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Esu, will you tell more about yourself? We have had connections for a long time, I am told by you and others, and I am curious to know more. Where was your family from and how did you come to be connected with Earth? How have you come to be in your present position? How will you manifest on Earth? I ask you to speak about yourself this evening, and give us more insight.

Yes, Jess (laughing). You want my life story, do you? That will take longer than you have to write on your computer. Let’s hit the high points then. It will be good for others to see what I think is important for them to know at this point.

My incarnation in this galaxy started in Lyra, as I have told you before. Our history together goes back much further, though. We both were part of the Central Race, so called, that formed the types of physical embodiments that would be seeded on various life-bearing planets as they became ready to support existence. You have been told your role was as a connector. My role was to bring awareness. This is difficult to explain further, but we were parts of streams of energy that carried the understanding of those tasks in relation to the Creator Source.[1]  These understandings shaped our purposes and the embodiments we chose to work through. We both were involved helping Christ Michael Aton formulate and structure the Universe of Nebadon. [2] His concept of choice and co-creation needed the elements of connecting and awareness of the choices made.

I chose to explore this physically as part of a family that inhabited a planet in the Lyra system. This was the Kumara family that you have heard of. Sanat Kumara is my father, if that is an appropriate term to use for that situation.[3] There was not the same definition of “father” as you have on Earth. I was a continuation of his energy stream that allowed him to explore other aspects through another physical embodiment. This has elements of what happens on Earth, but there is not the physical coupling you expect to see when you hear the word “father.”

The Lyra system was being attacked by forces arguing against the concept of connection with Christ Michael. His wish to explore all aspects of choice and logical connection led to the rise of a part of his creation choosing to say he did not create them. They were free to choose the path they wished, and their decision led ultimately to galactic wars between what has come to be called the light and the dark. Those rejecting a connection with Christ Michael turned their back on the light of his continued guidance and insight and convinced themselves they were able to create anything they needed without his assistance or approval. Believing they were totally separate, they began to take over other worlds to persuade groups of inhabitants to follow their way of thinking.

This reached a climax in Lyra as part of that solar system was blown up. The survivors were forced to re-establish their existence on other planets. Some went to the Sirian system, others went to the Pleiades. There were waves of refugees and immigrants.

Let me explain more clearly what was going on with the star systems. The Lyra system I speak of was organized primarily around the star you call Vega. The other stars making up what you call the constellation Lyra were of lesser significance in coordinating the flows of energy we worked with. The name Sanat Kumara was attached to the leader of this family grouping after the fact. This is primarily a name given by various writers and commentators on Earth. As is the case with most spiritual guides that work with you here, he connects with a name that designates him for practicality sake. This terminology focuses the energy he is providing in a way that has impact with the inhabitants in this particular dimension who expect his name to be Sanat Kumara. Energy is fluid and moves the way it is channeled.

The wars caused one of the inhabited planets to be destroyed. This abrupt removal caused a serious imbalance in the system that was coordinating the energy interaction within the Vega system. The other planets became increasingly unsuited to the type of existence we had developed. Some felt the environment in the system around Sirius was more suited to their energy manifestation; others felt the template developing within the Pleiades star system was more suited to their purpose. The waves of refugees caused a transformation in both evolving civilizations. Each system adapted elements of what those fleeing Lyra brought with them.

It is difficult to detach yourself from your Earth conceptions, but the settlers, to use that term, were more accurately thought of as higher dimensional beings that were using a physical shell to be able to experience a different paradigm of energy interactions. They were separate but connected. The purity of their energy makeup was inevitably fused with the different manifestations on the two new systems. This merging had different results with different groups. The Sirians became more structured and focused on regimented systems. The Pleiadians absorbed the influence more passively and used it more internally for self-evolvement.


Jess, shall we continue?.. Our roles on Earth have been involved with this scenario from the beginning of our connections with this planet. You have been told you saw the direction this was going and wanted to provide a means for this to be circumvented. I saw that my role could be one of providing a mechanism for man to understand the reason this was necessary. You developed your concepts through a series of incarnations in the Pleiades system. You found ways to use separate ideas as tools to direct a reassessment of beliefs. Prepared examples guided man’s thinking in new directions. You developed a system that would work for the type of incarnation that had developed within Earth’s planetary structure.

I contributed the awareness of what the tools led to. Artistic ideas provided the templates you chose to express universal truths in language that spoke directly to the emotions and the thought processes of man on Earth. The examples were individual guides that led to self-realization and awareness of higher truths. You provided the system; I provided the understanding.

You have maintained watch over this system since you first incarnated in the days of Atlantis. I spoke to you once of your choice for “guerilla warfare” in the physical world you were trying to lift up. I joined you at various times as a partner to strengthen the direction your process was taking. The time in Jerusalem was a watershed for world belief, and we both worked to outline a comprehensive expression of the universal truth that Christ Michael was seeking to manifest on Earth. The tenets and explanations that were actualized through the physical embodiment of Christ Michael through me was the beginning of the shift in the move to planetary ascension that is reaching its final stages at this time. Christ Michael felt that it would take the two thousand years he projected for it to reach the level of awareness man needed to be able to take part knowingly in steering the direction Earth must go.

I speak these things to you this morning of Easter because you are ready to hear these comments from me. I have spoken of aspects of this at various times, but we have never discussed this in this detail or in the context of what you can determine as an informed observer. I respect your ability to observe and comment. I chose to use you as a Voice to express my concepts to others. Again you are providing the tools for me to show awareness and understanding of Christ Michael Aton’s truths. We play this game again, as we have done so many times before. I use the word “game” because it is only an experience of existence that we both are participating in. I have agreed to be the physical leader on Earth, and you are once again helping me to do this.

Many of our associates are also involved with this project. You know many and have already spoken to key figures. My role here is to be the example that allows man to see his way to a greater level of universal awareness, and I will explain to him what that truth is. Lady Nada, as you call her, is part of that universal scenario.[4] Man is constructed still in physical embodiments of male and female, with DNA encoding that revolves around sexual interaction and merging of individual energies. This encoding provides the core template for determining cultural attitudes and relationships. All revolves around the concept of pairing or breaking apart. My role will embody the ideal of this relationship with Lady Nada, my ideal partner. This example will reinforce the effects of DNA recoding that will redirect the nature of man’s relationships. Your role in this will, at first, be the mouthpiece for my comments helping to shape man in the direction of a greater awareness. Once we reach a level of comprehension, man will be able to embrace the example I will provide with Nada. She does prefer to be called Nada. Names and titles are useful only as hooks to pin concepts on in the minds of those creating a mental structure aligned with their preconceptions and emotional satisfaction. Nada is simple and expresses her ability to exemplify the spiritual void we must find to begin recreation. The yin/yang concept expresses this pairing clearly.

This long narrative and biography can come to a close with these comments. We will explain more later, but this is a taste of what is to come.


[1] The Creator Source is the First Source and Center, the one and only uncaused reality, creator of all that exists in the vast Grand Universe…In theory you may think of God as the Creator, and he is the personal creator of Paradise and the central universe of perfection, but the universes of time and space are all created and organized by the Paradise corps of the Creator Sons. The Universal Father is not the personal creator of the local universe of Nebadon; the universe in which you live is the creation of his Son Michael. Though the Father does not personally create the evolutionary universes, he does control them in many of their universal relationships and in certain of their manifestations of physical, mindal, and spiritual energies. God the Father is the personal creator of the Paradise universe and, in association with the Eternal Son, the creator of all other personal universe Creators. [UB, Paper 1, sec. 2] [p. 24]


[2] Christ Michael Aton is the offspring of the Universal Father and Eternal Son, a Divine Son of the Michael Order, with Creator prerogatives. He created the local universe of Nebadon, and with his consort, Nebadonia, created the various orders of beings that populate this local universe. He later earned Master Son status, with full Sovereignty over the local universe of his personal creation, by going through a series of seven bestowals, where he became an actual member of each order he created and lived an exemplary life as a being of that order. During his seventh and last bestowal, he appeared on this planet, born as the baby known as Jesus, on August 21, 7 B.C. During the thirty-six years he spent on Urantia on his terminal bestowal, his mandate was to exemplify the revelation of God to man and of the personal relationship man can achieve directly with God.  [UB, Paper 33] [p. 366]


[3] Sanat Kumara is Esu’s physical father from Lyra long ago. Sanat’s wife Anna incarnated as Mother Mary 2,000 years ago during Esu’s incarnation in Bethlehem. At that time Sanat Kumara was the Planetary Logos, or spiritual leader of Earth. The Kumaras arrived about 18 million years ago to oversee the spiritual direction the planet took. Sanat has since been promoted to Solar Logos, spiritual leader of the whole solar system Earth is part of. Buddah took over the position of Planetary Logos in 1987 at the time the galactic circuits were reopened to this planet during the Harmonic Convergence.


[4] Lady Nada is Esu’s consort. She incarnated as Mary Magdalene during Esu’s incarnation as Jesus Christ.

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