Esu says Examine the Facts Carefully


Esu, I think it is again time to start communicating more formally. If I’m your voice, it seems time to speak. I can use your guidance and direction.

Jess, this is Esu. It is time to start, as you say. I have comments that I want to make to those who read your articles. I plan for this to become more in the future, but for now this will suffice.

It is time to wake up. The world is in a precarious state, caused by many factors that are largely related to man’s inability to see his reality. He does not think anymore. He accepts direction from those who are not fit to lead. He truly has become the “sheeple” he is categorized as.

This inability to think has led to environmental chaos and a lack of personal will and determination. No experience with preliminary evaluation leads only to spontaneous choices based on conditioned feelings. The outcomes of these ill-considered choices are not analyzed, and the parameters involved are not weighed. Bad decisions go to worse complications and eventually to no options being available.

Children are no longer taught to examine possibilities. Opinions are not discussed, and alternatives are not considered. A prescribed conviction is linked to an emotional reaction before it is even determined. Reactions are programmed beforehand, not the result of a person’s experience with the decision.

Adults are force-fed beliefs and, as a result, their present-day choices are not grounded in spiritual or experiential examples. Moral precepts are ignored. Aesthetic parameters are no longer factors in decision making. Any consideration of others is nonexistent.

Your governments worldwide are no longer representative of the people they serve. Power and control determine policies. Selfish interests are forced on the public by economic factors with dictated limits to movement. Lockdowns are familiar tools to deprive the populace of authority, limiting its ability to examine. Opinions and decisions are directed by the partial information presented.

While seemingly bad, this setup can work two ways, depending on who has control. If the so-called cabal has power, then hardships become tools for the cabal’s personal advancement. If the so-called white hats have power, the lockdowns can serve as a useful means to distract from the necessary changes. Ironically, in that situation, hardships can be beneficial. To see which is the case, people must examine their situations and determine if they will endure them for positive reasons. This involves examining the complete reality as presented and making informed decisions as to what is helpful, not just accepting what they have been told to accept.

The time is coming soon when hardships will be imposed. They will appear to be the result of societal chaos. In truth, they will be situations triggered by the forces of change using chaos as a distraction. Examine the facts carefully.  Then prepare and believe that the difficulties are creating positive results.


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