Esu Speaks on Post-Stasis Teaching

Esu, I need guidance. Speak to me on my role and on how we will need to rebuild after stasis. My understanding is teaching and communicating. Perhaps you feel this redundant, or perhaps my understanding is incorrect. I ask you to outline what you see as the way we will approach cultural changes we must work with.

Jess, let’s speak. Several questions you asked. Several you implied. I will speak to your concerns with a summary or outline of what I see as most necessary and immediate.

Post-stasis will be a time of confusion and misunderstanding, despite the innate conviction that change is necessary. The people on Earth will be there for a reason, and we have determined who they are, at this point. Everyone will believe, in some fashion, that society must go in a new direction. To many this may seem political; to others, this may be a new freedom to express themselves. This is a global situation, and the inhabitants’ concept of being awake to themselves and their individual purpose will have many levels of understanding. Most will have just a glimmer of something being different. Others will have a fuller understanding and recognize that their role in this new society is to be mentors and leaders.

The so-called Lightworkers will take the lead. However, this too must be focused and coordinated, and the training that will come to these during stasis will provide the structure they will recognize they must use. This is not a dictated list of rules, but a system that grows naturally out of an awareness of the necessity of unity with the structure of the Universe as designed by Christ Michael. Awareness of alignment and assurance will cause the formation of guidelines that enforce this sense of balance and enlightenment. Rules and laws will be embraced for their appropriateness.  The habitual need to circumvent these laws will become less dominant as increased awareness and education replaces presumptions and misinformation that has been taught in the past. Behavior won’t change overnight, but a realization of falling short of the goals of Christ Michael will be constantly a reminder in their thinking. Post-stasis, it will be impossible for them to ignore their place in Christ Michael’s creation.

Because a large portion of the continuing population will have little awareness of what has happened, it will be crucial to begin educating and inspiring reassessment of perceptions. Teachers must educate by example and by actual instruction. This will take the form of actual classrooms, as well as one-on-one spontaneous conversations. Any contact with another person is an opportunity to teach. This is the challenge of being a Lightworker post-stasis. Your role is predetermined to guide others.

This guidance will be accomplished by support and encouragement. Uncomfortable living situations and the stress of uncertainty will provide a forum initially to teach alternatives. Interactive communities that are self- sustaining and nourishing in all senses of the word will be the mandate given to those called to lead this development. Political systems that are inclusive and representative of all will be the goal of those drawn to community organization. Personal relaxation and enrichment will be the purpose of those involved in coordinating artistic and creative expressions. Self-satisfaction will be the focus, rather than monetary gain from the works and expressions created.

Religious and political renovation will be the most important mandate to work toward post-stasis. I will be working directly with groups all over the world to shape a new conception of societal function and man’s roles within it. Religious leaders will be recognized for their lack of true guidance—largely through the evidence of their past works—and political structures will be deconstructed. This will come about through increased awareness and clearer realizations of the deceptions of the past. Much of my work will be augmented by new systems of teaching and by the immediate examples provided by enlightened media. True examples will be made available, and people will have access to a full explanation of everything that had been hidden in the past. Re-education by observation will, in itself, cause a shift in perception and open people’s thinking to new explanations.

This re-education will be a multi-faceted endeavor, and it must be introduced in all areas of activity and exploration to enable change in perception of man’s place within Christ Michael’s universe. There will be clear signs to point to, once the people resume their lives post-stasis, but it will also be crucial that guidance and coordinated education be introduced to continue and strengthen this shift in thinking.

You role in this is as I have described to you. You will be my voice explaining these issues to the different communities we address. There will be many levels of awareness we must accommodate, and there will be well-organized opposition to our words that stems from past conditioning and misinformed belief. This is what it is, and must be approached where it is and from the base it has. The level of understanding will be the starting point in any situation. The goal is to enlighten, not create more dissension.  Recognition of limited perception must be accomplished naturally and through a believable argument against accepted parameters. Man must feel he is connecting to a part of himself he had forgotten.

I think this is sufficient for today for posting.

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