Esu Speaks on New Beginnings Easter 2010

Esu, you said you have things to comment on in this time of confusion and closure. Speak through me to address issues you want to discuss. Speak if you will of what is coming soon and what can come in the future.

Jess, let’s speak. I have several topics I want to address today. I won’t have time or space to deal with them all in depth, but I will touch upon some ideas I want everyone to think about. These are preparations, as well as practices that should be instituted in your ongoing existence.

The first of these is to imagine that all the inhabitants of Earth are your relatives. Each person you see—however antagonistic or disgusting, or attractive or familiar—is connected to you. You must realize that each choice you make in determining your behavior should be based on an awareness that you are interacting with an extension of Christ Michael. The other person may not know this, or may not choose to behave in a way that acknowledges this.  But you know that all creation is from Christ Michael. You are no different in value than they. You may be more aware of your connection, but that means you are even more responsible for the choices you make because of the awareness.

When you criticize, you are only pointing out beliefs in yourself that cannot accommodate the other behavior.  What is this judgment saying about you? The other person’s behavior has triggered a reaction, perhaps by your own provocation. Why is this behavior a conflict? Why is the other person’s action a problem for you? Why do you feel the need to condemn the other person as inferior to you?

You can’t determine anyone’s attitudes and behavior but your own.  The choices you make must be based on Christ Michael’s truths; only then is your behavior in alignment. This is your goal. Once you are in alignment with Christ Michael, your fears or ego doesn’t act as a block or weapon. You attitudes and choices then provide balance for you.  You don’t want to antagonize. You don’t fear another’s choices.  You interact with other people in a way that allows you continually to find alignment with Christ Michael.

I say this now because you will be experiencing upheaval and turmoil in your existence. You will be experiencing disaster.  You will be dealing with anger and intimidation. You must be balanced and accommodating. You must be compassionate and strong for others who will rely on you to solve their problems. You must not be fearful or uncertain. You must not be overwhelmed by emotional reactions that are programmed in from past experiences.  You must look at the situations objectively as necessary to continue Earth’s ascension. Man will be in conflict with natural processes because he has ignored the requirement to be in alignment with his surroundings. Even so, they too are part of Christ Michael and are equally important.

Stasis will be a period of cleaning house, as it were. Earth must be allowed to find a balance, and much that is an impediment will be removed. The balance of the land and the sea must be leveled again to allow the planet to position itself with the most appropriate axis to absorb incoming energies. This means that land masses must shift to achieve the necessary ratio of surface to water to support the frequency of energy coming from the Photon Belt and Jupiter, the new second sun.

The question remains whether it is best to have man begin to experience this before stasis begins, or to have these changes be a surprise to those that will be staying on Earth to rebuild a sustainable global society.  Will man be strong enough to cope with catastrophes worse than anything he has seen before? Will man be able to sublimate the experiences into an objectivity that allows him to comfort as well as take charge?

A second issue involves restructuring man’s system of beliefs into an accurate portrayal of his relationship with his creator and the universe he inhabits. Man’s religious systems are all flawed, taking given truths and twisting them into control and political advantage over other men. Religion in the world today is built on guilt and penalties for conducts that are unfavorable to those determining dogma and creeds. Man is made to behave in a certain way because of an instilled fear of condemnation and suffering. Religious rules are no longer based on the universal truths designed by Christ Michael as the structure of Nebadon. In contrast to what is taught in churches today, behaviors and attitudes should be embodiments of creation.

As part of man’s re-thinking of his behavior to his fellow men, he will also need to reassess his relationship to the creation he is a part of. In order to be aligned with Christ Michael, each inhabitant has to understand how the universe is an embodiment of the creator’s ideas and will.  He must recognize that his own individual choices and behaviors must be coordinated with the ongoing activities of his surroundings.  Each individual is distinct, but each separate person must also be aware of a larger whole that forms the creation he is part of.

Religious beliefs and the creeds that codify them must change. Religious practices must be in alignment with Christ Michael. To continue with the ascension of Earth, man will have to become balanced and integrated with everything in existence here. He cannot cling to ideas or behaviors that stem from a conflict with Christ Michael’s vision. The house cleaning that is stasis will ensure the structure for these behaviors is put in place.

Man will have the task of taking a cleaned up world and working with it to develop behaviors and practices that are interactive and in alignment with Christ Michael’s intentions. His vision created this world, and his intention now is to bring this vision its next level of achievement. This will not be done overnight, and it will not be particularly easy by man’s current ways of thinking. However, ease is a relative term, and man’s nature has always been to adapt to the circumstances he is in with objectivity and acceptance.

Many of the conveniences you have now will not be operational in the same way. There will be sufficient resources, however, to accomplish everything you wish to accomplish. New technologies will assist, and necessary supplies will be available.  A reliable energy system will be accessible, and communications will continue to be a paramount goal. The Internet as you know it will be operational, and forums for discussion will be maintained. Information resources will be archived and preserved, and man will continue to stay in touch globally.

In addition to preserving much of your current existence, the galactic forces will bring direct assistance to your efforts. Their guidance will suggest ways to restructure your communities and belief systems. Their example alone will cause a reassessment of your understanding of the cosmos and make it impossible for old perceptions to determine choices and reactions. Man’s consciousness will be broadened, and he will have to adapt to what is obvious.

To help man accommodate, galactic workers such as me and you will steer their thinking into new directions that take their new existence into account. Beliefs will change and knowledge of science will be restructured. New schools will develop to explore these new concepts. New inventions and new approaches will be influenced by the new surroundings. This will be inevitable. It will not be immediate, but it will be progressive. There is no time frame put on this, however, because it will be viewed as continually working to a higher goal within a culture that has ascended to another level of awareness.

These schools will provide the backbone of new cultural systems. New behaviors will be interactive and compassionate in agreement with Christ Michael’s intentions. Man will grow and develop. His range and potential will expand exponentially. His awareness of his role in Christ Michael’s universe will become clearer and more familiar each day.

On this day of Easter new beginnings, I leave you with these words.

Esu Immanuel

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