Monjoronson Speaks about his Mission Post Stasis

Jess, this is Monjoronson… I feel it is time to speak more specifically about what has happened to my magisterial mission.

I have spoken to you before. It has been a few years now, but I am aware of the direction Christ Michael Aton is taking his creation. You and your group have been very involved in shaping the direction this is going. You are working on the preliminary steps, while I am preparing the second phase that will involve sorting out claims and making judgments on past actions. My role is one of evaluating and guiding the direction your rebuilding will follow. My organization will oversee what is being planned and facilitated.

We already are doing preliminary work to establish parameters Earth will be measured by. This involves a clear interpretation of Christ Michael’s intentions for Earth. The planet’s role has been derailed and bastardized by those who sought to reject the Creator’s mandate for his creation.  Your role has been to help reorient the direction this evolution is taking. You lightworkers have been guiding those unaware though example and by teaching, in whatever form that takes. My task here has not been connected to what you have been working with. Only a few of you have focused on where my mission is taking me. This will be a more business-like activity than one of re-creating the ascended Earth. We will be determining how this past era of Earth’s life fits into the standards that were laid down before the inhabitants begin trying to fulfill them.  Most will fall short of the ideals possible, and my job is to judge those missteps accurately.

My role doesn’t involve much of what Christ Michael is currently involved with. He is finding closure for this phase of his planet’s life, and assisting Gaia to find her own ascension. The notion that the change will take place without a traditional sweeping house to remove all vestiges of the past is radical and untested. He is finding his way through a compromise situation and determining the absolute best course he can pursue. As you understand, this determination is complex and novel. Christ Michael changes his parameters constantly on a global and universal scale.

Your frustration with delays as you perceive them is an ingrained emotional response you have developed to allow you to inhabit this lower frequency existence. It feels that something is wrong because the sequence of events has upset your mental understanding of what makes rational sense to you. As lightworkers you must learn how to be balanced and flexible within this spiritual flux and find ways to express this fluidity to others who have a more focused, sequential perception.

I will be involved in your teaching later on, as well as helping Machiventa and Esu coordinate the progress of awakening that will occur after the stasis reconstruction is completed. I am here to coordinate the ascension, which means finding closure for the past and outlining the path for the future.

I am seeking new voices as I return to the Abundant Hope network. I have comments that compliment what Christ Michael Aton is doing, and it will be more productive to coordinate our messages on a more systematic basis. That is not to say I won’t develop my own network and organization, but it will be useful to me to connect with your group.

Christ Michael has his plan well formulated, and most elements are prepared, or about to be reached. I ask you to listen and work as you are guided. There will be more coming from me to you and to others.

With that I leave you today.


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