Esu Speaks on Acting a Role

This was a more personal discussion I had with Esu in 2009, but I think it also has relevance now in dealing with the changes to come. It speaks of our incarnations on Earth and how our reality is a manifestation of energy. 


Esu, I ask for guidance today. My mind has been playing over the possibilities for directions we may be given. I sit here with bags that I have packed and repacked for four years. Deadlines have been stated and then not held to. I have tried to maintain focus despite no visible change in the large sense. I don’t see the need to argue with people operating on an emotional level with fixed preconceptions. I accept that I am impatient, but I am also tired of the run around. I have to keep living the life I have created here that provides what physical gratification I can get in this incarnation. It is difficult to live two or three lives, and none of them has a complete commitment. I want to move on. I don’t see the value of continuing the present state. If everything is continuous, why this need to adhere to a constantly changing scenario to determine when to begin the change? The point never arrives. Isn’t there a higher sense of timing that determines unavoidable change? I ask you to speak to this today. Reaffirm my purpose, and explain what is happening.

Yes, Jess, I am here. You ask many question, make many assertions. Much is perfectly reasonable from your perspective. You have to evaluate our actions in terms of what you view as logical progressions and sequential actions. There are causes and effects. There are reasons things happen in the progression they do, and the causes that lead to the illogical sequence, in your view, are in many cases beyond the grasp of your present understanding. I know this sounds condescending, but you are working through an incarnation that is purposefully disconnected from much of the awareness that you once had. This remnant of your awareness is what discourages you and makes you seek further explanations. You miss the immediate links to Universal purpose and you seek to reestablish them at this point. You have grown much in your current awareness, and you have become dissatisfied with the level of your understanding.

This is not an indictment; this is only an observation of what you chose to do this time around. This has all been for a good purpose that has produced much good writing and much useful inspiration for collaboration and development. You chose to incarnate this time as an artist in a position to encourage your art and that of many others. This is your method for raising the level of universal awareness of truth and wholeness. Compassion and understanding come from agreement and satisfaction through art. Art provides a template for your teaching. Creative production provides an example to be used as a model of conception and action.

The chaos you see in your world at the present is largely the result of miscommunication and misunderstanding of the ideal of unity and cooperation within the sense of considerate treatment of all. War is not possible within that ideal. Consumer acquisition and power struggles in business are symptomatic of the same desire for control as war. This all is a symptom of the needs of a few to determine the needs of all. The concept of the Illuminati is a convenient image that takes an individual form in everyone who knows the concept.

Everyone aware of the controlling group has their own perception of what this group is, based on their own fears and lacks. This really is only the manifestation of a rejection of Christ Michael Aton’s plan for Universal organization and interaction. The source is beyond the scope of your understanding in terms of materialized embodiment of reaction to his manifestation as all aspects of his Universe. You see this manifested as a group that you have labeled the Dark, as opposed to those aware at some level of the unity and consideration at the core of what is called the Light.

Everything is energy. Energy connects at infinite levels of vibration and movement and assumes different forms based on the context of the frequencies that interact and synchronize the speeds of their vibrations. The physical reality you think you perceive is really your mental image that explains the energy movements that make up your thinking.  Your life is a projection you make to be able to interact at this level of energy vibration and at this level of disruption. The resistance has settled here at this level of energy vibration and you who have chosen to interact with it take the form necessary—which is what you perceive of yourself and your surroundings.

The political chaos and the economic upheavals are merely reflections of the discongruencies you encounter in energy movement.  Energy bonds together at similar wavelengths and forms powerful structures that resist the flow of the energy you bring to the nexus. Your energy may be a higher frequency, but it takes longer to synchronize such a reinforced construct operating at a lower level with a different materialized form in your thinking. This appears to your mind at present as literal and emotional battles against ideas taking the form of physical realities in this dimensional construct. Your inbred preconceptions interpret this energy battle as a physical one with real people and real danger.

Your emotional experiences have conditioned you to feel pain and fear. Your embodiment has created these interpretations of the energy reactions. Your present form identifies with these emotional reactions and controls your sense of awareness of how you encounter them. You feel something you identify as pain. You experience hopelessness because you associate the resistance the energy bloc presents with preconditioned perceptions of loss of control and inability to determine your own existence.

These are all preconceptions and emotional interpretations that have no validity in establishing your continued existence as a spiritual entity. You are only participating in this scenario because you agreed to engage in it. You can literally view this as acting a role in a play. You have a character and you say the lines you have been assigned. Your part of the interaction that produces the end product is focused on your contribution. You have lost sight of the fact that you are acting. This day to day existence is one you are creating with millions of other actors who have forgotten they are in a play. The play is largely improvised, in terms of action and dialogue, but it does have an ending point that is determined by the surroundings the play is occurring in.

The Universe and the solar system you are a part of are determining how Earth progresses as part of its own interaction. The play on Earth is happening within the context of the larger play that is happening with the planets and the sun.  They do influence each other, but the larger play takes precedence. Man is on Earth to establish certain variables that must be set up to allow the larger interaction in the solar system to function completely. The play on Earth continues until the requirements of the larger system are satisfied. This is reaching the point of fulfillment.

The impatience you feel is really your awareness that more is at play here. The frustration is due to an awareness of something more that is happening that serves a more universal purpose. Your awareness of this influences your perceptions of your visible existence. Your mental interpretations are colored by this desire for greater balance and unity. This is the role of art and this is why you have chosen this route.

I can’t give you the definite timetable when this is finished in its present status. I see completion and readiness to move, but I don’t see the decision. Once again I leave you with indecision and lack of concrete dates or actions plans. I can only tell you to be ready to move and be willing to shift your focus to a level of perception that is beyond what you currently have. This will happen very soon, I assure you. All conditions are met and the concepts are in place as to the shape this change will take. There is only Christ Michael Aton’s decision to initiate the change that is missing.


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