Esu Speaks on Attitudes and Alignment

Esu, you said you wanted to speak. I ask for energy and focus.

Jess, this is Esu. I asked you to listen this evening because I want to speak of what is coming. This is a brief message, but one that is timely and necessary. You have been observing much and wisely not becoming personally involved with much that is happening. You have stayed true to your course as you perceive it, and you have attempted to remain positive and compassionate.

The discussions you avoid are a waste of energy. Argument and staking a territory are demeaning and judgmental. It is spiritually enriching to find value even in the direst situations. Remain true to your convictions and ask for strength to hold to your decisions. See that Christ Michael Aton is part of even the most recalcitrant aspects of his universe. All is him, and all has aspects of his creative idea. The form that creation develops is a result of its capacity for choosing how it pursues its purpose. Everything influences everything else, and your perception of reality is constantly changing as a result of the input from the interactions you experience before you make a new set of choices.  Everything is fluid; everything relates to everything else. Your ideas and actions have an impact on your surroundings; they, in turn, cause reactions based on what you tell them you want to experience. If you are expecting a threat, you will experience one. If you are remaining calm and balanced, you can discern virtue for your own growth. Making a judgment closes your consciousness to being able to receive new ideas or unexpected information. Perceiving your opinions in advance causes you to miss the teaching they can provide for you.

Opinions and judgments are the manifestation of your emotional reactions to memories and spiritual blocks. You want to remain open and not rigid in your attitudes. You must observe everything you perceive with objectivity and a lack of emotional bias. You can react to events, but you should not be overwhelmed by your reactions. You should maintain some sense of detachment even in your most emotionally affecting situations. Know why you cry; know why you have a sense of fear; know why you find yourself feeling angry.  You are in control of yourself, not some person defined by outside events or manifestations of ideas that create road blocks in his or her awareness. You are an aspect of Christ Michael, and you experience your individual life as his extension. He learns as you experience and evaluate. You are each equally valuable and loved. Your choice of life path is not judged spiritually, even if elements of its incarnation are questioned as the most suitable direction for you to pursue. Your gift of the ability to make choices opens you up to criticism and analysis by the entity who gave you that ability in the first place. His standards and expectations are the basis for evaluating your choices.

As you go forward and understand increasingly complex situations, remember your role is to be an example and a positive influence by means of your life choices, whatever they are. Learning as a result of these experiences opens up new vistas in your perceptions.  Broader perception means more compassion and eagerness to help others.  Every instance of support or understanding that results is invaluable.


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