Esu, Aton, Siraya, and Creator Source All Speak on Inevitable Change

Comments today? I’m eager to hear what is appropriate for me to communicate.  A variety of sources are fine, if that is better.

Jess, there is a variety of speakers today. This is Esu first. I have much to say to prepare for what is to come. The time has arrived for closure and evolution. Many things we have told you in our various voices have come to fruition. We see a political chaos and a financial collapse ready to happen. We have taken charge of both situations and are now poised to make the pushes needed to topple the precarious balance.

I look at political crises in many countries, not just the United States—as you call it. Financial control is loosening, and the players the money has bought are being seen for what they truly are. The governmental decisions they have influenced are leading to the chaos that is boiling up. This instability will cause vast numbers of people affected by these decisions to recognize the true nature of their society and their lack of control over their lives. This powerlessness will become clearer as the days pass.

It will take a few strategic incidents to trigger this new awareness. These have to be so overwhelming at this point that the mindless public will see and understand. This conditioned state of mindlessness has been a tool developed by those seeking to control them. This control goes beyond what you can imagine. It is not just control of activities—although that is evident in the laws that regulate every action you take—but it is also control of perceptions and expectations.  The general public doesn’t complain because it no longer feels it can.

Once the public’s eyes begin to open, it will find an innate sense of personal responsibility that has been blunted and covered over until now. This is part of the role I will take as this enlightenment starts. I am designated as the coordinator to bring a new perception.  My task merges with that of others to steer the direction the ascension will take. Other coordinators are tasked with evaluating the results of chosen actions on Earth. Others still are in a position to make decisions as a result of these evaluations. Closure must happen to end the actions that have led up to this point. The Creator Source you refer to as God the Father has always had an end point determined for this phase of Earth’s ascension, and the nature of the process getting to that point must be finished out.

Man has had the freedom to choose how he has pursued this end point, and his decisions play into the shape this wrapping up embodies. The level of complexity of this closure, in truth, is evidence of the level of intelligence that has been involved with man’s blind incarnation on Earth. He was tasked with finding a way back to his creator without the direct guidance normally provided. It has led to immense difficulties, but also amazing growth and maturity. This has been a testing ground for a most difficult scenario, and man has caused the unexpected to take place. He has forced those coordinating the ascension process to modify normal parameters and create a way for him to continue on Earth as an active participant. This is new and without precedent, and the process has now become a collaborative involvement that includes both man and those from higher dimensions. The parameters are untested and the uncertainty of the steps has led to this sense of flexibility in reaching the end goal.

The bigger picture was always in place, however, to use your phrase. The time for closure and ascension is part of a larger template that involves much more of your universe than just Earth. This is the point that the Creator Source determined would end one phase and begin another.  The changes on Earth are part of a vast interconnected shift that brings this section of the universe more in line with the spiritual light of the Paradise Trinity. The unimagined changes that will take place on Earth are only a miniscule portion of the immense changes taking place throughout your portion of creation. This is all to bring you into a stronger unity with your universe and your creator as spiritual beings.


I am Aton, your Christ Michael. That title means I envisioned your world and your universe, and I created you to embody my idea of spiritual experience. I shaped you with physical natures of various sorts to explore and learn. I use all of you to learn for me. I am the creative energy you extend, and Nebadonia gives you the spiritual insight to know how to use it. You all are extensions of me in the sense that arms and hands explore for the body and the brain. I experience through you. My desire is that you remember this connection. Earth has been special to me as the site of my own physical experience. I look at this part of my creation as a special jewel that has become tarnished almost beyond recognition.  I want to reclaim that pristine beauty as part of the vast evolution that is taking place.

To that end I am intervening again to be involved with the direction my planet goes. I have taken many steps to reach the point we are at now. I have allowed the initiatives man has begun to reach their inevitable conclusions, and one by one I have allowed my forces to take charge of the processes. We have control over the decisions now, and no new directives will be ordered that are not in alignment with my wishes.

The public’s perception is only of the desperate struggles that are taking place to retain control. These struggles are now useless.  Much will be revealed and explained as man begins to take back his responsibility. This is happening now.


I am Siraya. I speak again as I have before to Jess as a link with his spiritual purpose. I express the ideas of the Creator Source to his universe of Orvonton, and I say that this process is unstoppable.  The distinctive form this evolution takes on Earth is shaped by those who have worked on preparing the way for this to happen.  Man on Earth has an innate sense of what is true, and this is pointed out to him by the means he has come to cherish as embodiments of the truth.  Man will recognize what is in alignment with his creator through the aspects of his life that resonate with him. He will have an awareness of what is right and what provides spiritual nourishment. He will recognize the façade his existence has become to ignore this truth, and he will seek to remove the elements that prevent his alignment with his creator. He will experience the joy that this unity will bring. His existence on Earth will become the extension of Christ Michael Aton that it once was.


I am Creator Source as you call me, and I speak directly. I have determined that your existence on Earth is ready to take its next step. This is one of an unlimited sequence you will take. I view the process and know how it will evolve. I have created those to make this happen. Many levels of connection and coordination, all being parts of my creation. You are my vision. My vision is for joy.

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  1. Such a Blessing, to receive the very thoughts and ideas of our Highest Celestials in Creation…Always needing to read several times to get insight in the so complex and ever deep meaning… and always working hard to transcend the concept of TIME in the GRANDEUR of Creation and in ETERNITY…as to not keep staying bound in my limited Time and expecting of dates…

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