Esu Speaks on Earth Changes

These comments from Esu were also received originally in 2009. In the years since, plans for Earth changed and another option was considered more workable. This alternative is now considered unnecessary, and the earlier plan to move into stasis after evacuation and magnetic pole reversal is again preferred. I decided it would be useful to re-post Esu’s earlier discussion of what has once again become the game plan.


Esu, I’m asking for specific guidance and the most probable timeline. Speak about the mechanism involved with the Earth so I can understand the factors involved. Rotation in combination with pole shift and reversals.

Jess, let’s speak this morning. Much has been happening that we haven’t spoken of previously. The preparations for stasis are much a topic for discussion, and we have had major arguments on the efficacy of the process in terms of soul growth and ascension, to use your words. The process centers on awakening the strands of your physical body that you have ignored up to now. You have much more capability and potential than you realize at this point. This is couched in the descriptions we have cultivated for purposes of conveying to you the significance of what is about to begin. You, Jess, have experienced this at times in your own leaps in realization. You understand what is involved in suddenly having a new understanding of your situation and your concept of what life is for you.

Let’s speak of the physical journey Earth is taking. The havoc of the devastation that has been brought to Mother Earth is ever an irritant and obstacle in remaking her image. The scars that have been placed upon her are difficult to remove. Her pristine condition has long deteriorated into what you see now, yet you still see remnants of what is truly glorious. This is not a new realization, but one that can never be pointed out enough.

Realigning the magnetic field will reorient Earth’s relationship to the solar system. The existing polarity arrangement serves the purpose of holding the planet in position, but it also prevents it from setting up an independent energetic grid that establishes a prototype of the monopolarity it will need to move higher in energetic connection with the universal ideals. It is a continuation of the bipolar duality that characterizes the planet at present. Let me be clearer on this: switching the magnetic poles will not usher in monopolarity or ascension to a higher dimensional construct, but it will set the stage for that to happening on conjunction with the spiritual awakening that man is undergoing. Man and Earth are one energetic package that must operate in parallel ways to move higher spiritually.

Slowing down the speed of the rotation is part of the process that prepares for this to happen. This planetary physical state is common, but man has no concept of this occurring. Rotation is caused by the pull of the dynamic currents generating the magnetic field. The attraction of the magnetic pull causes the planet to move in a circular fashion. The orientation of the North and South polarities in opposition to the geographic poles creates the spin direction you call counterclockwise. Reversing the magnetic poles causes a reverse direction of magnetic pull—the rotation moves clockwise, with the sun coming up in the West, as you describe it. Your planet will now be rotating towards the sun in a reverse way from what it has been.

In order for this to happen, the current rotation process has to stop. This is complicated by the wobble in the geographic axis that is occurring because of weakening magnetic currents. The Earth’s magnetic counter force is out of balance with the charged polarity in the physical surface, and the tautly pulled energetic resistance normally in place with the planet’s geographic axis begins to loosen and cause the angle of alignment to move around. This has been occurring for several years, but it now is intensifying.

There are a number of factors at work here. The spin of the inner core is affected by various outside contributors, each of which is influencing the others in a geometrically intensifying sequence. Solar flares influence the atmosphere’s electricity, which influences the weather, which impacts the Earth’s geography, which causes plate movements, which cause earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, which are absorbed by the liquid outer core as unbalanced energy bursts, which causes imbalance with the inner core rotation system, which affects the dynamo effect, which weakens the magnetic grid, which affects the rotation pattern, which allows more solar influence and pressure on the magnetosphere, etc. You see the increasing weather problems, the significant number of earthquakes, and the rotation problems. You see some signs of solar flares and increased pressure on the magnetosphere. You don’t see the increase in energy being imposed on Earth from Jupiter as it is filtered through the sun. You don’t see the weakening of the magnetic grid because of the range of impacts hammering away at it.

This is happening now because we are standing back at letting the cycle on Earth play out for the eventual benefit it will have on Earth’s physical structure. This is complicated by the need to preserve man’s place. The wholesale reconstruction that would typically take place cannot be allowed to happen as it does traditionally. This is why galactic forces have been monitoring Earth for years, and why they even now are still providing some guidance for the process. The analogy of braking a car is perfectly apt. You know that in hazardous driving conditions you have to pump the brake pedal rather than slam it down. That is the only way to prevent it locking up and becoming useless on wet or icy driving surfaces. Short pumps will slow the car down more gradually, but in a controlled way so that you can determine better how it stops. If Earth is allowed to slam on her brakes and create a sudden stop, it will cause tremendous upheaval and geographic destruction because of the force of the energy being stopped from moving forward. The direction of the momentum will continue and use the Earth’s surface to brake its motion.

This physical process will take place, and much sooner than the published experts believe. This sequence is also playing into the intentions of those still trying to control the direction of Earth’s inhabitants. We had hoped enough inhabitants would “wise up” to what was going on to cause some “braking” of this political and economic momentum, but it seems this is headed for a similar crash. This process is one that the galactic forces have less control over, because it is a manifestation of the people’s desires and intentions. This is a co-created scenario that must be changed by those who have created it. The odds of this happening now are almost zero. Christ Michael has waited so long because he hoped it would manifest as it was envisioned in a positive way.

It seems that a clean slate is best at this point. There is not much more relevant to be examined by continuing this stumbling in the dark in light of the mandatory changes that must be made to Earth in connection with her place in the changing solar system.


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