Esu Speaks on Earth Changes and Man’s Responsibility

Esu, I believe it is time to ask for more comments.  Much is happening that seems to be bringing some closure to aspects of the financial and political quagmire the world is stuck in. I ask for comments about that, as well as comments on the Earth’s physical condition and what we should expect. Speak on Jupiter if you will, and project what can happen there. Speak on how we who have some perspective can better interact with society. Guide us in preparing for what is sure to come.

Jess, it is time to talk again. Many things are occurring. Much has happened to the Earth itself since last we spoke formally. The physical structure of the planet is moving into a new configuration, and an increase in unexpected activity is the result. Generally all of these occurrences are the result of natural causes. The crustal movement of the continental plates causing the earthquakes is being triggered by both inner and outer energy forces. The instability of the inner core is a reflection of the lessening influence of the weakening magnetosphere and a lateral displacement of historical magnetic axes. The poles are moving quickly, and the Earth’s natural alignments that so much of its society depends on are out of balance.

This instability is coupled with increased energy input coming from the Earth’s current position inside the photon belt, as well as from the ever brighter exposure the Earth is experiencing as Jupiter emerges slowly from behind the sun.  The amount of exposure to these new rays is carefully monitored by the galactic overseers who are gauging Earth’s reaction to the extra energy. Too much too soon could be disastrous to the anticipated forward progression of man’s ascension in conjunction with the Earth’s. The effect of too much exposure would cause more change than man could assimilate.

The geographical upheaval that occurred in Haiti was one example of the type of Earth movement you can expect in greater numbers as the input of photon energy increases. This form of energy carries additional information encoded within its frequency. Earth and its elements  vibrate at a different level  of structural energy as the photon energy surrounding it increases.  Photon energy is carried in what you term light waves. The energy coming from Jupiter is a new source that is coming into play as the planet is moved from behind the sun.

This light from Jupiter will seem to you as if there were a distant sun shining in addition to your regular sun. This is because the planet now has the means to generate energy waves on its own. The position of Jupiter has been carefully monitored since the ignition last year  in order to prevent a premature exposure to Earth.  The precarious nature of Earth’s geophysical structure has necessitated keeping the planet positioned behind your system’s sun to block the force of its strengthened rays. This manipulating of the planet’s position has necessarily been kept secret because it was decided the time was not right to show this transformation.  The diversion took the form of a hologram that was projected from a space ship positioned at the location Jupiter typically would be located. The images taken of the planet are, in fact images of the projection of the planet. The real orb had been moved behind the sun to shield its energy force.


I want to speak more on the earthquakes. There will most likely be several more that are of high magnitude.  The most pending disaster is the California coastline, although your own New Madrid fault line is undependable. Other will probably take place in locations that are already receiving shocks. This includes the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim countries.  This is not news; those watching earthquake formation have long said these quakes are dangerously near.  I’m saying that their happening is almost probable. Haiti is once again experiencing rumbles, and Yellowstone is tangential to the California situation.

There will be enough warning to make better preparations than occurred in Haiti. Scientists knew the plates were moving and predicted earthquake damage pretty early on. This news didn’t fit in with your government’s idea to use the devastated county as a distraction to prevent people from hearing news of financial wrongdoings that might become public. Look for discrepancies. Use the Internet information to bypass the mainstream media, and rely on the details posted there. Be careful  what you accept, however. Always check to see if the report is valid. We can tell you this easily, if you ask us.

Political turmoil is to be expected, as well. The financial chaos is so widespread that no solution beyond a crash and new beginning can “fix” it. There are no means to uproot so well entrenched a financial network.  The dependence on American dollars is being rejected. The global debt is astronomical and there is not enough money available to pay it. Printing trillions more will not save a system that has no hard currency reserve to back up its legal tender.

The work of the Office of the International Treasury Control (OITC) is helping to break up some of this financial log jam, but its mandated system of operations does not give the organization much assistance in breaking away from the operational  system that caused its problems in the first place. It must interact with other governments that control a portion of its deposits as another sovereign state.  Legal protocols must be observed on OITC’s part even in situations where the other government has not done so.

The public’s focus on settlement payments and packets of access to accounts is a red herring. There is no money left in the original accounts to pay back any of the so called loans. The legal paper work used to establish these financial agreements further removed any claim the donors would have on their money at any future date. Claimants gave the representatives their money and signed away any right to it. None of the legal agreements that are still extant indicate any obligation for the program to pay any of the money back. The accounts have long since been robbed at the orders of those trying to maintain their existence as it is now. It would be more practical for the recipients to examine their paper work more closely and turn their attentions to removing the system that has tricked them.

The naiveté of the general public has been purposefully structured to prevent any significant inquiry. The conspiracy theorists are correct in arguing that poor public health and nutrition, abysmal public education standards, mindless religious teachings, and distracting media coverage have all been created to lower the level of discernment and intellectual interest in the general public as a whole. All of these streams of social welfare have been manipulated to produce a global group of Earth inhabitants that can neither object nor be aware there is a problem. The distractions placed before them keep them blind and mindless.

Christ Michael Aton has always envisioned the Earth as a testing place and an experimental laboratory, as it were, to allow souls to examine complex issues that determine the development of creation. This classroom has been asked to learn from negative examples and dissociation from Universal truth for many thousands of years.  Experiential instruction has been the only means most souls have been able to maintain the progress in growth and ascension that Christ Michael has imagined they would be able to do for him. Each soul is an extension of Christ Michael and each is created with the need to reconnect in some way.

Since Earth was made a prison planet for many of this Universe’s most resistant creations, the most protected form souls could assume in coming here later would be one of general forgetfulness of the extent of the rebels’ actions.  Earlier incarnations were largely untainted by the confusion brought by later incarnations of those most against the vision of Christ Michael.  The arrival on Earth of this group of souls determined to take control in opposition necessitated inhabitants be incarnated in lower dimensions of forgetfulness.  The spark of Christ Michael remained ready to be recognized, but direct guidance was given over to outside suggestion and random intuition.

This state of being has gradually awakened to higher levels spiritual consciousness, and at this time a group of inhabitants has reestablished their direct contact with Christ Michael and his higher dimensional creations.  This group is working in various ways to return the inhabitants of Earth’s awareness to a fuller vision of its true place and role in its Universe. This awakening is occurring in the midst of a tremendous battle to prevent this from happening. Those battling recognize the futility of what they are continuing to do against Christ Michael, but they have become so conditioned to this behavior they are unable to stop. Those who have awakened are experiencing this battle even more fully that the others who remain blind to what are occurring. The levels of frustration and disenchantment have never been higher.

Man is experiencing this painful awakening because that is the role he has taken on at this time. Emotional pain and physical discomfort are still part of the experiential lesions going on. The teaching I give now is to take control of these situations and find ways to resolve the issues in your own lives.  Fears and insecurities are holdover memories from earlier experiences. They do not determine what you do now as individuals. Only you choose what you will do. Examine your memories dispassionately and envision new ways to encounter these situations. Use your own abilities to chart a path to a new level of balance and satisfaction.

This personal growth should be happening now while the Earth is recreating her embodiment. You should be growing spiritually while your surroundings are changing. Many things around you are extensions of your personality, and they will remain connected to you if you truly need them. Examine what this is, and feel free to let go what is not.

The time is coming when the change Earth needs to continue to ascend will require substantially more galactic energy than man is at present capable of assimilating. The state spoken of as stasis will occur to pause man’s existence at one energy level while his environment makes the changes it needs to make at another. This is not suspended animation in the sense that man is sleeping; this is interrupting his energy movement at one point while the energy that surrounds him speeds up. There is no awareness of time or physical change because man is not interacting with the frequency of what is happening on Earth.  It is like circles of energy moving around each other at different speeds but not connecting.  When the environment is safe for man to resume interacting, he will, and will have no sense of an interruption. The physical evidence will be there to require an assimilation, however, and man will have to reconcile this with his own sense of no time being lost. This will be the point where teaching and a new understanding will begin.

I think this is sufficient for today.  Look to the heavens for signs that Earth is ready to begin her next phase.  Her environment also must change in order for her body to be renewed.


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