Esu Gives Warning to Be Prepared

Esu, speak to me about what is approaching. Prepare me. Warn me where I should place my focus.

Yes, Jess. I am here today to give you warning and suggestions for what is coming to pass. The consensus is that a lesson must be learned before the current situation comes to a close. The teaching for this will be harsh and eye-opening. Much will be seen to be a lie. Much is operating with false purposes.

Most people are ignorant of the situation they live in. Many will be angry and rise up to change what they find is happening. They will be unsuccessful, for the most part. Expectations of comfortable solutions will be tested, and the possibilities available will be limited.

This scarcity will test men and force them to be self-reliant. If they are not able to find a solution for themselves, they are not able to take responsibility for their lives. Man must be completely in charge of his own existence. He must make his own decisions and not assume others will provide what his existence needs.

This is a necessary step, although we had not initially planned on taking it. We hoped man would become perceptive enough to recognize the prison he is living in. The parameters of his existence, unfortunately, have made this realization almost impossible.  Man doesn’t realize he is living in a comfortable prison with more restricted movement than he recognizes.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Because man is part of creation—and creation, as an entity, is changing the context of man’s existence. The world is changing for the better, and all aspects of creation’s manifestation must synchronize.  Man’s physical nature must adapt; his soul will be glad to work through a more efficient carrier.

We decided the lessons we plan to teach later would not be as meaningful without a firsthand experience of life without basic assumptions. It became necessary to provide a means for seeing what life on Earth really is in order to underscore the value of the gift life will be once Earth moves into a higher level of ascension energy. Man would not realize the significance of the gift unless he could experience life without it.

I will coach as warranted. My presence is more observational at this point. I must see how man is able to assess his situation when obstacles unexpectedly appear before him. His life on Earth—even though manipulated and superficial—still is generally one of ease without threat. The larger part of Earth’s population has not been forced to deal with major challenges for a long while. This is what is now going to happen.

 Man must prepare for the unexpected. He must learn to rely on his inner guidance and resourcefulness. Since man is conditioned not to be self-reliant, he should set aside certain necessities to make his existence less troublesome.  Some preparation for the inevitable is better than total surprise.

Ask yourself what would you need to survive if resources suddenly were not available?  What if you experienced the destruction of a major natural disaster?  What if you had no power as a result? What if you had no money or means to obtain it? What if you had no means of transportation? How safe would you be in your home? How connected would you be with others in your community?  How much would you be able to turn inward and rely on spiritual guidance and insight? Taking total responsibility means having an answer for these basic questions and not expecting anyone else to solve your problems. How feasible is that for you?

The danger of potential disaster is clearly evident today. The possibility is real for economic collapse, unprecedented military conflict, internal political chaos, or martial law—any one of which could cause global disruption if positioned appropriately.   The electrical grid system could fail. The supply of natural utilities could be blocked. Think about how you would react if you were facing those scenarios.  Could you maintain your personal balance and draw upon your experiences for insight? Or would you be paralyzed by fear and remain helpless?

These scenarios are no longer hypothetical, I must say. Man will be tested. Those who find their way through the upcoming trials will be welcomed into Earth’s ascension as resilient and reliant members of the new universe. Ask for guidance and you will receive it.


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