Esu’s Vision for a Changed World

Esu, I ask for comments on your vision of where we will go after stasis. How will we prepare and how will we address the situation we find when we return. How will we work with remnants of ideas and systems that remain? How will we address memories and beliefs that are at odds with the vision of Christ Michael? Speak on what you see as the most pressing issues and comment on how we can best find a solution.

Jess, there is not much we can speak on this evening. You are tired, and my comments will be extended and cover many points. I will give you an outline, though, and you can be prepared for the direction my comments will go.

My return after stasis will be in stages. I will be overseeing the direction the returning inhabitants take in continuing more consciously with the ascension progress, but my literal, physical presence will not be manifested quickly. I will be keeping my spiritual form for several years as I go about discussing the major problems besetting Earth. Religions have to learn to cooperate and see the common truth as the basis of each. Governments have to learn they are representatives of enlightened people and understand that the electors are the voices controlling their actions. The economic considerations that are a concern now will be another issue that will be addressed.

All of these problems will be tackled more directly by the lightworkers, although I will increase the amount of direct involvement my physical body will generate to help solve these problems.  I will be speaking globally and you will be my voice. I will strengthen the link between us during stasis, and you will be able to speak for me any length you wish.


Let’s speak further about these topics. I need to clarify what I meant about my physical form. I won’t have a physical form in the same way as I did two thousand years ago, but I will have an appearance that will be visible to most of the inhabitants returning post-stasis. My vibrational frequency is too high at this point to allow a materialization of the sort of body you probably expect me to have. I will be more light centered and less lower dimensional. Once people on Earth begin to raise their own level of vibration, they will be able to see me more clearly. Otherwise I will appear more as an aura. I will have identifiable features, but the form will be more transparent.

That is why I will be working with you as a “translator,” so to speak. You will be a visible source for the public to identify more concretely. Those receptive to spiritual communication will be able to hear me, as well, but my verbalized speaking will be through you. Yes, this will be a two-part entity with some similarity to the dual incarnation I had with Christ Michael Aton. We will be separate but linked in some aspects.

I plan to be very “visible” during and post stasis. I am assigned the task of coordinating the actual process of ascension on Earth. I will be the expression of Christ Michael Aton’s vision for this planet. I am sharing the responsibilities with Machiventa Melchisedek, who will remain the spirit based overseer and Planetary Prince after I have completed my work here.

You and large numbers of the lightworkers undergoing training during the stasis interval will be the leaders in setting up the systems and processes needed to tackle the problems you will be facing. There will be a coordinated effort to work together in common action. You lightworkers will understand the reasons actions must happen in a certain, balanced way. You will be trained to pass this understanding on to others and to be able to demonstrate the truth of these stipulations.

The population you will face will be those inhabitants selected to remain with Earth to carry on the ascension process that Gaia has begun. The geophysical landscape will be changed once stasis is over. Part of your initial work will be helping others adjust to what they find. Many will be taken from the surface of Earth during the stasis period to preserve their physical forms. Their homes will most probably be destroyed in the upheavals that are inevitable. Others will be in stasis where they happen to be living when it begins.  Others will be transported to the retreat centers for specific training. All will be renewed and transformed to be able to adapt to the higher vibration frequency they will encounter. Earth must assume a higher frequency to remove much of the toxicity and negativity that man has imposed upon her. As she changes her form and modifies her polarity, many present day features will disappear or change.

Galactic workers will start the transformation to a livable planet during stasis. The inhabitants returning will see a new green space with remnants of its previous culture still in place. That which can be preserved will be. Life will resume in a form that is recognizable but of necessity changed. The most telling difference will be the removal of those now in power who have manipulated the planet for their own selfish purposes. The returning inhabitants will remember the systems and processes they labored under, but will find there is no one to force them to follow the prescribed pattern.

It will be the job of those being trained to begin a transformation of what is remembered. I will be speaking to all of these issues. I will oversee the renewal of what exists now and the removal of what will not continue to function.  I don’t plan to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and start from nothing. I trust the intelligence of those who are returning to be able to examine what they remember or were programmed to do with a new perspective based on an awareness of the truth of Christ Michael Aton’s vision for his planet.

We have spoken before on the need to move through this phase as efficiently as possible. Man must learn, but he must also not be overwhelmed. Familiar patterns and comfortable enough circumstances will bolster his acceptance of the changes and spur on his eagerness to adapt what he remembers to what is new.

Once man beings to understand the reasons for the changes, he can begin to be molded into the type of person that can progress into the era of light and life that is the ultimate goal. The topics I mentioned will be core elements to define his sense of being.  New religious attitudes will reinforce his spiritual awareness. New community involvement will  shape his sense of collaboration and need for governance. New appreciation of his circumstances and his role in a community will influence his attitudes towards money and economic needs.

Religion will be shown as the political manipulation it has become. The spiritual truths common to all expressions of faith have been distorted and used to control the believers. The hierarchical system in place has contributed a psychological sense of inferiority rather than sovereign individuality.

These attitudes will be shown to be in conflict with the truth of universal balance and harmony. The religious patriarchs of the currently warring systems of faith will return as prophets for a new conception of spirituality. Man will be show a new way. This will be constantly reinforced by a new awareness of the actuality of man’s connection with his God Christ Michael Aton.

Governments will be changed to represent the wishes of the communities. Elected representatives will be chosen to express the consensus of the voters. This simple system of republican governance has been distorted to reflect a democratic rule of the most powerful.  The elected now rule their electors as instructed by those purchasing the control.  Man’s renewed sense of equality and commonality will help inform the guidance the lightworkers will provide.

Man’s sense community will argue against his conditioning to acquire more than others.  Those now imposing those attitudes will no longer be determining what is appropriate for their own self interest.  Money will no longer be flowing through a banking system that makes profits for the bankers at the expense of those they are supposed to service. The need for profit will be seen as being at odds with a fairer system of exchange or barter of services.  This rethinking will also be guided by the lightworkers involved with economic and financial areas.  Man will still need to operate through a system initially, but it will be functioning as a transformed holdover from previous times.

I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, as the phrase goes. The existence man will face post-stasis will still be challenging even with a new perception of his place in Christ Michael Aton’s universe. Man is still a co-creator on Earth, and his role is still to make a place for himself.  He will have access to more information, but will face many new challenges he must resolve himself.

My work will be to lead him in a new direction. Your work as lightworkers will be to show the others how to do this. You have the ability to ask for information; you also have the mandate to teach others how to use what you know in accordance with the truth of your existence.  This is the role you have chosen to do because you know the rewards that will come from your efforts.

Esu, Planetary Prince of Earth and guide for the changes to come.

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