Esu Speaks on Energy Changes and Stasis

This is a continuation of Esu’s comments on energy changes and stasis back in 2009. They are still useful in view of coming events and were worth re-posting.


Esu, I ask for an update. Speak of the most likely sequence of events. Speak of stasis plans and probable results. Speak of time expected and events that will follow it. Inform and guide us.

Yes, Jess, I am here. I will speak of many of the issues you raise, but some decisions still have not been finalized at this point. The timeframe of the events you speak of is still uncertain. It is now contingent on the Earth’s cycle of letting go the magnetic structure and our causing a system of buffers to moderate the effects of this letting go.

Once it is decided it is time to move into stasis, the scenarios you have heard of will begin, with the exception that now the initial phase will be a total stasis. Everything will pause its natural living cycle to allow us to restructure the energy parameters you expect to determine your existence. The magnetic polarity will collapse and then reverse its magnetic poles to refresh the direction of energy circuitry. North becomes south and expectations will be changed.

Everything will pause for a few months. This will not seem like any time has passed to those continuing with the shift to a higher dimensionality. Stasis is not a sleep, it is a limbo stage where nothing progresses in the sense you have been conditioned to expect. Stasis will be introduced quickly to avoid mass confusion. The ships triggering this energy frequency are already stationed around the globe and are ready to begin moderating the energy levels associated with paused frequency. This shift in frequency will initially cause functions to seem to stop, although this pause is not final. The movement of energy currents that make up the magnetic field will appear to be at a standstill. This is so the reversal can happen and the currents can begin to flow in the opposite direction. This realignment is not something you should experience consciously. This shift can be dealt with more easily with a lack of consciousness.

The collapse of the magnetic field will have unpredictable effects on the delicate balance holding together the existing geophysical system of faults and internal pressure points. The pressure of the solar wind will be immense without the mitigating effects of the magnetic grid. Pressure pockets will be pushed beyond their balanced state and will erupt in earthquakes and volcanic explosions.

Because this solar and galactic pressure will be great, we are at this time easing some of the most catastrophic fault stresses to allow an easier transition.  The Honduran earthquake released pressure in that area of the Atlantic and the continued quakes in the Eastern portions of the Pacific are similarly releasing built up pressure in those areas. We are doing this by sending “pulses” of energy into the magnetic field. This has the effect, also, of prolonging the collapse of the magnetic field connected to the existing polar structure.  This has a wave effect with the increased solar pressure triggering renewed magnetic activity, which then spreads throughout the existing magnetic field, transmitting the extra energy to existing magnetic connections and disrupting electrical circuitry that is designed to work with a less extreme burst of energy.

In addition to existing electrical circuitry, the burst of solar energy also disrupts physical balance and well-bring, both of which are extensions of the electrical network that surrounds each person living here. The physical body you see is a product of electrical inactivity. The lower dimensional environment it inhabits on Earth demands a physiological structure that appears to be solid and individualized to reflect the unique personality each inhabitant possesses. This solidity is an accepted fiction of the lower dimensional inhabitant, who has agreed to forget the energy structure that informs the creation of the illusion. When the familiar energy grid is disrupted or forced to absorb an unusual amount of additional energy, the physical body changes to reflect the new energy input it is experiencing. The material is an extension of the etheric and reflects the imprinting an individual’s energy body receives.

These bursts are preparations for the intensive changes that will manifest during the stasis period. Most of Earth’s inhabitants will be sheltered and overseen. They will be kept safe from upheavals that may happen on the Earth’s surface , and they will be assisted in transforming their physical beings to accommodate the increased energy that will be coming to Earth.  They will come out of the stasis period to face a new world with a new and much higher energy frequency.

These inhabitants agreeing to work with transforming the world will find an energy grid of new polarity. They will need to transform their environment and its technical inventions into a system that functions with reversed poles. They will do this with  new awareness of social unity and cooperation that will ease the friction that would traditionally have developed. There will be awareness and understanding of the reasons for the change and the roles they have to take in creating a sustainable global community.

Other inhabitants will not continue with the transformation. There are various reasons why they will not. You have heard many of these decisions explained and have already a sense of why they are leaving and where they will go to continue their path. Their decisions will no longer involve the Earth. They will no longer control the economic and financial straight jacket they have brought to the majority of Earth’s inhabitants. Their personal wishes will no longer be the determinant in cultural issues or matters of personal growth. Man will be able to choose the best path he can take.

This is enough for today. We will speak more later.



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