time to speak more forcefully to those issues. I have a series of comments I want to make, and I feel it is better to relate them through my chosen Voice. Others may claim to be my receiver, but I am speaking these comments through my Voice alone.  His understanding and clarity make my concepts simple and easy to grasp.

I am Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara, and I share the position of Planetary Prince with Machiventa Melchizedek. Sananda is a title given to all Christed beings who are one with the Creator, and I will be taking my position on Earth in physical form as a symbol of Aton’s lordship as Creator Son of Nebadon. His plan for his Universe is clear and determined. The fact that you have free will on Earth is of no consequence in his overall plan for the ascension of this solar system and your planet. It will happen.

Your participation is one aspect of this plan that colors the direction it takes as part of its creation. You are assigned the task of shaping this move. This has been your role always, and you have created the place you are now. You chose to come to Earth at this time to implement the necessary shifts that allow Earth to complete her role. You have a symbiotic relationship with her, and your decisions have always had an impact on her visage. She has allowed you to corrupt her surface and deplete many of the elements that form the nutrients she needs as a living planet. This was her gift to you to allow you to discover your own self-identity. You are recognizing some aspect of that almost too late to save her.

Therefore, Christ Michael and forces from all across his galaxy have come to assist in the repair and reconstitution of your Mother. This is the sort of compassion you will discover must take place in your interactions with each other as you move into your future. This selfless willingness to participate is inbred in your DNA and must be re-activated to allow your continued ascension as beings of light. This is part of your destiny, and now is the time to recognize this.

I plan for this series of messages to be a mix of previous comments and new ones. The ideas I have communicated have been consistent these last few years—although recorded at different times—and my basic agenda has not changed even though the circumstances of your world have been in flux. Many scenarios we proposed have had to change or become unworkable. Man’s decisions continually modify the parameters of his existence, and our best projections often are no longer appropriate.

Because you are in such chaos, I will speak through my Voice on these current times and explain my vision for the future. I will outline my views on certain issues and describe how I plan to tackle problems that must be resolved before man moves higher in spiritual ascension. To explain my point of view, I will recall my own beginnings and comment on the circumstances of my most known time on Earth as the one you call “Jesus Christ.” That was a period in Jerusalem of accepted misinformation and willful distortion. The truth of that time is pertinent today, even if the accepted facts are intentionally skewed. My existence deserves a fresh view, and my purpose needs expressing. As you will see, my history is long, but dedicated now to lifting up Earth as a spiritual planet.

The comments posted here will speak individually to specific issues or events. As a body of work, they form a foundation for my perspective and insight. They are not scriptures in the traditional sense, but will be good news for all who connect with them.

Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara


18 thoughts on “Esu speaks


    in our Hearts, dear Sananda ESU Immanuel Kumara!
    Thank you for gifting us
    with the one and only VOICE of TRUTH.
    In Love and in Joy I wish You
    a Blessed Happy Birthday!

  2. Great to see this up Jess! Excited to see the progress and the benefit that it will have to those that choose to connect. Thank You and Esu for what will be an exciting adventure!!

  3. This website will greatly benefit all who visit. Thank you Jess and Esu. Hopefully in the near future other Celestials will find one s to bring
    forth new knowledge and things we must remember as Man seems to forget lessons learned. The need to continuously repeat seems to be a way of life for all here on this God’s blue planet.
    namaste Barb

  4. Thank you Esu, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY once more.

    Thank you Jess and the team for this initiative.This is a very welcome addition to the teaching tools becoming available. One would query if this resource is not overdue however perfect timing is a standard with our beloved celestials…..
    Wunderbar !!!!

  5. Thank you Jess for bringing these messages to us all!
    Thank you Esu Sananda for your love and blessings through these messages….your words are sweet nectar to our tired hearts.

  6. Thank you Jess & Esu for spreading the light. And Happy Birthday, Esu! Looking forward to your future work.

  7. Happy Birthday Esu.
    Thank you for this plain speaking message and for beginning this new phase of your work here. It’s nice to think that we are on the “Home” straight.

    Thank you Jess for being Esu’s Voice and organising this new teaching venue. It will be a great addition to the Christed teaching effort and a fitting start to humanity’s new beginning. Much appreciated.

    Thank you Jess for this great initiative! Love the name The Voice of Esu!

    Happy Birthday Esu! Sending you a BIG Hug! 🙂

  9. Thanks Jess looking forward to this

  10. Lovely Esu and Jess….

    I always love the divine simplicity in which these messages take shape….

    Looking forward to reading more!

    With Many Blessings,


  11. Nice addition to our growing awareness of this great adventure!

    Thanks Jess for this worthy service ………..

    Esu, our most honored brother, Happy Appearance Day!
    thanks for opening this communication path……..

  12. Thank you Jess for taking the initiative to put up this site. Sananda Esu this is a wonderful message to hear and read at this time.

    With Much Love & Light,
    Lloyd I AM.

  13. So much has been happening while life has kept me busy!!!! What a wonderful job Jess.
    Thank you so much for this great project. All my love , support and gratitude go out to you!!

  14. Thank you Jess for this great idea to bring our Master Esu closer to our mind and heart.

    His teachings and vision for the future shall be a blessing for all of us.

    With Love, André.

  15. Welcome Esu and your words full of wisdom and hope for this sad world.

    And thanks Jess, a great blog!!!

  16. This is shaping up very well and the first piece on the main page is awesome with Esu… What a joy all of the combined efforts of this project has been! Thank you since those very early days, Jess, for contacting me and being the first after myself to boldly carry CM/Aton…. as part of AbundantHope… That was such a great joy when you jumped in there….

  17. Thank you Esu and Jess for this website and the learning. I don’t understand everything but I just follow this teachings.

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