Esu Takes the Gloves Off as Planetary Prince

Esu, I am available for your comments on whatever you wish to address. I see much happening politically and environmentally. I see messages about choices having been made. Speak to the state of things through me this evening.

Jess, let’s speak this evening. I have much to say on a variety of topics. It is time to begin a summation of the events leading to the breakdown in civilization as you have come to recognize it. The times you live in are chaotic and desperate.  Much harm is done to try to protect the few lines connecting those acting against Christ Michael Aton’s decision to the hapless victims that are caught in their attempts.  This is about to come to a head and it will be impossible for those claiming power to continue to wield it.

I will tell you some specific actions to watch and some unexpected events that will occur. First, your President will be found to have been ineligible to run for, let alone be elected to, the office he occupies. This is common knowledge among those in Washington D.C., but it is kept from the general public’s awareness. It is crucial that Obama be believed by a large portion of the general public, particularly since his actions away from public scrutiny are the opposite of what appears to be happening. This is all done to create rigid control throughout the whole system of government despite a Constitutional plan to provide checks and balances on each of the three branches.

As a result of this ineligibility, all financial legislation signed and acted upon since he took office has been illegal. The illegality of the actions compounds the disastrous effects the actions have had on the economy and on the balance of political power.  This state of affairs is not unique, however. The government actions in Britain and in the United Kingdom have been equally compromised. The description of this situation in Christopher Story’s articles has been accurate. The legislation disbanding the House of Lords was illegal and all Parliamentary legislation since that time has also been invalid.

I described the particular situation with Obama’s administration, but the illegality of the American Congress goes back much further in history. This incident has been pointed out before, but at the time the Southern Senators walked out of the Congressional session just before the Civil War began, Congress was never officially adjourned. Based on Parliamentary rules, the called Congress was formally disbanded after a period of time lapsed without an official adjournment.  A new Congressional membership as described by the Constitution has never been elected.  All legislation adopted since that time has been unconstitutional and invalid.

The Congress established in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln was the result of the Lieber Code, a war powers act imposed to seize control of the union, not just the Southern states. This imposition of martial law has never been lifted. Since that time, the Congressional branch has been functioning as an arm of the military. The Reconstruction Acts adopted after the Civil War never completely reinstated the Southern Senators, and the political transfer was completed in 1871 when the sovereign rights of each individual state were given over to an illegally formed United States Corporation based in Washington D.C. This was done through capitalization and a shift of wording so that the legislation described a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It was prohibited by the Constitution for Congress to incorporate an organization, but the step was taken anyway, and the public was deluded by the similar appearing name.  It is a matter of public record that all National and State offices and jurisdictions are listed as legal corporations with Dun & Bradstreet registry numbers. The question you should ask is who controls the corporation?

A second collapse will be forthcoming in religious control. The religious hierarchy has been using dictated dogma and restrictive regulations for centuries to force followers to submit to their wishes. It is difficult for the followers to ignore or even resist these strictures because they are phrased in terms that promise spiritual punishment if they are disobeyed. The masses live as they are told and provide a substantial portion of their income for the privilege of being controlled. It does not occur to them to question their situation because they are indoctrinated from birth in the infallibility of these rules.

Religion, or rather belief in the spiritual truth of Christ Michael Aton, is simple and immediately available to each individual. It is not filtered through a system of elect, nor is it obtainable with stipulations determined by man. Christ Michael Aton is in all of his creation. He is his creation. A spark of him is in each individual, only awaiting the recognition of the person to begin its spiritual interaction. The process of recognition may be described by religion, but the personal commitment necessary remains an individual choice.

All denominations and religious are at fault at present, and all will be changed to be in alignment with Christ Michael Aton’s truth. Man will rethink the function of religion based on the personal awareness he will see as a result of new teaching and new spiritual examples. A teaching mission will begin once man is aware of the power of his individual connection with Christ Michael Aton. Present day religious leaders will be removed, and their political and financial manipulation will end.

Much of the change in religion will take place after the cleaning of Earth and a raising of spiritual energy levels during a period of stasis. However, enough of the hypocrisies hidden behind the public image of religious leaders in all faiths will be revealed to trigger waves of disgust and disapproval before that time. The beginnings of these revelations will factor into the call for change and will be remembered when man is more fully cognizant of his personal connection with Christ Michael Aton.

These political and religious upheavals will be exacerbated by the upheavals that are increasing at pressure points all over Earth’s surface.  Additional energy from the sun is causing a surge of new earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in places that are ripe for shifting. These disasters will almost certainly take place in California and other troublesome areas located on the so-called Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. The land there has to move to allow the rise of what was once Lemuria. Its remnants are seen now in isolated groups of islands, most notably the Hawaiian Islands.

It is time to watch closely what happens with Gaia, or Mother Earth.  This is a careful balancing act that weighs necessary release with an effort, still, to prevent any worse calamities for man than are possible. Man has brought Gaia to brink of her tolerance, but Gaia wishes to protect him, even so. The oil spill in the Gulf is basically unstoppable. Man’s greed and lack of precaution have produced a situation that is unthinkable in its ramifications and the extent of its potential damage.  Other sites will have similar problems, and this hazard will spread far beyond the area that contains it now. The economic impact of this carelessness will be devastating.

The only alternative man has is to begin looking at this spill as Gaia breaking away from man’s control. Man will need to start viewing this as physical evidence of change happening on Earth. Man’s inadequacies are being overpowered by natural law. The overwhelming strength of change is clearly obvious, even though man generally views the results as loss. This will change.

Other situations have similar potential for chaos and disaster by man’s current thinking. Major land shifting is inevitable at some point on the California coastline. This may be at any time, or it could be postponed until Earth changes its axis when Jupiter is finally revealed. Jupiter has become a smaller sun, but its force of additional energy is being shielded behind its system’s central sun. Christ Michael Aton is attempting to ease into Gaia’s ascension without destroying those who will be continuing with her in her higher energy frequency. This means increments of higher vibrations to allow all to adapt who have chosen to do so.

These increments are coming in bursts from the sun’s corona, and are particularly affecting the Earth’s core. This is causing the rapidly increasing events happening on the surface. Earthquakes are being felt in unlikely places, as well as major stress areas giving way. Volcanoes are erupting unexpectedly. Weather is unpredictable and much more violent. These are all symptoms of Gaia reacting to the new energy she feels. Unaccustomed strength produces reactions beyond what has typically been anticipated.

This is the beginning of Earth’s ascension, and man should welcome it. The process will be violent and unimaginable to allow her to remove the eons of restraints and damage that man has inflicted upon her. Only then can she being to heal and rebuild her body in a higher spiritual vibration. Man caused much of her problems, but ironically man is also the reason she is willing to ascend in a calculated manner to protect his existence.  View these changes and collapses you are experiencing as the painful new steps of learning to walk again in a new way. Man and his attempts to ignore Christ Michael Aton’s truth must break down and be removed before he can follow his Mother Earth in a new direction.

Esu, Planetary Prince of Urantia

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