Esu Comments on the Magnetic Pole Reversal

These comments from Esu were received originally in 2009. In the years since, plans for Earth changed and another option was considered more workable. This alternative is now considered unnecessary, and the earlier plan to move into stasis after evacuation and magnetic pole reversal is again preferred. I decided it would be useful to re-post Esu’s earlier discussion of what has once again become the game plan.


[Esu talked to me this morning about the upcoming events, but I wanted to do some research before I posted his comments to better understand what he was saying.

It is really helpful to Google “magnetic pole reversals” and read what is currently out there. There have been many pole reversals in Earth’s history, the last one estimated at 780,000 years ago. Many scientists feel a magnetic reversal is due, so the concept here is not a surprise in the scientific community.

I found there is a difference between the magnetic north pole and the geomagnetic North Pole. The latter one is the top point of the globe where the rotational axis passes. The magnetic north pole is the portion of the magnetic flow that points to the geomagnetic North Pole. Since opposites attract, its polarity is, in fact, south. The two poles only approximately line up, and the magnetic one wanders all over the place. It is interesting to know that the sun flips its magnetic poles every 7-15 years connected with increase sun spot activity.

Scientists don’t know the affect a magnetic reversal would have on Earth, but they suspect it is not devastating. The problems come from the prolonged time a reversal normally takes–over a thousand years. This obviously is what Christ Michael wants to avoid. The weakening of the magnetic field seems to be a prelude to a pole flip, and this has been going on for a while. The Earth’s magnetism is generated by the dynamo effect of the hot inner core rotating faster than its surrounding, cooler outer core. The strongest waves go geographically north and south.

The situation with the Earth’s erratic rotation is a different issue than the magnetic reversal. It does seem to be weakening the magnetic field and breaking up the direction of the magnetic flow by causing disruptions in the heating of the inner core. It would seem reasonable to suspect that increased energy from the sun and Jupiter would also be triggering instability on the surface.]

Esu, I ask today for clarification and guidance. What is happening with Earth and with stasis? What can we probably expect, and what should we do to prepare? Speak about how the decision is made to prioritize Earth’s needs. Speak about events that most likely will occur, including before and during stasis. I thank you for communicating with me.

Let’s speak of what is to come. Earth is becoming erratic in its rotation. The axis position is moving constantly, causing what you have termed a wobble in its rotation. Celestial bodies appear in different places than they are scheduled to be, and their positions are shifted because of the position of Earth’s tilt in relation to them. The more serious problem, in your terms, is the need to reverse the direction of the Earth’s rotation. This is necessary to re-spin the top, as it were, and keep Earth rotating at a fresh and stable angle. This action is not a unique event in terms of planetary movements; it happens to all planets as they reach the end of one cycle and need to begin another. This action was always planned to happen during the period you are calling stasis. That action in itself was the anomaly. Planets normally reverse their course naturally to begin the process of restructuring themselves with no assistance or extra consideration of the life forms that exist there at that time.

People on Earth have developed an awareness of the need for change, although most don’t understand what that literally entails. The awareness has caused a decision to be made to assist the inhabitants to undertake the process of shifting to a new phase of existence. This was not the sole decision of Christ Michael Aton. This was the decision of a council representing those who create universes as an expression of the intent of the Creator Source. The construction of all local universes such as Nebadon is overseen by the beings that design the elements that make a universe possible. In creating Nebadon, Christ Michael acted in accordance with their guidance, although he initiated the idea for the unique structure his universe took. His idea was approved was an extension of the Creator Source, and his plans were coordinated by those who make universes possible.

To put the creation of Nebadon into more context, the overseers in the Central Race in Havona that manifested the creation of the seventh superuniverse of Orvonton as a representation of the three- person Trinity set in motion the process that allowed Christ Michael Aton to explore the issues of choice and co-creation that characterize the nature of Nebadon.  The universe builders shaped this concept into a physical form that would embody the concept. Earth was developed as a seed planet within the periphery of the organized systems and energy sources. It was intended to be a special laboratory for trial and experimentation that would benefit the rest of the Nebadon structure.  Earth was not created first, but it developed later as the need for more complex experimentation became manifest.

Earth was taken over and then put into quarantine. The direct nourishment that alignment with universal truth will bring was stopped to allow these new issues of rejection to work themselves out. These ideas were at odds with the most direct progression Earth would normally take. By that I mean Earth had to compromise her natural tendencies to accommodate ideas that were imposed from beyond her system. Earth was flexible to a remarkable extent, but the strength of the resistance to Christ Michael’s concept exhausted her resources and brought her to the shape she is in today. Much as a physical person would be in your experience, she is unwilling to continue to accommodate the foreign elements and seeks to throw them off in the only way she can naturally.  This process has been monitored and assisted for several years, always attempting to accommodate the needs of the inhabitants at the same time Earth’s most crucial needs were addressed. The resources of Earth are used up, at this point, and a change is mandatory to continue to preserve the planet. This limit has been known and has been a consideration in all the sequence of deadlines and delays that have been decided. The last decision was to interfere with Earth’s progression no longer and allow her to take the traditional course for change by reversing the magnetic polarity caused by the sun’s interaction with Earth’s rotation.

This reversal is typically caused by a slowing down of the speed of the rotation, which allows the direction of the polarity to be drawn in another direction. Stopping the rotation leads to a pause in the sun’s apparent movement that is caused by the stopped rotation. The Earth is a ball, of sorts, and stopping it from spinning while it orbits around the sun will cause one part to be dark and one part to be in the light until it begins rotating again. This resumption of spinning in a reverse direction will reverse Earth’s magnetic orientation to the sun.  The geographic north pole of the Earth’s axis will remain positioned as it is, but the direction of the magnetic current will flow towards the South Pole.

This shift and magnetic reversal was always scheduled to happen during the period you call stasis. This is part of the assistance we are giving you to allow Earth to make her transition with her inhabitants intact, for the most part. This assistance will set the stage for the transformations you hear described in other channelings. It will clear the playing field to allow you to build communities that are sustainable, with resources that are more compatible with a more direct spiritual connection to the universe you are part of.  Earth’s fear of access and contact with galactic forces will be replaced with verified awareness and a certainty of beneficial assistance. The planet will house a more sustainable level of inhabitants. There is no way to ignore the fact, however, that the Earth’s revitalized resources would be strained in the future by the excess of demands placed on her at the present time.  Those who have served their purpose by incarnating here will leave. Those who have chosen to ascend with the planet will stay to help with the process.

The time of stasis is here, it is safe to say. Its beginning will be timed by the schedule Earth takes in her transition. When the sun stops moving, it will be time to prepare for stasis being set in motion. Christ Michael Aton wants to delay its start until Earth’s inhabitants see physical evidence that is beyond the scope of man to contrive. Only then will they be convinced and open to guidance to new interpretations. No other method has worked up to this point. The deadline given at the first of this year was the confirmation that told the universe builders to let Earth go her own way.

Sananda Esu Immanuel

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