Esu on Man’s Role


Esu, shall we start?

Jess, let’s begin. I want to speak on several topics over the course of more than one message. This will be instructional and clarifying.

God is energy. Moving energy creates ideas. Ideas take shape as creation.

Each part of Creation is an extension of God’s idea for that portion. God empowers each extension with a spark of his creative energy. Man is an idea of God, as well, and his existence is also set in motion by God’s energy.

Because of the nature of his design, Man is not separate or disconnected. He is a part of God created to explore and learn. Man’s physical nature is integral to this exploration. God made man out of the same materials as the rest of his physical Creation with the idea of him examining this likeness and understanding his connection to it. By its design, Man’s body constantly interacts with his surroundings. His decisions are reactions to this synchronization.

The beauty of Man’s creation is that each individual is designed to react differently to his surroundings. Each individual has a separate personality with its own distinct link to God; no two individuals’ reactions are the same.

This function given to Man has been in place throughout his existence on Earth, but, over time, its purpose has been distorted. Whether through misinformation or lack of knowledge, Man has lost his awareness of a connection with his Creator. The nature of this link to God must be realized to be operational, and when Man lost this realization, he was easy to manipulate and exploit by those with an alternate intention. These new overlords created personal ideologies designed to direct Man’s behavior away from the original ideas of his Creator.

This has gone on long enough, and the Creator has decided to reclaim his Creation.

Man must now re-examine his way of life. Existence on this planet is unique, but man throughout history has sought to diminish its distinctiveness. He has ignored his environment and taken what he needed for selfish reasons. He has created personal visions without regard for their consequences; he has infringed upon the wishes of others for his own gratification.

Man’s critical thinking has become biased by incomplete perception. His paradigms are flawed in light of the truth of universal reality. His views of the workings of his world are inaccurate, and their constant repetition only adds to the body of accepted fallacies.

Those still with some conception of their link to the Creator will find themselves going through a change in existence. They will find out, in light of what is to come, that previously ingrained conceptions are wrong, that their comfortable understanding of what makes up the fabric of life is threadbare. Man will soon discover that his accustomed notions of cultural identify, financial stability, and religious belief have been misdirected.

How will this happen?


Let’s speak of the veil being lifted. This is a familiar phrase to describe the clarity that is coming to man. He is to be made aware of his place in the universe.

God’s energy is infusing Earth with a stream of insight. Man’s ideas will have new perspectives they will have to reconcile. It is much like those light bulb moments in cartoons where the main character has a realization of the truth of his situation. Man will see that his beliefs have been misguided and his previous conclusions determined in error. Man will find all his cultural parameters changed. He will know that new conclusions have to be made.

This new clarity will lead to uncertainty and trigger a reluctance to change. Man has been conditioned to accept lack of change as comfort, and he will find himself in a situation where his belief systems and personal assumptions have to be questioned. Religion is not the panacea it has been portrayed to be, nor is it a spiritually inspired pretext for anger or elitism. Political power structures will be seen to be driven more by ego and a desire for control. Their purpose is not providing spiritually true assistance or compassion.

Individual awareness is similarly misguided. Man has been taught a limited set of perceptions that allow others to manipulate his thinking and decision making. His ingrained lack of desire for seeking information has rendered him unable to distinguish spiritual truth from propaganda. Even if he has a notion of seeking to know more, he is still largely untrained in the process of finding the truth. The role of all who understand is to teach those who don’t.

The realization that God is present will open man’s eyes again.  Those willing to see will be enlightened. God is inside man, and once he recognizes that, man will understand his true role as an extension of his Creator. This is not a subservient position, but one of equality. Man is part of God, and his purpose is to act as God.

The role of physicality factors into this realization. More energy coming from God causes change. The frequency of energy movement is greater, and the demand on the physical manifestation housing the increased energy is more intense. The structure must adapt or break down. Adapting to new energy successfully demands preparation before it arrives.

Man’s physical nature is designed to interact with the waves of energy that surround it, and man’s brain registers the results of these reactions—whether the energy is assimilated and incorporated, or whether it is resisted. Resistance to increased energy levels results in a collapse of existing patterns. Men who don’t assimilate the higher energy levels will break down through what are known as diseases of various kinds, both physical and mental. Those individuals who manifest disease will not survive.

I say this to warn you that Earth will be changing soon. Man will have to adapt since his physical design is part of the created structure. He will inevitably change, but he will also understand why. His role will become clearer, and he will see that his decisions affect the changes that are happening.  Man also will begin to recognize that his initiating change involves accepting responsibility for the new paradigms he is creating. Once the veil has lifted on his purpose, man will see that by being part of God, he is also co-creator.



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