Esu Speaks on Reactions and Commitment

Esu, I want to speak again formally. You know my focus. I’ve tried to maintain an alignment and not foster clearly negative attitudes. It seems to be a time of commitment. I remember you saying you wanted to write about that and I’ve postponed the linkage. Speak as you will this evening. I will hear openly what you say.

Jess, yes I’m here. You have been busy and preoccupied. I know this. I have not had much that I’ve needed to say through you at this point. Others have been developing their skills, and their messages have been more influential than yours would have been because they are new voices. Many voices speaking the same messages are more forceful, if they seem to be hearing it independently…

This is a direction that is needed now. We have been waiting to put them into action at this time. The happenings here on this planet and in this universe are the lynchpin of a shift in approach. This is a significant statement. We have played out the avenues of exploration and independence that this world’s concept of free will has envisioned. This was a necessary experiment that had to be played out. We had to experience the concepts in actuality.

Reactions and memories are shaping everything you do. This produces a blockage of free openness and willingness to act in accordance with the will of the creator. Your perception of your existence is conditioned by the personalities you have developed living here. You automatically act in preconditioned ways without having an ongoing dialogue with Christ Michal and his creators.  The concept is already mapped out, don’t you know. You just have to ask what the correct course to move is. This notion of constant dialogue is new for man. He doesn’t easily accept the notion that he is part of a pre-determined existence. He thinks he is creating it on the spot, when actually he is discovering his next steps in a choreography that is pre-determined.

It is not important for man to know the direction events will take. He cannot change them. He can only modify his way of relating to them. By doing that, he then changes the direction of the events. People on Earth don’t understand that. They think events change them, when actually events are the result of them. You read about movements or cultural developments, and you want to make changes based on your preconditioned attitudes. You generally don’t have a way of making those changes directly. You have to condition your attitudes to influence others to change theirs. This will culminate eventually in wholesale changes.

I know you feel this is passive and uninvolved. Your world is out of your control. It is long past when man can make the changes that must happen for Earth to continue as it is planned. You can most directly influence people’s thinking. This is more practically done by influencing them to have an understanding that is focused on good and creative change. A constant focus on judgment and finding fault is an emotional loop that keeps exacerbating the initial hurt. It doesn’t solve problems and only continues to prolong a sense of discomfort.

We will chat more regularly, I think. It is time to strengthen your focus and commitment, to use that word.  Again, commitment is recognizing your place and role. It is an active link, rather than an empty one.  Committed people don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do.  They are constantly looking at the situation as it presents itself and deciding how best to relate to it through a dialogue with their creator.


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