Esu Says Much has Changed You Can’t See

Esu, I would like further conversations on paper. I feel, once again, that the treading water phase has happened. Gaia says she’s in labor. We’ve had more messages warning the dark not to continue. Has anything changed?

Jess, let’s talk. Much has changed that you can’t see. Political upheavals are about ready to occur. I know you don’t like to hear such potential pronouncements, but movements are taking place that will bring about changes. This undercurrent of dissatisfaction and rebellion even is gaining momentum all over the world. We are helping this upset happen. We do this by active involvement and by steering the flow of information that the mass public is seeing. There is a strong voice of disinformation, that is true, but we are helping to shape the revelations that are undermining what has been manipulated earlier.

This is one area of where we are intervening in current affairs. We also are actively monitoring the Earth’s movements and energy flow. Gaia’s physical form is breaking apart, and we are helping to moderate the intensity of what has to happen to relieve the stress. We do this to protect as many inhabitants as we can. We prefer not to have a massive disaster, if we can help it, by shifting some of the pressure points that are most threatening.  You can watch the earthquake sites and see the great increase in frequency and intensity that is happening. Helping the pressure move around is what is maintaining some stability.

We haven’t talked about the Wave much lately. The energy from Source is continuing to reach out to Earth, and the increase in frequency it is causing is having an effect on people’s attitudes and actions. This increased energy is one factor that is causing other issues to happen. People’s physical systems have to retune to this higher frequency, and this speeding up is causing them to change. Those who can’t adapt to this higher energy will collapse. This is similar to what is happening with Earth’s shell. The inadaptable physical manifestation is the outworking of flawed energy patterns; the problems that are visible are the products of the imbalances that the system has incorporated. New balances and energy patterns can’t exist within the old shapes.

Realize that this process of closure and change is complicated and more involved than you can possibly imagine. Think of how difficult your life is to negotiate, and multiply that by the total population of the world. The population is also integrated with all of Earth’s systems, and it is impossible to focus on one area to the exclusion of the others. All is interrelated, and Christ Michael Aton is overseeing everything because everything is an extension of him.  We are making continual progress, but the complexity of the project is immense. We actually do have timelines and checklists to work from, and Source has established a final point that we are working toward. This progress is not random or sporadic; we have specific parameters we are working within.

But it seems that way to you because of the complexity of what we are working with. You on Earth still have a linear perception of a sequence of events leading to an end result. The process we are working with is more like creating a mosaic of thousands of fragments that all have to be in place before the picture is completed.

I tell you to look for balance and be conscious of how you all relate to each other. What appears to be reality is your interpretation of the interplay between energy streams. Each person views his or her situation through their own perspectives. It is finally you that defines what you see. Your sense of definition is refined by experience and affirmation from Christ Michael Aton that what you perceive is, in fact, what is true. Once you have this awareness, then you create yourself with assurance to shape your existence. When you shape your circumstances with awareness, you connect energy streams with balance and harmony.

I won’t tell you a schedule since the progress is made through a myriad of changes that seemingly aren’t related. However, the nearness to the finish is indicated by the ever increasing revelations and physical turmoil. These occurrences are related. The energy released by one affects the stability of the other. The imbalance that results triggers further shifting in other places or in other ways. Be aware that many levels of concerns are being watched, and many elements of resolution and closure are happening. Prepare for a break through when you least expect it.  As we have told you many times, the end will come like a thief in the night. You won’t know until it happens. Be ready to move into action when you must.


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