In Support for Jess as Oracle of Aton and Esu Immanuel Kurmara

By Jess, his friend The Phoreseer, and Candace

Jan 4, 2008

Candace: Hi everyone, some of us from AH on occasion still take what I term a deliberate attempt to portray this organization and its members as being something other what this is about. Some of you are terribly impatient, and believe me I understand this, but the lack of apparent action on the ground is not proof that this organization does not stand for what it does.

Recently Jess once again came under attack by an impatient one on a discussion board. Jess posted his very reasonable defense of himself which is included in this piece I am placing. A friend of his, of significant import to this project, came forth also with support to Jess in a most interesting way. So in this post, I am placing both Jess’ rebuttal and the support of his friend.

Jess: This thread is occasioned by a response I wrote to xxxxxxx (as it turned out) in xxxxxxxxx. He had attacked my last message from Esu and in turn had included Candace and the information about Jupiter. It really was almost bipolar in its dual personas. I ended up stating my position but not really stooping to his level, I don’t think. I rarely want to enter into an argument with readers, but this seemed beyond a lack of identification with the message.

My response and my perspective triggered an email by a friend of mine in Canada whom I have been corresponding with for a few years. He has been writing a legal defense for GESARA for the International Court in the Hague, he has told me, and he has felt it was necessary to quote my messages rather extensively as documentary evidence. He feels it is time for me to become more public as an oracle and he provided a letter of reference, as it were, that I could feel free to use. I wrote him back and said I felt it would be inappropriate for me to toot my own horn like this, but I promised to send it to various other contacts who might feel led to use it in some way.

To that end I am posting it here, along with the response to xxx/xxx that led to my friend’s letter in the first place. You are welcome to use it if you see a way it should be used.

xxxxxxxxxx, ( the person who posted contentious material)

It really is a waste of energy arguing about a message that was not posted here by me in the first place. One of the other members saw it at Abundant Hope, I suspect, and re-posted it here. You took it upon yourself to attack it and me for some reason only you could know. I respect your right to disagree with what I say, but I will tell you it hurts to be called a sycophant and to be maligned for creating a false series of “messages” that are designed to somehow get power over you. Believe me, that was the farthest thing from my mind.

I personally don’t have a clue how the future will develop. My past history and pretty far ranging reading and education have not shown any clarity on what is going to happen in the next minute, let alone next month or next year. There is not any scientific evidence that is proof–at least proof as it is commonly defined by apparently you.

Everything that I have posted has been a direct quote from spiritual guides, most particularly Esu and Christ Michael. If you have problems with the vagueness of what they say or with the lack of specificity as to dates and timelines, then you need to take it up with them personally. I do ask for specifics and they tell me what they want me to know. I post what I do because it speaks to me, and I have been told it resonates with others.

I will tell you exactly how I receive my messages, and you can think what you will about what I say. I get in a focused state and I begin to hear words in my head. This type of telepathy is clairaudience. I type the words on my computer as I hear them. It really is like dictation. I occasionally ask questions, but generally the messages come to me as the essays I post. I have been doing this almost daily since 2001 when I was told I should start hearing comments from spiritual guides. I have posted only a small fragment of what I have heard. I have continually asked for clarity and specific information–as you have seen at times in the ones I have posted publicly–but the comments I have heard have been general or conditional. I’m sorry if you want a detailed outline, but such a thing is not possible since the future is always fluid as far as we are concerned. I am not the only telepath who has said that, by the way. Kryon has said that through Lee Carroll and Kirael has said that through Fred Sterling, to cite two more examples.

I will also tell you how any telepath hears a message. The spiritual guide is sending an idea to the receiver from the truth of their higher situation. The guides sees the complete picture of what can happen based on a number of options the participants can choose to follow. The person receiving the message inevitably has certain biases based on past experience and preferences. The full truth idea comes into their brain and takes a form their mind determines based on these likes and dislikes. The full truth of the message becomes skewed usually, emerging as a message that speaks either more positively or more negatively, depending on the receiver’s preconceptions. The language used to express this message is also structured by the vocabulary they use to express their own ideas. They become the channel for the guide’s idea, but the message is always colored by the receiver. The challenge is to try to be as neutral as possible and let the guide speak with as much breadth as possible without personally influencing the shape of the message. Hopefully, the words transmitted are effective tools to convey the energy of the idea that shaped them in the first place. The guide’s energy is what actually resonates with the reader, not the receiver’s message.

It is fine with me if my messages don’t speak to you. I hope in your own way that you are able to connect with the energy that spoke to me in that way and see your own truth. I would urge you to tell us what you hear.


The Phoreseer:

Hello Jess,

I am writing about your comments on the above topic. Well done! Some comments are appropriate from my point of view.

Firstly, you emphasized that you really didn’t need to reply at all. Secondly, you emphasized the fact that the messages you receive are not your words at all. Thirdly, you asked Marcos to do the same as you and publish those comments out in public for all to see.

In making these three points, you in my opinion re-emphasized and re-affirmed your position, as the Oracle. As I said before, well done!

To me, the issue isn’t about who is right or wrong. This is an issue about the clarity and validity of the message being sent by the sender through you that you at their behest make public.

As you know, there are times that I am not always in total agreement with the messages sent through you. This is what free will and individual discernment are all about. However and as I have said, this is not what the issue before us is all about.

No, the real issue is whether or not the messages are true and valid to the truth perceived and enunciated by the sender – not the channeller. It is not rightly or wrongly about how the message is perceived personally by others, in regards to the message being sent.

In my opinion, the words in your personal commentary have personally achieved validity in accomplishing this objective. You notice that I said the word “personally.” The question has to be whether or not a “personal” commentary is sufficient in this case? In my opinion, it is not sufficient for what you are doing, as the Oracle for Aton and Esu. Why do I say this? Well, remember what I said about your work in regards to what I wrote in the legal brief? I said that an Oracle’s work in this day and time is more like the work of a Press Secretary for say a President or Prime Minister. It is important that the credibility of the Press Secretary be enunciated and supported by those receiving the strategies and policies of the person or persons the Press Secretary is working for.

As I stated in Addendum 5 of the legal brief to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the words of “objective” versus “subjective” have been so bastardized and/or misapplied in our world’s viewpoint and terms of reference that any given individual person’s word or statement of credibility is never enough to substantiate the validity of their position in regards to their actions in carrying out the duties of a significantly important position affecting “all the people.” Their position, as a result of the training, conditioning and programming of the “many” by the “few” must always be supported within our terms of reference by others who are considered to be credible in the eyes of the establishment and/or specific community involved. I am sure you realize this.

Thus, I come to my suggestion in regards to your position, as the Oracle for Aton and Esu. I know that on a personal level, you may feel that the suggestion is not necessary here at this time and place. However, I would suggest that it would be in your best interests to consult with Aton and Esu before reaching any kind of a definitive decision regarding this matter.

Please remember that what Marco and others rightly or wrongly may be talking about is not necessarily just about your personal credibility. Whether they realize it or not, in truth what they are talking about is “all” about the credibility of the “position” of Oracle – not just your own personal credibility. Take it from an old beaurocrat that there is a vast difference between the two positions.

While I will admit that a significant amount of good has been promulgated by those of the Light Workers who have through their personal and collective meditation(s) spread their “Love,” as they perceive it throughout this world of ours, you know as well as I do that these actions are only a small part of what GESARA is “All” about. In the end, it is “All” about standing tall and “doing” by taking personal action to help the “many” regardless of the risks involved – not just waiting for others to do it for them. This is what I have done.

As you well know, since December 23rd 2003, I have when my body and/or mind and/or heart programme allow me to, worked seven days a week, to present a legal brief to the International Court Of Justice in The Hague re: the issues of GESARA and ascension. Even today, I am still performing some follow-up in the form of Addendums pertaining to these two issues.

It doesn’t matter if others may disagree with what I am saying. For in truth, it is “All” about following your individual path of discernment wherever it leads you, regardless of the risks involved.

It is not about right or wrong, good or evil. It has always been about what is considered the “best” direction, not only for our race but also what may be “best” in the long run, for “All” of known existence. This is what I have and am currently doing in a variety of different ways. In doing so, my focus regardless of the pressures put on me by outside influences and sources at “All” dimensional levels of our known existence (there have been many) – Central Havona; has always been on “all the people,” their needs and requirements as well as the impact that the decisions and policies of the “few” have on the “many.”

As my mother has so aptly said, I am very much like the Scottish philosopher, David Hume; in that I will try anything necessary in order to find a way to get what I feel are the very necessary and appropriate points across to those who must decide the fate of the “many.” I am very proud to say that I have never shirked from my duty, obligation and responsibility in regards to this position I have upheld, as it pertains to the issues of GESARA and ascension for humanity.

So I think it is safe to suggest that I may have gained a little more credibility than most, as a result of what I have done. It is not a matter of agreement or disagreement in this regards; for in the end, it is “All” about standing tall and “doing” what you feel is right for the “many,” instead of sitting back and waiting for others to do it for you. With “All” due respect to the “many,” this in my opinion is what can be considered, as credible in regards to the issues of GESARA and ascension.

This does not mean that the “many” should do what I have done. It doesn’t mean that they should take a) the same journey I have taken and/or b) taken the position and stand that I have taken. Each of “us” must search and find within our own hearts or, as I say – heart programmes; a) who they are, b) what path of individual discernment they can and therefore, should take as well as what they can do for the “many,” as it applies to GESARA and ascension. Each individual being is different and therefore, what they contribute to the overall whole will be uniquely theirs alone; if they first search within themselves for the answers they seek. Only in doing so will those answers become self-evident.

A good example of this is the highly significant and indeed, extremely important position of Oracle that you have courageously in “All” humility taken on. You have had the courage to go “where others fear to tread!” So I find it truly sad when others, instead of having the courage to find the truth within themselves; take your position totally out of context to what is actually happening and blame you for the pronouncement of others through you and indeed as a result – their own misfortunes. This is truly a sad state of affairs!

So maybe it is about time that somebody else with a modicum of credibility in regards to GESARA and ascension, who is unknown to the “many” and yet is known to “All” of those known, as the “few;” support your position, as the Oracle to Aton and Esu. With this in mind, I have put the wording below you know I used in introducing your “bona fides” to the involved parties participating in the resolution of GESARA and ascension re: the human race.

Whether the “many” who have been so derogatory towards your position, as the Oracle like it or not; they should know that to lie in a legal brief to the International Court Of Justice in The Hague would be tantamount to committing a criminal act. I would never do this. For I have always stood for the truth, as I perceive it within my heart programme (Inner Self or Holy Spirit within the proper context). It is as simple as this.

It is time that the many hear the real and whole truth in regards to a) how you became known as the Oracle, b) who you really are as a person and therefore, c) the true and proper context within which to take your channellings as a whole. Perhaps in doing so, those who have been so inappropriately derogatory towards your dedication to the position you have been assigned and therefore, hold; will instead search within themselves for the answers they should be seeking; not what outside influences tell them is “so.”You have my permission if Aton, Esu and you so wish, to utilize in whole or in part; this e-mail to properly legitimize your position, as the Oracle for Aton and Esu Immanuel Kumara. I have left out the personal channellings you sent me, for it is your decision whether or not you use them. All I ask is that you use the designation found at the end of this e-mail, instead of my name. One way or another my friend, it is time and I think Aton and Esu would agree that the whole truth re: the Oracle was brought out for the many to see.

Your friend,

The Phoreseer

The Presentation Of Your Bona Fides In My Legal Brief Addendum – “The Start Of The Beginning” 

“Thirdly, I would like to put into context the channellings of the one known as Jess. You see, he is known as the “Oracle” for Aton and Esu Immanuel Kumara, who apparently is going to become under Aton’s direction – our Planetary Prince, once the changes occur.

Now some of you may very well doubt the credibility of Jess as the Oracle for Aton and Esu. You are all aware of the susceptibility of people who channel others to self-aggrandizement. Allow me to disabuse you of this notion.

The one known as Jess never wanted this title bestowed on him. In actuality, this title came about from my observation over a year ago that his channelling was so profoundly accurate that he could be seen in the same vein, as the official Oracles were perceived and reputed to be for the Greek and/or Roman Gods they represented.

When I wrote him and said this, he was vociferously opposed to my statement. A few months ago when some reputed channels started disseminating information that was inconsistent to the overall whole, I suggested that in the interest of ensuring an accurate and far more careful effort in channelling by some; Aton should officially state that Jess was his official Oracle.

Of course, Jess refused to do so. However, a couple of days later, Aton in acknowledging my suggestion, officially named Jess the Oracle for not only his/her self, but also stated that Jess was also the Oracle for Esu as well. From my own perspective and I have to state this with a smile, the poor fellow never had a chance! Now let me make my position very clear here.

There are quite a few good channels around. However, Jess is a rather unique soul.

In my opinion, Jess’s unique comportment and demeanour is such that he is capable of putting who he is channelling above his own biases and perceptions. I have written the following to him on a number of occasions over the last few years.

“Of all the channels on this good Earth of ours, your channellings have provided me with the most interest. As a matter of fact, I have been absolutely fascinated by your uniquely individual approach, comportment, attitude and focus towards those you channel. Why is this?

Have you ever wondered why those you have channelled have always asked you to stay as I said before, aside so to speak from the ‘madding crowd?’ Have you wondered why they have said for you to not let outside events, whether from the Light Workers or elsewhere, affect you – to stay centered and balanced on the Light? That you should maintain a ‘subjectively objective’ approach (Addendum 5) to your dealings with others?

Based on everything you have said in your channellings with Aton, Sananda, Monjoronson and others; based on an intellectually independent evaluation of what you have said in comparison to others in accordance with the trends and patterns exhibited; I can still state with absolute confidence that you truly represent them as say, the Oracles of old did for the Greek and Roman Gods.”

Now I have done this for two reasons.

Firstly, it is important for you to understand his position, as it pertains to Aton and Esu Immanuel Kumara. Secondly, this is my personal statement to those doubters out there that I – not he developed the viewpoint of him, as an Oracle for Aton.

Yes, it is true that he and I differ quite a bit at times, in our views regarding what should happen. However, his job in comparison to my perceived task are vastly different from each other. This does not take way from the fact that as a person and as a channel for Aton as well as Esu Immanuel or Sananda, I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for him.

I can assure you that through my written communications with him, I have developed a viewpoint and perception of a very caring, compassionate, loving and humble soul. He has never wanted or desired the title of Oracle in any way or form. His one and only wish was and is to truly represent in every way – Aton’s and Sananda’s best interests.

It is as simple as this.

Aton agreed with me in saying the following about him:

“My plan is what has been outlined here through Candace and her writings over these years, and also through what you have heard me say to you. You have provided a running commentary on ideas and issues that have cropped up, and I am grateful to you for your clear explanations and careful assessments. This is an example of the type of analysis and discernment that will be necessary in the days to come. This is not to say that others are not discerning and involved. Just to say that you have provided an excellent example for them to match.  

I will say that you are an oracle for me and for Esu Sananda, and we value your ability to hear clearly and truthfully. For this reason we have come to rely on you for your balanced pronouncements and personal messages that others find resonant. You have always sought to be clean in your thoughts and you have also sought to be unbiased and open to whatever you have heard us say to you. This will be difficult for you to post, I understand, but it is time, as your friend said, to become visible as our voice. This will have more ramifications later as we enter the period of changes that are coming, and your role will be clearly identified and observed.”

Obviously, the “friend” mentioned is me and in this instance, I totally agree with and support the position Aton is taking here. What does this “all” have to do with what I am about to say here?

An “Oracle” in ancient times because of merged religious and political intent, referred to the High Priest of a given God, who that God spoke through. However in modern times, the analogy would be a little different.

Think instead of the Press Secretary for a Prime Minister or President. The Press Secretary is solely responsible for laying out the official positions of his say, President in regards to thoughts, strategies and policy statements. I believe very strongly that this is what Aton is referring to when he states the following:

“This will have more ramifications later as we enter the period of changes that are coming, and your role will be clearly identified and observed.”

In the meantime, allow me to assure you that his ability is such that everything that is channelled through him can be taken on a “verbatim” basis in a similar fashion to the evidentiary credibility and viability of a court document. My confidence in this regard is now and in the future, unshakeable and unwavering.

Obviously I have asked the one known as Jess for his permission to put this in my legal brief. His reply to me should be of interest to us “all.”

‘Thank you for your very kind words. There is actually more to the oracle role than I have talked about up to this point. I have actually been asked to be Esu’s “voice” for a while during the transition period and until he settles in Denver. This has been coming on since January and, of course, the time frame and the scenario has changed a bit since then. This will involve a period of energy ‘merging,’ scheduled to be during the stasis period, and then a new type of channelling where I am not out of body. He will be speaking through me but I will also be conscious. I expect the world will change so much that this unexpected development will be an exciting turn of events.

This will probably strengthen your comments. Esu and Aton assured me that my hearing is very clear on this, and that we’ve actually had a very long history together in other lifetimes and situations that would make me particularly appropriate.” Jess it is my sincere hope that you do not take his words lightly. For to do so would put each of you and the rest of mankind in jeopardy

Your friend,

The Phoreseer

Candace: Aton and Esu have often asked me to read back Jess’ work with them, and they have always been exceptionally pleased with it. Often they notify me before Jess has placed it, that the work has been done, and something of its contents, and the piece ALWAYS rings true of what has been conveyed through Jess.

Jess is a person of great integrity, and I will myself continue where necessary to set an example for others, and defend all members of this Holy Organization in Service to Christ Michael (Aton) of Nebadon, and the visible Planetary Prince, Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara. Every single member selected to this team thus far, and those to come in the future are Christed Individuals, acting always in the highest ability to serve. So Be It. Namaste in service to the God within each and the all.


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