Esu on Man’s Role


Esu, shall we start?

Jess, let’s begin. I want to speak on several topics over the course of more than one message. This will be instructional and clarifying.

God is energy. Moving energy creates ideas. Ideas take shape as creation.

Each part of Creation is an extension of God’s idea for that portion. God empowers each extension with a spark of his creative energy. Man is an idea of God, as well, and his existence is also set in motion by God’s energy.

Because of the nature of his design, Man is not separate or disconnected. He is a part of God created to explore and learn. Man’s physical nature is integral to this exploration. God made man out of the same materials as the rest of his physical Creation with the idea of him examining this likeness and understanding his connection to it. By its design, Man’s body constantly interacts with his surroundings. His decisions are reactions to this synchronization.

The beauty of Man’s creation is that each individual is designed to react differently to his surroundings. Each individual has a separate personality with its own distinct link to God; no two individuals’ reactions are the same.

This function given to Man has been in place throughout his existence on Earth, but, over time, its purpose has been distorted. Whether through misinformation or lack of knowledge, Man has lost his awareness of a connection with his Creator. The nature of this link to God must be realized to be operational, and when Man lost this realization, he was easy to manipulate and exploit by those with an alternate intention. These new overlords created personal ideologies designed to direct Man’s behavior away from the original ideas of his Creator.

This has gone on long enough, and the Creator has decided to reclaim his Creation.

Man must now re-examine his way of life. Existence on this planet is unique, but man throughout history has sought to diminish its distinctiveness. He has ignored his environment and taken what he needed for selfish reasons. He has created personal visions without regard for their consequences; he has infringed upon the wishes of others for his own gratification.

Man’s critical thinking has become biased by incomplete perception. His paradigms are flawed in light of the truth of universal reality. His views of the workings of his world are inaccurate, and their constant repetition only adds to the body of accepted fallacies.

Those still with some conception of their link to the Creator will find themselves going through a change in existence. They will find out, in light of what is to come, that previously ingrained conceptions are wrong, that their comfortable understanding of what makes up the fabric of life is threadbare. Man will soon discover that his accustomed notions of cultural identify, financial stability, and religious belief have been misdirected.

How will this happen?


Let’s speak of the veil being lifted. This is a familiar phrase to describe the clarity that is coming to man. He is to be made aware of his place in the universe.

God’s energy is infusing Earth with a stream of insight. Man’s ideas will have new perspectives they will have to reconcile. It is much like those light bulb moments in cartoons where the main character has a realization of the truth of his situation. Man will see that his beliefs have been misguided and his previous conclusions determined in error. Man will find all his cultural parameters changed. He will know that new conclusions have to be made.

This new clarity will lead to uncertainty and trigger a reluctance to change. Man has been conditioned to accept lack of change as comfort, and he will find himself in a situation where his belief systems and personal assumptions have to be questioned. Religion is not the panacea it has been portrayed to be, nor is it a spiritually inspired pretext for anger or elitism. Political power structures will be seen to be driven more by ego and a desire for control. Their purpose is not providing spiritually true assistance or compassion.

Individual awareness is similarly misguided. Man has been taught a limited set of perceptions that allow others to manipulate his thinking and decision making. His ingrained lack of desire for seeking information has rendered him unable to distinguish spiritual truth from propaganda. Even if he has a notion of seeking to know more, he is still largely untrained in the process of finding the truth. The role of all who understand is to teach those who don’t.

The realization that God is present will open man’s eyes again.  Those willing to see will be enlightened. God is inside man, and once he recognizes that, man will understand his true role as an extension of his Creator. This is not a subservient position, but one of equality. Man is part of God, and his purpose is to act as God.

The role of physicality factors into this realization. More energy coming from God causes change. The frequency of energy movement is greater, and the demand on the physical manifestation housing the increased energy is more intense. The structure must adapt or break down. Adapting to new energy successfully demands preparation before it arrives.

Man’s physical nature is designed to interact with the waves of energy that surround it, and man’s brain registers the results of these reactions—whether the energy is assimilated and incorporated, or whether it is resisted. Resistance to increased energy levels results in a collapse of existing patterns. Men who don’t assimilate the higher energy levels will break down through what are known as diseases of various kinds, both physical and mental. Those individuals who manifest disease will not survive.

I say this to warn you that Earth will be changing soon. Man will have to adapt since his physical design is part of the created structure. He will inevitably change, but he will also understand why. His role will become clearer, and he will see that his decisions affect the changes that are happening.  Man also will begin to recognize that his initiating change involves accepting responsibility for the new paradigms he is creating. Once the veil has lifted on his purpose, man will see that by being part of God, he is also co-creator.



Esu says “Open your Eyes”


Esu, it’s time for more comments, I feel. Many changes have started and many seem to be ready. Speak to what is coming and how we should prepare.

Jess, I do have things to say and this is a time that is appropriate for these comments.

Many things have been happening, as you say, and many truths are being revealed. This is necessary. People on Earth must see the reality they are a part of, and must come to an understanding of what is true and what is assumed.

Man has long been misled and made to believe versions of truth that serve political purposes. The groups in control of these experiences have created an illusion that prevents people from objecting to concepts they have to accept if they are to be manipulated and exploited. You live in an amazingly controlled situation.  Exploitive belief systems, controlled choices of actions, and ultimately a blind acceptance of presented facts make most people unable to voice any meaningful objections to their existence. They don’t even understand they are being manipulated.

This is time for the blinders to come off. This is a period when painful truths must replace comfortable assumptions.

My role in this will be as an example. My life and my commentaries will be touchstones for making choices and determining behavior. The time is coming when man must make evaluations and decisions. I will come to help those who seek me.

We have spoken before on the nature of perceptions and on ways for man to make decisions in alignment with the Creator’s wishes. This need for alignment reflects the nature of your creation. You are extensions of the Creator’s ideas in physical materialization as you perceive it. You are tasked with exploring your surroundings for the Creator to join with your universal paradigm. You are not separate from your circumstances, but, in fact, are the source of what you experience. You create your situations by your choices, and, as a result, are responsible for resolving your conflicts. Disagreement with others or discomfort in situations come from your allowing those conflicts to become realities. Others may instigate crises, but your inability to establish your individuality with strength of expression has allowed this to happen in the first place.

Again, you have help if you seek it. I will help. Your spiritual self will help in conjunction with other guides. Your Creator will help. There is a spark of the Creator in everyone, and its purpose it to maintain your connection with the Creator’s ideas. You have only to acknowledge it, and truth and clarity will be available to you.

This unwillingness to be open to the Creator has caused the overwhelming crisis your world has at the present. Blind decisions and egotistical convictions have shaped a global history of animosity, greed, and intentional disruption.  Religion forms the pretext for war, although its purpose is truly economic power. Leaders in government and finance work together to extort ever more income from workers who have no say in structuring their existence. The concept of representative leadership is an illusion. The elected officials don’t seek to fulfill their electorate’s wishes. They listen only to their financial supporters and generally make self-serving decisions.

These egotistical assumptions of the controlling elite are increasingly being shown as false. Their belief in their personal invincibility is cracking. Control is slipping from their hands. They rage at the unstoppable onset of this reality, and this realization is dangerous. Cornered opponents are willing to do anything to preserve their former superiority, including destroying what they have lost to prevent anyone else from taking it.

This dangerous situation has forced us to move to stabilize the Earth as an intended expression of the Creator’s purpose. Man’s overseers are being removed, and their self-serving manipulations of the public are being show for what they are.  False rumors of military aggression are exposed as political propaganda. Furious economic manipulation is seen as a tactic to hide bankruptcy. Claimed moral superiority is seen as a threadbare facade hiding a lack of spiritual underpinnings in choosing actions or expressions of opinions.

This will be changed. Earth is ascending to a higher spiritual plane, and man will adapt. I’m not going to get into specifics of what is about to happen. Just be aware that your eyes will be open, as they say. You will see clearly what your existence has become as a result of your blindness, and because of your reluctance to work to change what bothers you on any level.

Heaven is coming down, be assured, and a new Earth will soon rise to meet it.


Esu Speaks on Connection to the Creator

Esu, I sense it is time to speak about the levels of connection with Christ Michael and Creator Source. I see a disconnection between predetermined knowledge of all creation’s elements and the plan for man’s choice. Speak to that, if you will.

Jess, it is time to speak again. I see you have questions about what others have said, and I think it is good to clarify the extent of man’s connection with his Creator. We have told you that man is an extension of his creator. He is designed to experience this level of creation more immediately. Man’s physical perceptions have been developed to examine his interactions within this level of understanding.

Man on Earth as you perceive him is involved with his surroundings in both an active and a passive way. He makes decisions on how to connect with his situation, as well as constantly evaluating how he has to adjust his reactions to remain in balance with the battery of challenges he experiences. He perceives himself choosing his course by way of his ability to evaluate his options.

This is, in fact what is happening on one level of his awareness of himself. He has chosen to incarnate here in this level of dimension to experiment and learn. The best way to do that is through trial and error.  In order to learn the most effective method for carrying out Christ Michael’s vision, he has to explore. To be aligned with the Creator’s purpose, however, he also has to keep his Creator’s intent in mind as he goes about exploring. Considered choices are usually more in balance with spiritual goals.

Man finds that emotions color his choices and his actions. Emotions are based on memories of past experiences, with both positive and negative results informing recurring choices. He seeks to avoid discomfort and move ahead with ease and pleasure. His actions are programmed, in a sense, by previous examples. This process does involve choosing, but it is also conditioned by preconceptions. The choices are not completely without a rubric of the results of different actions.

Choices are never without a context. Man has to examine possibilities to determine what his course of action should be. Investigation and analysis play a part in this discernment, as does experience and instinct. Decisions are not separate incidents, but are built on a sequence of previous results that shape the new choice.

It is vital that man realize the complexity of making a decision. He must realize that he draws upon his experiences and his acquired information as he shapes a route to a new result. He must also be aware that his past experiences color his perceptions, and that the data he has collected is not complete. His goal is to make choices that are as informed and embracing as possible. This allows him to have a more balanced judgment.

This context then must be additionally measured in terms of its spiritual parameters. Any decision must ultimately be evaluated in terms of its alignment with the Creator’s purpose. The Creator’s vision involves all aspects of his creation, and man’s decisions should embody this integral nature. No decision is without ramifications within man’s experience on Earth.

This process for making decisions is constructed to suit man’s type of incarnation. He perceives history as being linear and space as having breadth. This perception gives him tools to examine his existence of experimentation.  His awareness and knowledge is defined in his third dimensional terms, although his spiritual nature is moving to a higher vibrational frequency than what has previously defined his understanding.

This is a dichotomy. Man’s analysis is in transition, even when he is not aware of the expansion of factors he now has to examine. This is why decisions that previously were effective are now failing and leading to misinformation. A new layering of perception is needed, one with some aspects adjusting to the new spiritual components and others falling away into routine and habit.

This layering was not accidental. The nature of ascension allows those ascending to understand more and discern a more comprehensive spiritual nature of their experience. Christ Michael Aton has determined that Earth will ascend, and the effects of that shift are becoming obvious. Man’s choices remain experientially free, but their context is changing.

In that sense, you can say that man’s free choices are prescribed within an established template. The parameters that he perceives as determining positive and negative, successful or unsuccessful, are pre-determined. The nature of success was created to be that way, with the definition of success planned to suit a universal ideal. The process of choosing was designed to provide a sense of independent experiences, although the final outcomes were already planned. As man ascends, he learns more about this comprehensive system that uses his exploration as only one layer. He begins to see that individual decisions are necessary for his physical existence, but also that his actions as a whole must fit within a large universal vision.

Now is the time that man is beginning to see this layering of choice and purpose. It is clear that his role is taking on an awareness of this larger vision for his existence. Man’s choices must now be tempered with a new purpose and perception. They must be integral to a broader outline for Earth’s ascension.

Man is part of his Creator. His connection is complete, whether he realizes this or not. Your role should be to help him understand this realization.


Esu Speaks on Many Topics

Esu, let’s begin.

Jess, this is a comprehensive discussion of many topics. It is time I addressed material that will be important in the days and weeks ahead.

Many of you see how the world goes—its games for power and physical dominance. I am very aware of the sources and the projections for these actions, who is pulling the strings and who is being duped. Man has created this impasse, unfortunately, and it will be his problem to resolve. He can have as much help ask as he asks for, both physically and spiritually, but he more often than not acts as if he can find the solution on his own.

The knottiest problems are interconnected, and one set of actions is predicated on an assumption of change in other sections. Military aggression is based on a belief in economic security; economic risks are based on a presumption of sovereignty. Governmental control depends on power to determine behavior. People’s behavior is manipulated through a conditioned lack of reason. Dictated educational emphases and politicized religious teachings play a major role in restricting man’s ability to perceive objectively.

This tangle of cultural necessities generally precludes any sort of reasoned discernment. Man goes through his motions without much question of their purpose. He is locked into an existence that asks him to use his physical capabilities without question. Any sense of misgiving or dissatisfaction is labeled disloyal to the superimposed program.

The notion of man being unable to examine his situation’s effectiveness for his life’s purpose is completely at odds with the spiritual mission he was created to undertake.  Man is an extension of his Creator, and, as such, he is designed to explore and experience for him. Creation is nothing but an idea manifested to allow learning from its manifestation.

A distinctive misperception of man’s place in creation has contributed to the type of problems he has developed. To root out elements of rebellion against his plan for the Universe, the Creator placed his worst antagonists in spiritual quarantine to prevent a direct involvement with his plans. Disruptors had to rediscover the true nature of Creation’s purpose through their own experiences.

Earth’s initial overseers were involved with the rebellion, and man who incarnated here intentionally evolved without a direct awareness of his true spiritual nature. A reconnection with spirit remained possible, but it required a willingness to cultivate an alignment with universal perceptions beyond basic individual needs. Man’s spiritual development was further complicated by a physical hybridization carried out by off-world explorers seeking to exploit Earth’s resources. Man was made physically stronger but mentally subservient to his controllers’ wishes.

To help man grow beyond his imposed limitations, many teachers and examples of truth and beauty have appeared throughout history to spark an awareness of man’s existence beyond the routine. Art, philosophy, and religious beliefs have all grown from this inspiration.  Man’s perception of these spiritual truths has, unfortunately, remained tarnished and distorted. A few incarnates with a need to impose their ideas on the many have continued using these examples for their own purposes.  Symbols of universal spiritual truth still are distorted from their purity to become tools for control and manipulation.

This manipulation will change only when man begins to modify his view of himself and his existence. We have provided numerous examples and teachings over the decades to less avail than we had hoped. Some of the more perceptive have developed the ability to view themselves objectively and see the disconnection from the Creator’s wishes their life exhibits. Most, however, remain blind to the damage caused by their controlled behavior.

While we haven’t given up on man’s realization of his need to realign his individual purpose with that of his Creator, we have decided to move ahead with a bigger agenda of which man is only a part. Earth and its section of the Creator’s universe must change the frequency of its energy to raise it to a dimensional level more in sync with the intention of its original design. Many manifestations of imbalance and disharmony will be changed as a result, or eliminated completely, in order for this part of creation to function more in alignment with spiritual truth. Man’s egotistical drive for control and sovereignty has, in the past, taken his planet to a level of damage that was considered almost unrepairable. Earth nearly was wiped clean to allow it to start again in several thousand years with new dimensional mandates. If that had happened, man would have been removed along with all the other damaging aberrations.

This changed when enough of Earth’s population began to see the larger purpose coordinating their previously myopic existence. They began to understand that man had a much larger spiritual mission on Earth. Rather than view themselves as disconnected beings struggling to find some sort of defining identity, they realized that each man was part of a vast spiritual network that was an extension of the Creator’s universal vision.

Man also began to realize he was responsible for how he lived within that universe. He saw that all his actions and reactions were extensions of his own perception. Decisions based solely on self-interest were recognized as often being misaligned with higher spiritual intentions. Actions based on these personal motives tended to ignore other peoples’ interests. This selfish lack of consideration led to disagreements and outright struggle. Man’s history on this planet has been one of egotistical concerns and dominance over others. Earth’s inhabitants long ago gave up their spiritual alignment with the Creator’s truth to focus on sensory gratification and personal satisfaction. Man’s achievements have been a compromise as a result—productions that don’t exemplify the true possibilities of co-creations shaped by universal truths.

A desire for control has manifested in greed and restriction. The ones successful in grasping more have created a system to prevent others from being as successful. Resources are controlled and given out in monitored portions. This system benefits those running the process, but robs those being manipulated. More control breeds more governance over others being controlled. Cultural systems are developed to ensure that control remains. Options for other choices are removed, and man’s long experience with dictated behavior lulls him into a sense of unthinking apathy. This is amplified through constantly coordinated explanations and limited releases of information. As a result, those manipulated don’t realize they are not in control.

The ones who have assumed power over the Earth’s resources dictate what policies the supposedly representative governments issue to control their electorate. Elected officials ignore those they speak for and negotiate with power brokers to secure their own place in the controlling group. To placate the voters, the officials broadcast false images to disguise the reality of man’s existence. Fears are ramped up to foster distrust and anger and avoid any sort of closer examination. Half-truths are churned out continually to prevent more than the most superficial discernment.

This is changing. Every day more and more wake up to a realization they are being controlled. The onslaught of spiritual truth is unstoppable at this point.

The decision was made that the Earth will change, and since enough of its inhabitants awakening to at least a glimmer of the Creator’s vision, there was an agreement that Man would also ascend along with his surroundings. That decision was unprecedented, and the ramifications involved in working out that process have made this path to ascension more difficult than expected. The vast numbers of people involved are a factor, along with the near collapse of the planet, and the critical levels of their states of awareness and physical readiness have affected the timeline of when is optimum.

At this point, the difficulties have been resolved and the process has begun, although those attempting to control man are still resisting this inevitable transformation. They are fighting with every last effort they can imagine to preserve what they see is slipping from them. Decisions are becoming increasingly irrational and desperate. Rumors of wars are a smoke and mirrors tactic to use man’s emotional memories to block his ability to discern the insanity of his leaders’ intentions. The loud propaganda accompanying these threats conveniently masks the moral and financial bankruptcy of those calling for war. Those who are in fact controlling the money are using government leaders to manufacture these scenarios for invasion, not for idealistic reasons, but to boost revenue by seizing control of other nation’s assets.

Do not be misled. Do not accept an explanation you haven’t determined yourself. Examine what is happening. Discern the reasons events take place. Follow the thread of benefits to see who profits from everything. Once you do this, realize the role you play in this. Each person can control only his own individual circumstances, but if his decisions are aligned with the larger spiritual purpose of the Creator, each action will affect many beyond the situation itself. Always remember you have to act responsibly for yourself with the knowledge of why you choose to act in a certain way. Once you do this, you begin to engage with the network of humanity you are a part of.

Now is the time to begin this. Now is the time to start stepping away from chaos into a glorious expression of the Universe’s purpose. Change is coming and you must embrace your role.


Esu Speaks on Completion and Closure

Esu, the topic that came to mind was completion and closure. I would ask for comments that have a sense of summation and direction. I sense that time is poised for a shift.

Hello, Jess. I have come to talk more. We have created a sequence of comments where one picks up where the previous one left off. The titles indicate the continuation. This was perhaps subconscious on your part, but the linking is there. We have worked through preparation, defining attitudes, and knowing how to discern what is appropriate for individuals. We have encouraged independence and guided readers to seek compassion and balance with others. We have spoken on man’s life on Earth and described ways it has tested his adaptability. Events inevitably have materialized from man’s misguided ideas, and the existence you find yourself in at the moment is the culmination of thousands of years of compromise and bad judgment.

It is time to end those ineffective pursuits. Man has become enough aware to feel dissatisfied. He may not yet know the reasons for his discontent, but he senses that his life can be different.  Every element of his existence is colored by the misinformation that traps him, and most are unable to see the reasons for this.

Man has been manipulated and directed against his nature by controllers with the ability to determine the rules they wish to impose. This can be labelled government, but it is more accurately those who control the governments—people with unlimited resources and an unrestricted conviction of their right to determine man’s behavior. This conviction stems from an inability to see their link to their Creator.  For convenience, we can say this blindness on Earth started with the interference of off-world groups with little concern for this planet’s spiritual purpose.

As a result of this interruption, Earth was taken out of the ongoing process of Universal growth and evolution. It became a quarantined planet to allow the working out of many challenges to the Creator’s vision. This radical step has proved remarkably successful, in many ways, but such core emotional issues as anger, dominance, rejection, or criticism continue to dictate man’s concerns. The reasons for their being emotional triggers has not been examined objectively, as a general rule. Without his knowing it, man’s thinking has been conditioned to validate the self-belief of his controllers. This skewing of Earth’s purpose for the benefit of a few is counter to the evolutionary vision of its Creator. Dominance of Earth’s inhabitants for glory and the personal satisfaction of a few was never the Creator’s intention.

Despite the chaos and disruption this sequence of actions has produced, Earth’s Creator has maintained a detached state of observation to see how his creation copes with these unexpected crises. The Creator also learns as his creation figures out ways to assimilate its problems and become independent from such challenges. He intervenes only when his purpose is no longer being a determining influence in his creation’s decisions and behavior.

The Creator’s love for this specific creation is unparalleled. He chose an incarnation here to fulfill his evolution as sovereign of its Universe.  He has continued to watch over his bestowal planet even though it has developed an almost unrepairable disdain for his intentions.

Man in this incarnation was created originally to exemplify his Creator within the dimensional parameters of this planet. He was designed to function independently, even as he gave up a sense of connection with his Creator. His task was to find a way back with only a glimmer of this connection to guide him. This journey is the history of man’s incarnation on Earth. He has searched often unknowingly for ways to re-establish his connection to his Creator.  This need for connection has taken many forms and interpretations as a result of man’s intellectual inquiries. Incomplete understanding has developed erroneous beliefs and philosophies. Misinterpretations and ego-based reasoning has taken man’s spiritual awareness in many wrong directions.

This has played out in a vast range of experiences for the Creator, but it can go no further with any semblance of productive discovery.  Man has reached the limit of his usefulness as an experiential inhabitant within a dualistic civilization.  It is time for him to be aware of his full spiritual nature within the paradigm of an evolving planet.  He must understand his relationship with his environment and his Creator and learn to make decisions based on this interconnection. His actions must be based on discernment with the compassion needed to maintain the larger network of spiritual community.

I spoke of completion and closure to you. Completion in this sense means following an action to its end result. Man’s ideas have created his belief systems and dominated the circumstances they have engendered. His lack of understanding has caused him to ignore the symbiosis necessary for him live in balance with his planet.  These causes and the effects they have manifested are coming to an end, but man still tends to revert to actions that remain conditioned by his education and his life experiences. Much has to be stopped and much has to be changed.

Your charge, and that of your readers, is to assist with this change. This implies closure in resolving an issue. Bringing a satisfying conclusion to a situation brings positive closure. The emotions and ideas invested in an action may continue to color a participant’s view of his behavior, but his sense of successful completion brings a feeling of finality.

Man will learn to discern. His limited perceptions will be expanded, and his intellectual resources will be nourished—in part by the personal and leadership examples of your readers. Man’s understanding of his spiritual nature will be illuminated; his subsequent actions will be coordinated with the intentions of the Creator of whom he is an extension. The systems of belief that develop will bring transformation to his current shortsighted religious misconceptions. Personal interactions will be in alignment with universal truths, and collaborative endeavors will be structured with an awareness of unity and equality.

Cultural decisions will be based on agreements among individuals in alignment with spiritual truth. One group of men will not presume superiority over other men. Individual skills and cultural traits will be recognized as a spectrum of personal talents that can be used for the betterment of all. Each person is unique with a role to play with others in a unified quest for ascension.

All current belief systems must realize a sense of positive closure. They must not continue to influence man’s spiritual conceptions. He must be free to examine and choose independently.  We will provide guidelines and examples of how to achieve this completion.

This change begins now. Man will soon see the reality of his existence and the unimagined place he has been given in the evolution of his planet and his universe.  The evidence of his purpose will be made clear. He will then realize that it need not be taught or assigned.  He will see that man must only look at himself to see his true nature. All is light and man is part of it, he will recognize. When he does, he will know that he must shine even more so that others may also see themselves more clearly.


Siraya Speaks on Man’s Spiritual History

Siraya, do you have comments? A bigger overview is good. I want to step back and see events with more context.

Jess, I speak with authority and comprehension.

Much emphasis is being placed on the ramifications of a single reported event. This is not an insignificant action. The brothers that have reconciled [Enki and Enlil] shaped the development of your planet. They and their family created the physical nature of your residence and, in fact, created the physical nature you are using to identify and single out yourself. Their history and their choices influenced your options and your incarnation.

This has been perhaps the most influential agent that man has dealt with in shaping his life on Earth, and it was influence that was caused by accident. You must realize that a universe—even a small one—is vast. The Michael that creates the shape and purpose of a universe is represented by the structure of his creation, but he must let it choose its direction toward that purpose. He determines the plans the creation manifests, and he starts the sequence of causes and effects that give his creation its shape based on his ideas and parameters. The universe determines the way it embodies the Michael’s ideas. The Michael is observant, but detached from the actual choosing. Once a choice is made, it must be resolved. The process can be interrupted, but the sense of incompletion remains.

You have some history of this interruption that became your physicality. Most stories told are only partially accurate. The reasons for the interruption of your life development were complex but ultimately self-serving and inconsiderate. The galactic wars that preceded this interaction were immensely destructive—so much so that they caused a paradigm shift in the intentions of this universe. The rupture necessitated new solutions to allow healing and regrowth in both the spiritual and physical dimensions.

Many groups involved in the struggle were focused on their own survival. They had no awareness of a larger picture of intention and cooperation. They were nevertheless agents in the working out of the new structure that presented itself to the Creator. They made decisions, and their choices became manifested in actions that set in motion sequences of events that were unplanned. This became yet another template for learning and experiencing even though it was not initially envisioned so. These choices, after all, were only some of the infinite series of options for a concrete expression of the Creator’s reality.

Many groups interacted with your developing civilization, and they each left aspects of their nature in the physical embodiment you developed. The Anunnaki were only one such family, but their impact has had a most profound effect on your sense of cultural identity. They stumbled upon your planet, in a sense, and realized its potential for satisfying their own needs. Their goal was not Christ Michael Aton’s intention, but once they began their mission, the decisions they made to control and modify the Earth were unstoppable. Earth’s paradigm had shifted. Their technology was so much beyond what Earth inhabitants had developed they became gods and people worshiped them.

The perspectives of the Anunnaki, and the examples of their behavior and interrelationships, distorted the intended development of man’s spiritual and physical nature. Spiritual development is a slow process, and the ongoing growth being observed by the Creator was interrupted before it could reach much maturity. Man had much potential, but his immature perceptions were channeled in another direction to serve the interests of his conquerors. Man’s developing spiritual parameters had little context to continue to grow as begun. His perceptions and thoughts were re-focused on a more utilitarian existence that served the interests of the Anunnaki.

Your planet had had many thousands of years of inhabitants before the arrival of the Anunnaki, and some groups had achieved higher levels of cultural development than others. Almost no physical remnants of those cultures have survived today. When they came to your planet, the Anunnaki were searching for specific elements that were missing on their own planet. The settlements they established in what became your Africa exploited the inhabitants for their own purposes.

You have heard the stories of the Anunnaki mining operations and their attempts to modify the physical capacity of the workers. More significant was the influence the overlords had on man’s cultural perceptions. Their presence and their dominance changed the intellectual paradigms of the cultures they controlled. They brought the idea of subservience and blind allegiance to man. Their example of control distorted man’s spiritual conceptions. God could be fickle, they taught. God could be vengeful. God could punish for selfish reasons. Man copied the examples of his gods and learned to be warlike and self-serving.

This spiritual reshaping was the most significant contribution of the Anunnaki. The religious concepts that developed from their influence continue to shape man’s sense of his relationship with other men. Wars can be fought for religion. One culture is spiritually better than another because they are in control. No matter what embodiments cultural groupings ultimately developed, their spiritual perceptions had been blunted by the example of the Anunnaki control.

This interference has had a global influence, shaping everything that man’s development has pursued. Political priorities are given religious approval. Economic dominance and ruin is valid and desired. Personal satisfaction is more important than compassion and consideration of others. All the dominant religious systems and beliefs in place now truly have been seeded by elements of the Anunnaki’s need for absolute control.

Man’s Creator has continually been allowing spiritual guidance through incarnated teachers and examples man has created to exemplify the ideas that have been ignored or forgotten. Some were the Anunnaki themselves. Others came from higher spiritual realms to attempt to lift man up again. Man’s spiritual history has recorded these helpers, but often their importance has been recognized by only a few. These few have developed spiritual streams of their own, and this countering sense of reawakened awareness has shifted the spiritual paradigm on Earth again and again. This is happening once more at this time.

You must remember that everything is influenced by everything else. What man is now is the result of his past. Once energy is set in motion it continues moving, having an impact on everything it intersects. Each action has consequences on every similar situation, and every interaction reshapes the paradigms it comes in contact with. Each new situation that is the result requires new insights to make further decisions.

But these decisions don’t happen purely by random. The Creator’s predetermined end result governs the direction the flow takes. Spontaneity is conditioned by the reason for the decision in the first place. The beauty of creation is man’s ability to choose how the end result is reached, but he doesn’t determine the end result. Discernment plays a role, but it operates within the paradigms the Creator has provided for his Universe.

Only the Creator knows the complete purpose of his creation. Man can attempt to understand his intentions and align himself with these paradigms, but his perceptions are conditional, based on the extent of his alignment with his source. It is not man’s place to judge that one way is good and one bad, except within the context of his own perceptions. How can he alone determine that one opinion is better than another? No one can determine that but the Creator. It is man’s responsibility to ask what that determination is.


Siraya Speaks on Man’s Role in the Universe

Siraya, I would like some additional comments from you. Please explain to me the lines of authority and the extent that universal decisions can be modified. I have an understanding of the enormity of the process going on, and realize it is more complicated than just pausing existence. Speak to that, if you will. Speak to our involvement and our achievements at whatever level Orvonton perceives them to be.

Jess, I’m speaking to you from far away, to your way of thinking on Earth, yet we are as close as your thoughts. We are intimately involved with what you do on Earth because we have determined the template of your DNA and your human attributes as they are manifested in your universe and on your planet Urantia. You are an extension of us. Your physical frame is a reflection of the concept we gave you. The concept of fully Trinitized form represented in this superuniverse is passed from us to you as your embodiment.

How can you say we are not intimately involved? You are using the guise that is necessary for existence on your planet in your universe. Your choice to experience these parameters dictated the manifestation your energy would take. We selected the spirits that would make the attempt to exist on your planet. Christ Michael Aton created the forms that became your bodies, but we passed the spark of life to you from Creator Source through Christ Michael’s spiritual counterpart Nebadonia. We are linked to each of you and know intimately how you live our lives here.

The Creator Source has decided Earth will ascend to a higher level of energy and spiritual alignment. This is definite and the process whereby this is obtained is the only variable. In the case of Urantia, the paradigm for existence is so threadbare and toxic that assistance is necessary to allow this planet to meet the natural evolution taking place in other planets in your immediate solar system. An unimaginable process of growth and perfecting is at work currently in all the planets-not just Urantia. This is necessary to set up the frequency of formal energy that will be able to meet and incorporate the so-called Wave of creative transformation that Creator Source has authorized for this sector of creation. The immense wave of energy is moving into place. In order to accommodate this energy fully, galactic forces have been moving your solar system into a better position. This was a calculated move to have fullest healing energy connect with your ailing planet.

These decisions were made on a higher level than Nebadon, although Christ Michael Aton was always present at these discussions. He was given the assignment, as it were, of implementing Creator Source’s choice. Since he is linked to Creator Source as his embodiment in Christ Michael Aton’s own created Universe of Nebadon, the decision can be said also to be Christ Michael Aton’s. Within his Universe, Christ Michael Aton has free range to select how this process will take place. However, we are not separated from you, and we are similarly experiencing the discoveries that are taking place as situations are explored and then improved. We observe, but also participate. It is an aspect of creation.

The process of ascension is vast and all-encompassing for everything that is part of the created form. The scope of what is proceeding is beyond your imagining at this time. Earth’s transformation is only one part of the complex picture. Given the complexity shown in the process on Earth, you can sense in a way the immensity of what is occurring in this part of your universe. This is all being monitored and coordinated by Christ Michael Aton and his galactic forces. Your involvement is just as significant for the final result, but it is not the only set of actions that must be carried through.

You asked about your role in this ascension. Man’s role is crucial at this point because Creator Source and Christ Michael have determined that some inhabitants of Urantia will stay and continue working to find greater spiritual truth in their form of incarnation. As has been said before, cleaning a planet typically involves allowing it to collapse in on itself and rebuild in a slow, coordinated process. Because Urantia was a bestowal planet for your Michael, and because it can restore its function as an experimental laboratory for its inhabitants, an exception was made. There was enough cry for change-however uninformed-after the events you call 9/11. Enough people were of like mind globally to cause a re-thinking of the previous plans to evacuate and let the planet restore itself.

Words and commentaries have been transmitted through various means, but their direct effect was not substantial enough to cause a change in man’s thinking. The unimaginable act that brought down the twin towers became a trigger to shift the thinking and resolve of enough inhabitants. Man called for change in one voice. The energy of the immediate reaction was sufficient to cause a shift in the attention paid to man as a spiritual being. The possibility of having man be part of the ascension process was broached, and the decision was made to change the parameters of the reconfiguration of Urantia to include the participation of man.

Man’s awareness has grown, and his understanding of the complexity of the ascension process has been nurtured through a range of messengers and by examples of cultural assumptions falling apart. The underpinnings of current lifestyles are being shown to be pointless and not in accord with the universal spiritual truths that have formed the templates and building blocks of your planet and its solar system.

Man-at least a satisfactory majority of Urantia’s inhabitants-has begun searching for a way out. Established educational and religious preconceptions color the types of salvation inhabitants are searching for, but they are looking, nonetheless. This is the corps of Urantia’s population that will be returning to rebuild their global civilization once she is ready to receive them again.

Man will remember the past when he returns, but he will also realize he must change his thinking to align his ideas and activities to the fundamentally different spiritual path that will be introduced. The role of teacher and the task of providing visible examples of spiritual integrity and responsibility will be the function of the so-called lightworkers who have returned. Those with a greater understanding and sense of spiritual alignment with Creator Source and Christ Michael will lead others to the point of view they have developed. The teaching will be enlightening, and the end result will be the beginning of the sort of spiritually unified civilization that Urantia must have to continue her ascent.

This will be new but also remembered. Urantia’s inhabitants have experienced these type of cultural situations before, but their immediate memory has been blocked to allow them as volunteers to explore and create from their discoveries. Much has gone awry from the blue print Christ Michael Aton developed for his Universe of Nebadon. His seventh bestowal planet has become so toxic it is almost too damaged to save. Certainly not with the experimental process that is ongoing now. The long checklist Christ Michael Aton is working from has many unknowns and unpredictable results because of the uniqueness of what he is undertaking. There is a correlation to man’s concept of time, so that man is able to make his behaviors correspond to what is in process. Christ Michael Aton is working within the parameters Urantia’s inhabitants have developed to measure their existence. But the process remains in flux, even so, always being reshaped to accommodate man’s efforts or challenges. The schedule of events is not written down; the only constant is the fact that Creator Source has determined ascension will take place on Urantia with man as part of its game plan.

As so it is near. Most of the checklist items have been resolved or implemented. Much is going on behind the public façade broadcast by the news agencies. Man should be preparing for this amazing change as best he can–resolving personal issues that block spiritual alignment and providing living examples of the type of compassion and responsibility that will make up new ascension communities.

The process of change is already ongoing, and the final moments of your old style of existence are here. Look for this to be resolved at any moment.


Esu Speaks on Criticism and Sexual Presumption

Esu, chat? I have issues with sexual attitudes I perceive and with my seeming lack of association with political concerns. I feel separate and view situations from a different perspective. I feel you don’t disagree or you would have made me be more conflicted.

Yes, Jess, I’m here. You have been working through your own perceptions on many issues that you will be dealing with, quite frankly. I haven’t felt the need to interject in this process. I have trusted you to reach the most appropriate positions on these issues. We have observed your thought processes, and we have steered your ideas as appropriate.

I can say things, but I think you know what I will say. Your perception is one of more compassion than most tackling the issues. You are on the “other side,” as it were, and you see issues differently. This was the purpose of you constructing this incarnation. You saw the issues with gay men as a most crucial problem to work with, and you put yourself within the issues to be able to understand their intuitive nature.  This lifestyle, as it is called, is by and large not a rational choice. It is a deep seated compulsion that has unfortunately manifested itself in physically disruptive forms.

I’m not going to say these choices were good or bad. I’m going to say they were less supportive of the physical design you were given to manifest your spiritual nature in this dimension. It comes down to decisions that ultimately are damaging to an individual.

I’m also not going to say that the most damaging decisions are universal. They also are not made by men uniquely in the gay spectrum.  Nor are they as little understood as they were thirty years ago. So much research and understanding has been inspired by the AIDS breakout that man has raised his level of sensibility in many areas.  Man has moved to a different place in terms of his understanding of the enormous field of sexuality and cultural perceptions of the function of sex. Historical attitudes have been examined. Spiritual merging with physical actions has become a common attitude in many.  The nature of sexual understanding is more complex now.

I have told you that I don’t want to draw up a new list of prohibitions—even if actions create problems.  I want to teach that there are better choices. I want to love the individuals and tell them that there are more spiritual ways to reach a higher level of awareness.  I don’t want to condemn them and make them feel they are less than equal to anyone else just because they have become conditioned to a less than optimal set of behaviors. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, to use that phrase again.

You have lost patience with the time table for change. You feel the best thing to do is continue with the work you are involved with. You do have subliminal influence on those around you, even so. This is best for you at this point. You can’t honestly drop all your activities that are in motion. We are working on our plan. It is immense, and you don’t understand the levels of detail we must accomplish.  The calendar seasons and fast-moving days are only in your perception, you must realize. We measure our accomplishments in terms of results, not days we have left. I know this is not a consolation, but it is an explanation.

I say don’t worry about politics. I understand your frustration with insensitivity and a refusal to view a broader perception of problems. Ego is a factor in most controlling decisions. The chaos is coming to the surface, and I would suggest watching the situations with detachment and even bemusement at the extent of people’s willingness to give up control.  People have been taught not to think; only react emotionally. Their emotions have been manipulated, and people have crafted ideas they don’t understand are programmed into them.

I’ll speak also of anger. I know you feel constant criticism only feeds the anger towards some issue.  Belittling the object of criticism is a common practice. There is a sense of power and superiority in finding fault with another. Ego concerns are placated by feeling better than someone else. The physical and emotional reactions a person goes through in the act of criticism are addictive. They allow a person to transfer personal responsibility to someone they can blame for their lack of satisfaction.

People are not to blame for your discomfort. You are the responsible one. You allow yourself to be open to issues that you know will pull certain triggers. Rather than calmly teaching a better way of being aligned with the creative concept and allowing all to work together on spiritual progress, most people ignore their own role in this dialogue and blame others for being the cause of discomfort.

It is very possible that the other person’s decisions were made with no intention of harming you. You are affected only because you haven’t resolved personal issues that are irritated by other’s actions.  Piling on fault is not a way to resolve your own problems.

Defuse these situations. Don’t exacerbate them.

This advice is particularly appropriate when you are faced with situations that have developed into serious imbalances.  Gay issues are troublesome, but you can’t approach them by feeling superior and condemning those caught up in that lifestyle. You are not better than they. You are more aware, in some cases. You should not presume you know all, nor should you presume you can judge. Your work will be helping by being supportive and compassionate. You will not be judgmental and elitist. You must understand any situation before you address it. And you must have an open mind to be able to recognize the good elements within situations that are hopelessly imbalanced. There is good in all. This is Christ Michael’s Aton’s creation. He is in control. He has not allowed others to create evil within it, even if the attacks by some have manifested the negativity to such an extent there is now a war going on to wrest control.

Man still has the ability to make choices within this incarnation on Earth, although his choices have been hampered by the decision to remove direct connection with spiritual sources. The glimmer of Christ Michael’s nature that has remained within individuals is easily ignored and misinterpreted.  This myopia has caused the degree of darkness that has had to be lifted. This is being done. Light is stronger each day in terms of spiritual awareness.  The physical manifestation the dark has created, however, is uniquely challenging to overcome. It will not win, but it is a difficult adversary.  Man learns as he experiences. We learn as man experiences.

The end result is already determined. There is no chance of failure. The only unresolved issues that remain determine the direction the progression moves toward the predetermined goal. Man continues to create ideas, and we must work with the ever-changing shape of manifested creation.  Progress is made continually, even if you don’t recognize the accomplishments.

My final advice is to seek balance and compassion. Avoid being manipulated by others—whether by other’s ideas or by their direct actions. Defuse situations and teach alternatives by example or by actual teaching. The time is coming when this will be the norm, rather than the exception. I will be guiding you in this transformation.


Esu, Aton, Siraya, and Creator Source All Speak on Inevitable Change

Comments today? I’m eager to hear what is appropriate for me to communicate.  A variety of sources are fine, if that is better.

Jess, there is a variety of speakers today. This is Esu first. I have much to say to prepare for what is to come. The time has arrived for closure and evolution. Many things we have told you in our various voices have come to fruition. We see a political chaos and a financial collapse ready to happen. We have taken charge of both situations and are now poised to make the pushes needed to topple the precarious balance.

I look at political crises in many countries, not just the United States—as you call it. Financial control is loosening, and the players the money has bought are being seen for what they truly are. The governmental decisions they have influenced are leading to the chaos that is boiling up. This instability will cause vast numbers of people affected by these decisions to recognize the true nature of their society and their lack of control over their lives. This powerlessness will become clearer as the days pass.

It will take a few strategic incidents to trigger this new awareness. These have to be so overwhelming at this point that the mindless public will see and understand. This conditioned state of mindlessness has been a tool developed by those seeking to control them. This control goes beyond what you can imagine. It is not just control of activities—although that is evident in the laws that regulate every action you take—but it is also control of perceptions and expectations.  The general public doesn’t complain because it no longer feels it can.

Once the public’s eyes begin to open, it will find an innate sense of personal responsibility that has been blunted and covered over until now. This is part of the role I will take as this enlightenment starts. I am designated as the coordinator to bring a new perception.  My task merges with that of others to steer the direction the ascension will take. Other coordinators are tasked with evaluating the results of chosen actions on Earth. Others still are in a position to make decisions as a result of these evaluations. Closure must happen to end the actions that have led up to this point. The Creator Source you refer to as God the Father has always had an end point determined for this phase of Earth’s ascension, and the nature of the process getting to that point must be finished out.

Man has had the freedom to choose how he has pursued this end point, and his decisions play into the shape this wrapping up embodies. The level of complexity of this closure, in truth, is evidence of the level of intelligence that has been involved with man’s blind incarnation on Earth. He was tasked with finding a way back to his creator without the direct guidance normally provided. It has led to immense difficulties, but also amazing growth and maturity. This has been a testing ground for a most difficult scenario, and man has caused the unexpected to take place. He has forced those coordinating the ascension process to modify normal parameters and create a way for him to continue on Earth as an active participant. This is new and without precedent, and the process has now become a collaborative involvement that includes both man and those from higher dimensions. The parameters are untested and the uncertainty of the steps has led to this sense of flexibility in reaching the end goal.

The bigger picture was always in place, however, to use your phrase. The time for closure and ascension is part of a larger template that involves much more of your universe than just Earth. This is the point that the Creator Source determined would end one phase and begin another.  The changes on Earth are part of a vast interconnected shift that brings this section of the universe more in line with the spiritual light of the Paradise Trinity. The unimagined changes that will take place on Earth are only a miniscule portion of the immense changes taking place throughout your portion of creation. This is all to bring you into a stronger unity with your universe and your creator as spiritual beings.


I am Aton, your Christ Michael. That title means I envisioned your world and your universe, and I created you to embody my idea of spiritual experience. I shaped you with physical natures of various sorts to explore and learn. I use all of you to learn for me. I am the creative energy you extend, and Nebadonia gives you the spiritual insight to know how to use it. You all are extensions of me in the sense that arms and hands explore for the body and the brain. I experience through you. My desire is that you remember this connection. Earth has been special to me as the site of my own physical experience. I look at this part of my creation as a special jewel that has become tarnished almost beyond recognition.  I want to reclaim that pristine beauty as part of the vast evolution that is taking place.

To that end I am intervening again to be involved with the direction my planet goes. I have taken many steps to reach the point we are at now. I have allowed the initiatives man has begun to reach their inevitable conclusions, and one by one I have allowed my forces to take charge of the processes. We have control over the decisions now, and no new directives will be ordered that are not in alignment with my wishes.

The public’s perception is only of the desperate struggles that are taking place to retain control. These struggles are now useless.  Much will be revealed and explained as man begins to take back his responsibility. This is happening now.


I am Siraya. I speak again as I have before to Jess as a link with his spiritual purpose. I express the ideas of the Creator Source to his universe of Orvonton, and I say that this process is unstoppable.  The distinctive form this evolution takes on Earth is shaped by those who have worked on preparing the way for this to happen.  Man on Earth has an innate sense of what is true, and this is pointed out to him by the means he has come to cherish as embodiments of the truth.  Man will recognize what is in alignment with his creator through the aspects of his life that resonate with him. He will have an awareness of what is right and what provides spiritual nourishment. He will recognize the façade his existence has become to ignore this truth, and he will seek to remove the elements that prevent his alignment with his creator. He will experience the joy that this unity will bring. His existence on Earth will become the extension of Christ Michael Aton that it once was.


I am Creator Source as you call me, and I speak directly. I have determined that your existence on Earth is ready to take its next step. This is one of an unlimited sequence you will take. I view the process and know how it will evolve. I have created those to make this happen. Many levels of connection and coordination, all being parts of my creation. You are my vision. My vision is for joy.

Esu Gives Warning to Be Prepared

Esu, speak to me about what is approaching. Prepare me. Warn me where I should place my focus.

Yes, Jess. I am here today to give you warning and suggestions for what is coming to pass. The consensus is that a lesson must be learned before the current situation comes to a close. The teaching for this will be harsh and eye-opening. Much will be seen to be a lie. Much is operating with false purposes.

Most people are ignorant of the situation they live in. Many will be angry and rise up to change what they find is happening. They will be unsuccessful, for the most part. Expectations of comfortable solutions will be tested, and the possibilities available will be limited.

This scarcity will test men and force them to be self-reliant. If they are not able to find a solution for themselves, they are not able to take responsibility for their lives. Man must be completely in charge of his own existence. He must make his own decisions and not assume others will provide what his existence needs.

This is a necessary step, although we had not initially planned on taking it. We hoped man would become perceptive enough to recognize the prison he is living in. The parameters of his existence, unfortunately, have made this realization almost impossible.  Man doesn’t realize he is living in a comfortable prison with more restricted movement than he recognizes.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Because man is part of creation—and creation, as an entity, is changing the context of man’s existence. The world is changing for the better, and all aspects of creation’s manifestation must synchronize.  Man’s physical nature must adapt; his soul will be glad to work through a more efficient carrier.

We decided the lessons we plan to teach later would not be as meaningful without a firsthand experience of life without basic assumptions. It became necessary to provide a means for seeing what life on Earth really is in order to underscore the value of the gift life will be once Earth moves into a higher level of ascension energy. Man would not realize the significance of the gift unless he could experience life without it.

I will coach as warranted. My presence is more observational at this point. I must see how man is able to assess his situation when obstacles unexpectedly appear before him. His life on Earth—even though manipulated and superficial—still is generally one of ease without threat. The larger part of Earth’s population has not been forced to deal with major challenges for a long while. This is what is now going to happen.

 Man must prepare for the unexpected. He must learn to rely on his inner guidance and resourcefulness. Since man is conditioned not to be self-reliant, he should set aside certain necessities to make his existence less troublesome.  Some preparation for the inevitable is better than total surprise.

Ask yourself what would you need to survive if resources suddenly were not available?  What if you experienced the destruction of a major natural disaster?  What if you had no power as a result? What if you had no money or means to obtain it? What if you had no means of transportation? How safe would you be in your home? How connected would you be with others in your community?  How much would you be able to turn inward and rely on spiritual guidance and insight? Taking total responsibility means having an answer for these basic questions and not expecting anyone else to solve your problems. How feasible is that for you?

The danger of potential disaster is clearly evident today. The possibility is real for economic collapse, unprecedented military conflict, internal political chaos, or martial law—any one of which could cause global disruption if positioned appropriately.   The electrical grid system could fail. The supply of natural utilities could be blocked. Think about how you would react if you were facing those scenarios.  Could you maintain your personal balance and draw upon your experiences for insight? Or would you be paralyzed by fear and remain helpless?

These scenarios are no longer hypothetical, I must say. Man will be tested. Those who find their way through the upcoming trials will be welcomed into Earth’s ascension as resilient and reliant members of the new universe. Ask for guidance and you will receive it.