Esu’s Easter Update 2011

Esu, it seems time for an update. It has been a while since we’ve talked directly and I am curious about changes that the forces are engineering. This seems to me a great idea, if the stress can be relieved without the major upheavals we feared. I ask for your comments and your counsel. Please tell us what will be beneficial at this time.

Jess, it is high time we talked again. I’ve been busy; you’ve been busy. Very much has happened, and many good and positive things are taking place. We are pushing forward with as much care as possible, and our efforts are paying off. I know you are feeling nothing is happening and that progress is at a standstill, but we have made significant changes behind the public scene.

I want to talk first about the delays that people are frustrated over. As you know timetables and dates are “works in progress” and even the most definite seeming schedule is really only a potential. The wording we allow to describe them serves several purposes. First we want to create the sense that the imminent event is categorized in the terminology that man on Earth expects to see. Man won’t take action about anything unless he feels the date is set and the clock is ticking. This has been his preconditioning and is caused by his grasp of how to deal with a time that he understands as a linear sequence. Man needs to hear a measurable period of time to trigger his thinking about preparation.

As we allow these statements, we also have a sense that the event could actually happen, based on the parameters we see as likely. So our projections have more probability than a guess would. We can foresee it actually happening because the elements it needs to occur are already in place. The only reason it doesn’t materialize is the fact that not all the potentials are ready. This is because everything moves in a fluid continuum of completion and the layers of readiness don’t always line up as they need to.

A third component is the fact that we are always trying to improve a situation, even if all the necessary variables are already in place. There is always the chance that it could have a better outcome. There is always the chance that more people will be affected by it positively. This is why we are “tinkering” with the components constantly. And you really have no concept of how we can manipulate a situation to achieve a better outcome. Our goal is always the best result possible, so we don’t feel the need to be bound to a set of parameters just because we have said they will most likely occur. If something is better, we always go for that. I understand that there has been some discussion about breaking our word. This is more of a human characteristic than a situation that is applicable to a higher dimensional perspective. I don’t mean to say we don’t enter into agreements, but the concept of limiting choices because of preconditions in fluid situations is counterproductive to the most optimal resolution.

I will speak now about what we are working with and how that plays into the projected schedule that has been given you. As you heard, we have been experimenting to see how we might alleviate some of the geophysical stress that would lead unchecked into more catastrophic disasters such as what happened in Japan. The North American West Coast has been reacting significantly to the aftershocks in the Far East, and the most threatening sites have been increasing their activity. This has the potential to be a series of quakes more severe than anything the United States has experienced within memory.

The galactic crews are actually straightening out some of the more precarious slippages and reducing the built up pressure by actively moving the landmasses causing the stress. This has been reported as unexplained phenomena by the scientists reporting in the media. The hope is this will allow less damage to the states when and if quakes do occur. We hope to save some of the natural areas that remain and stave off some of the worst population disasters by lessening the potential intensity of the quakes. I would like to see more of the truly beautiful portions of the West Coast be protected, if we can work this out. This lessening takes a space of your time, of course, and the possibility of it being initiated sometimes doesn’t present itself until very near the end of a projected timeframe. The new option hadn’t previously been considered as a possibility. This means, of course, that timeframes are changed, as a result, and the course of action is a modification for the better. Honestly, what is wrong with that? You just have to be aware that such changes are taking place constantly.

The “worst case scenarios” are hopefully becoming more manageable. We have painted the picture of a difficult outcome to prepare your thinking for such a possibility. You have to be resilient and open to living events. This organism you are a part of that you call Earth is active and changeable. You tend to forget that the universe is as many-layered as its Creator’s thinking. It is a manifestation of his concepts and continues to evolve as his vision progresses.

I have been actively involved in the events taking place. As the material Planetary Prince, I am overseeing what is taking place on Earth. This means going to areas where disasters are pending, as well as coordinating galactic interventions in places where catastrophes have taken place. I am like a spiritual CEO, and I observe my very good teams working for me and Christ Michael Aton. We are helping to alleviate some of the radiation concerns in Japan. We are shifting the land masses on the West Coast to alleviate some of the pressure building up. We are massaging the Gulf to ease some of the toxic build up there.

Other teams are working with economic and financial situations. We are helping to create a more solid monetary foundation that will benefit all, not just some. Some groups are also working directly with the political situation to attempt to lessen the potential of further attacks. We have been turning the heat down to prevent the hot spots from boiling over into full fledged conflicts. This is coming about by changes of attitude among some leaders and a shifting of priorities in the face of new circumstances.

I want to leave you with this message on Easter morning. We are working very hard on making the world the sort of place you should have to continue your growth as spiritual beings. This involves treatment and healing, and help is coming from the Source of all. Your role is to be open to this infusion of healing energy and focus your efforts on getting stronger and being examples to others. Amazing creative power is yours. Take it on and recreate yourselves. Resurrection is here.


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