Father Source Speaks on Closure and Change

Creator Source, I ask for comments from you. This may come through Siraya, or some other voice, but I do remember words this morning. They said you were all around. Speak to that again, please.

Jess, I am speaking to you again. This is the Creator Source, as you called me. Papa Source as others have. First Source seems too impersonal. Papa seems, to you, to familial.

I am speaking directly. I have no need to go through others, if I choose. I have spoken to you before, and we discussed our long history together. My attention is now focused on Earth, particularly, and its concluding moments before the next phase of its evolution begins.

I spoke of being wrapped in my energy. I sent out the wave of my intentions and it is manifesting as higher frequency vibrations that are affecting all. My comments to you this morning came at a time when you were most receptive to hearing. Now is more of an effort. But your focus is holding my comments together so that I may speak to you and others who may read this.

I told [another channeler] that decisions had been made. Christ Michael Aton as you call him also said to you that there was a timetable based on my wishes. I have a vision of how I intend for Earth to change. Man who has become attuned to her intentions also has a place in the process. This requires awareness and willingness to become part of this movement. Man is a part of Earth and should not be eliminated out of hand.

Earth must let go of what it has held on to for so long. As you know this is difficult. The most difficult step is the first one. The flood of relief that comes once this has been taken is a revelation. Preliminary steps are being taken to test the resilience of her physical system. More and more quakes are recorded, and more extreme weather is being experienced. Her confidence is almost ready for this major shift. It probably won’t be mindless, even so. Her care for her inhabitants continues to influence the extent and location of her releases.

I do see July as a month of letting go in many areas. Events will continue, nonetheless, but the long range assumptions are really not going to happen. This is all taking place because my energy is seeping in and raising the normal level of vibration. This part of my idea is refashioning itself. My wealth of new experience that has come from man’s embodiment on Earth has allowed me to create the new phase of Earth’s ascension in more detail that was ever possible. I know where I want this universe to go, and Christ Michael has become one with my idea. This refashioning is what will happen. Christ Michael is working out the details of how this is to take place.

He knows that the time is near for this to shift into a higher phase. He, by his very nature, continues to call for more to awaken, even as he draws this phase to a close. Because reality and materialization are always in flux based on the actualization that continues to change what had come before, the details necessary to make the decision to close are constantly modifying their arrangement. This fact is part of what has caused an extended closing down beyond the assumed timeframe in Earth’s system of measurement.

Look to the East for the beginning. The arrival of the sun will indicate that my will is being manifest. Each day brings more of my closeness.

Father Source, as part of the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


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