Esu Speaks on Sex and Marriage

Esu, I ask again for you to speak about sex and relationships. There is much misinformation and erroneous perceptions that influence much of what we determine on Earth. We have spoken of this in relation to the project I am working on with gay men, but I see the direction that discussion has gone as applicable to a broader discussion of sexuality and bonding. I ask for your insight and your comments on what I see as confusion on sexuality, sexual relations, marriage, and procreation.

Jess, this is a topic that has vast ramifications for behavior post stasis. The physical instincts will remain because you still inhabit bodies that are designed to function in this vibrational frequency. Your bodies have been created to allow you to connect your emotional and experiential reactions to the process you use to make decisions. You are not able to choose a lifestyle without measuring it with memories and reasoning. If you were not working within a physical/chemical energy structure you would be free to choose behaviors that were not limited by the bodily concerns you have accepted for you incarnations here.

Your body here influences your spiritual nature. The danger comes in allowing your physical reactions to dominate your intuitive sensing. You more often than not allow your body to make decisions your spiritual essence should have determined. Your responsibility is to balance your physical needs with spiritual truths.

This need to balance is nowhere more evident than in questions of sexuality and sexual behavior. The physical process you label sex is nothing more than the activities you use to prepare for sex. Sex is an exchange of energy between a giver and a receiver. This is the source of the yin/yang, active/passive, positive/negative perceptions that have been created throughout history on Earth to embody the activity within physical terminology. Your male and female bodies were designed to facilitate this energy merging with chemical reactions unique to each gender that are triggered by the stream of energy flowing through the bodies of the participants. The outcome of this physical reaction is the production of another physical form that can house a spiritual essence.

What you on Earth call sex is, in fact, physical activity that surrounds the actual process of energy merging. This physical activity is what has been categorized and politicized as a means of controlling the true nature of sex. Laws and legal prohibitions making certain behaviors taboo are a means of regulating physical reproduction. They have nothing to do with sex, per se. They only create a mystique or a prohibition that plays into emotional experience for behavioral manipulation. This is a case where the physical memory speaks much more loudly than an awareness of spiritual truth. This behavioral control has been inbred for so many thousands of years that its genetic preconditioning argues against the aware discernment of even the most enlightened.

Because this preconditioning is so extreme, it will be impossible to change quickly. The need to move to a balanced awareness that considers physical needs along with spiritual truths will take several years of your time. Even though coming out of stasis on an Earth with a higher level of vibrational insight, those staying will still have physical preconditioning to change. These changes will not be done through an imposition of rules and regulations that prohibit behavior immediately.  The shock and sense of being overwhelmed with a transformed environment will not permit an immediate change. Man on Earth will not be immediately spiritual and in alignment with Christ Michael’s universal truths. He will have a thankfulness he is here and a new sense of purpose and rightness, but he will still be a spiritual being in a physical body with genetic preconditioning. His concept of behavior will be different, but he still will have to learn how to live responsibly. His remembered patterns of behavior—many still unconscious—will surface and necessitate a constant evaluation of appropriateness in line with a new awareness of spiritual truth.

For this reason I have told you that your plans to introduce methods of rethinking sexual conceptions within the context of familiar assumptions will be most practical. Behavioral patterns common to gay relationships, for instance, will not be immediately abolished, but will be addressed within the context of their physical effects. This physical awareness will be coupled with an awareness of the spiritual reality of sex. Man will be taught to see the reasons for choosing certain behaviors over others. Men on Earth post-stasis will be here for a reason, and learning responsible behavior in the context of spiritual truth is their purpose.

This learning of responsible behavior also extends to attitudes about others and acceptance of their choice to explore a lifestyle different from others. It is irresponsible to judge the process of a life choice of another without first determining whether one’s own personal choices are in alignment.  Complete alignment with spiritual truth does not offer the option of considering another’s choices are less aligned than one’s own.  Complete alignment means accepting other’s choices and living one’s own existence in such a way that the evidence of being in alignment is clear. A balanced spiritual and physical existence is an object lesson that speaks louder than criticism and condescension.

Behavior surrounding the energy merging that sex is ultimately will be transformed to acknowledge its spiritual nature. This will not happen overnight, and will occur in stages of awareness and informed teaching. This approach will apply to sexual behavior across the board. It will not change in man’s nature unless he wills it to change. This is the challenge many of you will face as you choose to work with this issue.

I have no interest in creating more problems with new sets of behavioral prohibitions that replace those already in place. It will be more productive to relax attitudinal preconceptions and begin to work with education and empowerment across the spectrum. Legal restrictions on who can marry are in place for control purposes. Marriage itself is a legal fiction that overlays spiritual commitment with a governmental system. The restrictions on who can marry are rooted in population control, not spiritual reality. True relationships are based on a spiritual awareness of being merged as energy streams. Physical sexual activity is a tool to enhance this perception of spiritual unity, not an end in itself. This unity can take many forms, and while the joined spirits are housed in physical bodies, there is no reason not to explore the insight the body offers to spiritual awareness. This approach to the physical form was the basis of many systems of Eastern spirituality. The physical arousal and erotic sensations connected with the process of sexual activity was regarded as a means to reach greater spiritual awareness.  Sex was not the act, but the unity with the universe that such acts led to.


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