Esu Gives an Update


Esu, I think it is time for guidance and insight in a more formal way. I ask what is the status of what is happening to us, and how best to prepare and react. I ask for clarity and focus and redirection, if necessary. Speak of what is to come.

Jess, I have been waiting for you to decide to contact me. Many things are happening and much is taking place that you should know about. You have been preparing yourself for what is to come in the best way you know how. You have been engaging in activities that have grounded you and have created awareness in others by your example and presence. You can’t anticipate the reactions of others, nor can you control them. You must behave in a way that honors yourself and influence others’ behaviors by your own results.

Let’s speak of the upcoming events—for they truly are happening. The timeframe we are following is the one that is formed by the shifts in Earth’s energy through its magnetosphere. This connecting “skin,” to use that image, is frayed and unraveling, as we communicate. I honestly don’t see this lasting more than another month, your time. I don’t like to make “predictions,” but this seems on the verge of happening at any moment. We are guiding it, as best we can, with bursts of power to sustain a slower release of existing polarity. This allows Earth to put on additional brakes as it lets go of previous magnetic connections. The speed of this letting go is slowed down by galactic assistance, although the stages of its progress are determined solely by the Earth system it expresses.

The timing of what is to come is what you have heard these last few years: we intend to wait now until the magnetosphere lets go completely. Normally this would trigger massive upheavals and a prolonged period of reversal of polarity. The planet’s geophysical system has to remove the built up stress at faults and lands masses. These stresses, unfortunately, are located at some of the most densely populated centers. This is the Pacific “ring of fire” and the places in the Atlantic Caribbean that lie closest to the Atlantic ridge. The danger there is the tsunami effects that can occur on the East Coast. We are trying to moderate these slippages and prevent the worst disasters from happening by evening out the stress levels through magnetic manipulation and energy input into buffer zones.

The letting go of the magnetic poles will result in climactic changes and disorientation as to the flow of solar energy. Existing electric circuitry will short circuit and cease to function as inhabitants expect. There will still be polarity once it reverses, but there will be a massive need to reorient all operations based on magnetic forces and assumed polarity.

Stasis will be the time to sort out our needs and make plans how this will function. I anticipate you are right to think that Earth will be less problematic than now, although still not understanding the fullness of what is happening. We are helping the most negatively influential and disruptive inhabitants to leave. This will create a more positive perception of the Universal laws that will be integrated into cultural thinking. The political chaos and financial machinations will be stopped and replaced with workable examples of sustainable communities. These individual pockets of culture will determine the ways the larger groups react on a national and international scale.

There is more to speak of, but let’s stop for now.


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