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Information from other guides besides Esu.

Earth Evacuation

This video is a complilation of several sources of information. It provides the latest warning about what is coming soon.  Esu requested we hit every forum you can get on with material about the upcoming evacuation–what  we wish to post in our own words. When the sun doesn’t set, the magnetic reversal will begin and the planet will be evacuated by fleet.

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Siraya Speaks on Man’s Role in the Universe

Siraya, I would like some additional comments from you. Please explain to me the lines of authority and the extent that universal decisions can be modified. I have an understanding of the enormity of the process going on, and realize it is more complicated than just pausing existence. Speak to that, if you will. Speak to our involvement and our achievements at whatever level Orvonton perceives them to be.

Jess, I’m speaking to you from far away, to your way of thinking on Earth, yet we are as close as your thoughts. We are intimately involved with what you do on Earth because we have determined the template of your DNA and your human attributes as they are manifested in your universe and on your planet Urantia. You are an extension of us. Your physical frame is a reflection of the concept we gave you. The concept of fully Trinitized form represented in this superuniverse is passed from us to you as your embodiment.

How can you say we are not intimately involved? You are using the guise that is necessary for existence on your planet in your universe. Your choice to experience these parameters dictated the manifestation your energy would take. We selected the spirits that would make the attempt to exist on your planet. Christ Michael Aton created the forms that became your bodies, but we passed the spark of life to you from Creator Source through Christ Michael’s spiritual counterpart Nebadonia. We are linked to each of you and know intimately how you live our lives here.

The Creator Source has decided Earth will ascend to a higher level of energy and spiritual alignment. This is definite and the process whereby this is obtained is the only variable. In the case of Urantia, the paradigm for existence is so threadbare and toxic that assistance is necessary to allow this planet to meet the natural evolution taking place in other planets in your immediate solar system. An unimaginable process of growth and perfecting is at work currently in all the planets-not just Urantia. This is necessary to set up the frequency of formal energy that will be able to meet and incorporate the so-called Wave of creative transformation that Creator Source has authorized for this sector of creation. The immense wave of energy is moving into place. In order to accommodate this energy fully, galactic forces have been moving your solar system into a better position. This was a calculated move to have fullest healing energy connect with your ailing planet.

These decisions were made on a higher level than Nebadon, although Christ Michael Aton was always present at these discussions. He was given the assignment, as it were, of implementing Creator Source’s choice. Since he is linked to Creator Source as his embodiment in Christ Michael Aton’s own created Universe of Nebadon, the decision can be said also to be Christ Michael Aton’s. Within his Universe, Christ Michael Aton has free range to select how this process will take place. However, we are not separated from you, and we are similarly experiencing the discoveries that are taking place as situations are explored and then improved. We observe, but also participate. It is an aspect of creation.

The process of ascension is vast and all-encompassing for everything that is part of the created form. The scope of what is proceeding is beyond your imagining at this time. Earth’s transformation is only one part of the complex picture. Given the complexity shown in the process on Earth, you can sense in a way the immensity of what is occurring in this part of your universe. This is all being monitored and coordinated by Christ Michael Aton and his galactic forces. Your involvement is just as significant for the final result, but it is not the only set of actions that must be carried through.

You asked about your role in this ascension. Man’s role is crucial at this point because Creator Source and Christ Michael have determined that some inhabitants of Urantia will stay and continue working to find greater spiritual truth in their form of incarnation. As has been said before, cleaning a planet typically involves allowing it to collapse in on itself and rebuild in a slow, coordinated process. Because Urantia was a bestowal planet for your Michael, and because it can restore its function as an experimental laboratory for its inhabitants, an exception was made. There was enough cry for change-however uninformed-after the events you call 9/11. Enough people were of like mind globally to cause a re-thinking of the previous plans to evacuate and let the planet restore itself.

Words and commentaries have been transmitted through various means, but their direct effect was not substantial enough to cause a change in man’s thinking. The unimaginable act that brought down the twin towers became a trigger to shift the thinking and resolve of enough inhabitants. Man called for change in one voice. The energy of the immediate reaction was sufficient to cause a shift in the attention paid to man as a spiritual being. The possibility of having man be part of the ascension process was broached, and the decision was made to change the parameters of the reconfiguration of Urantia to include the participation of man.

Man’s awareness has grown, and his understanding of the complexity of the ascension process has been nurtured through a range of messengers and by examples of cultural assumptions falling apart. The underpinnings of current lifestyles are being shown to be pointless and not in accord with the universal spiritual truths that have formed the templates and building blocks of your planet and its solar system.

Man-at least a satisfactory majority of Urantia’s inhabitants-has begun searching for a way out. Established educational and religious preconceptions color the types of salvation inhabitants are searching for, but they are looking, nonetheless. This is the corps of Urantia’s population that will be returning to rebuild their global civilization once she is ready to receive them again.

Man will remember the past when he returns, but he will also realize he must change his thinking to align his ideas and activities to the fundamentally different spiritual path that will be introduced. The role of teacher and the task of providing visible examples of spiritual integrity and responsibility will be the function of the so-called lightworkers who have returned. Those with a greater understanding and sense of spiritual alignment with Creator Source and Christ Michael will lead others to the point of view they have developed. The teaching will be enlightening, and the end result will be the beginning of the sort of spiritually unified civilization that Urantia must have to continue her ascent.

This will be new but also remembered. Urantia’s inhabitants have experienced these type of cultural situations before, but their immediate memory has been blocked to allow them as volunteers to explore and create from their discoveries. Much has gone awry from the blue print Christ Michael Aton developed for his Universe of Nebadon. His seventh bestowal planet has become so toxic it is almost too damaged to save. Certainly not with the experimental process that is ongoing now. The long checklist Christ Michael Aton is working from has many unknowns and unpredictable results because of the uniqueness of what he is undertaking. There is a correlation to man’s concept of time, so that man is able to make his behaviors correspond to what is in process. Christ Michael Aton is working within the parameters Urantia’s inhabitants have developed to measure their existence. But the process remains in flux, even so, always being reshaped to accommodate man’s efforts or challenges. The schedule of events is not written down; the only constant is the fact that Creator Source has determined ascension will take place on Urantia with man as part of its game plan.

As so it is near. Most of the checklist items have been resolved or implemented. Much is going on behind the public façade broadcast by the news agencies. Man should be preparing for this amazing change as best he can–resolving personal issues that block spiritual alignment and providing living examples of the type of compassion and responsibility that will make up new ascension communities.

The process of change is already ongoing, and the final moments of your old style of existence are here. Look for this to be resolved at any moment.


Siraya Speaks on Man’s Spiritual History

Siraya, do you have comments? A bigger overview is good. I want to step back and see events with more context.

Jess, I speak with authority and comprehension.

Much emphasis is being placed on the ramifications of a single reported event. This is not an insignificant action. The brothers that have reconciled [Enki and Enlil] shaped the development of your planet. They and their family created the physical nature of your residence and, in fact, created the physical nature you are using to identify and single out yourself. Their history and their choices influenced your options and your incarnation.

This has been perhaps the most influential agent that man has dealt with in shaping his life on Earth, and it was influence that was caused by accident. You must realize that a universe—even a small one—is vast. The Michael that creates the shape and purpose of a universe is represented by the structure of his creation, but he must let it choose its direction toward that purpose. He determines the plans the creation manifests, and he starts the sequence of causes and effects that give his creation its shape based on his ideas and parameters. The universe determines the way it embodies the Michael’s ideas. The Michael is observant, but detached from the actual choosing. Once a choice is made, it must be resolved. The process can be interrupted, but the sense of incompletion remains.

You have some history of this interruption that became your physicality. Most stories told are only partially accurate. The reasons for the interruption of your life development were complex but ultimately self-serving and inconsiderate. The galactic wars that preceded this interaction were immensely destructive—so much so that they caused a paradigm shift in the intentions of this universe. The rupture necessitated new solutions to allow healing and regrowth in both the spiritual and physical dimensions.

Many groups involved in the struggle were focused on their own survival. They had no awareness of a larger picture of intention and cooperation. They were nevertheless agents in the working out of the new structure that presented itself to the Creator. They made decisions, and their choices became manifested in actions that set in motion sequences of events that were unplanned. This became yet another template for learning and experiencing even though it was not initially envisioned so. These choices, after all, were only some of the infinite series of options for a concrete expression of the Creator’s reality.

Many groups interacted with your developing civilization, and they each left aspects of their nature in the physical embodiment you developed. The Anunnaki were only one such family, but their impact has had a most profound effect on your sense of cultural identity. They stumbled upon your planet, in a sense, and realized its potential for satisfying their own needs. Their goal was not Christ Michael Aton’s intention, but once they began their mission, the decisions they made to control and modify the Earth were unstoppable. Earth’s paradigm had shifted. Their technology was so much beyond what Earth inhabitants had developed they became gods and people worshiped them.

The perspectives of the Anunnaki, and the examples of their behavior and interrelationships, distorted the intended development of man’s spiritual and physical nature. Spiritual development is a slow process, and the ongoing growth being observed by the Creator was interrupted before it could reach much maturity. Man had much potential, but his immature perceptions were channeled in another direction to serve the interests of his conquerors. Man’s developing spiritual parameters had little context to continue to grow as begun. His perceptions and thoughts were re-focused on a more utilitarian existence that served the interests of the Anunnaki.

Your planet had had many thousands of years of inhabitants before the arrival of the Anunnaki, and some groups had achieved higher levels of cultural development than others. Almost no physical remnants of those cultures have survived today. When they came to your planet, the Anunnaki were searching for specific elements that were missing on their own planet. The settlements they established in what became your Africa exploited the inhabitants for their own purposes.

You have heard the stories of the Anunnaki mining operations and their attempts to modify the physical capacity of the workers. More significant was the influence the overlords had on man’s cultural perceptions. Their presence and their dominance changed the intellectual paradigms of the cultures they controlled. They brought the idea of subservience and blind allegiance to man. Their example of control distorted man’s spiritual conceptions. God could be fickle, they taught. God could be vengeful. God could punish for selfish reasons. Man copied the examples of his gods and learned to be warlike and self-serving.

This spiritual reshaping was the most significant contribution of the Anunnaki. The religious concepts that developed from their influence continue to shape man’s sense of his relationship with other men. Wars can be fought for religion. One culture is spiritually better than another because they are in control. No matter what embodiments cultural groupings ultimately developed, their spiritual perceptions had been blunted by the example of the Anunnaki control.

This interference has had a global influence, shaping everything that man’s development has pursued. Political priorities are given religious approval. Economic dominance and ruin is valid and desired. Personal satisfaction is more important than compassion and consideration of others. All the dominant religious systems and beliefs in place now truly have been seeded by elements of the Anunnaki’s need for absolute control.

Man’s Creator has continually been allowing spiritual guidance through incarnated teachers and examples man has created to exemplify the ideas that have been ignored or forgotten. Some were the Anunnaki themselves. Others came from higher spiritual realms to attempt to lift man up again. Man’s spiritual history has recorded these helpers, but often their importance has been recognized by only a few. These few have developed spiritual streams of their own, and this countering sense of reawakened awareness has shifted the spiritual paradigm on Earth again and again. This is happening once more at this time.

You must remember that everything is influenced by everything else. What man is now is the result of his past. Once energy is set in motion it continues moving, having an impact on everything it intersects. Each action has consequences on every similar situation, and every interaction reshapes the paradigms it comes in contact with. Each new situation that is the result requires new insights to make further decisions.

But these decisions don’t happen purely by random. The Creator’s predetermined end result governs the direction the flow takes. Spontaneity is conditioned by the reason for the decision in the first place. The beauty of creation is man’s ability to choose how the end result is reached, but he doesn’t determine the end result. Discernment plays a role, but it operates within the paradigms the Creator has provided for his Universe.

Only the Creator knows the complete purpose of his creation. Man can attempt to understand his intentions and align himself with these paradigms, but his perceptions are conditional, based on the extent of his alignment with his source. It is not man’s place to judge that one way is good and one bad, except within the context of his own perceptions. How can he alone determine that one opinion is better than another? No one can determine that but the Creator. It is man’s responsibility to ask what that determination is.


Esu, Aton, Siraya, and Creator Source All Speak on Inevitable Change

Comments today? I’m eager to hear what is appropriate for me to communicate.  A variety of sources are fine, if that is better.

Jess, there is a variety of speakers today. This is Esu first. I have much to say to prepare for what is to come. The time has arrived for closure and evolution. Many things we have told you in our various voices have come to fruition. We see a political chaos and a financial collapse ready to happen. We have taken charge of both situations and are now poised to make the pushes needed to topple the precarious balance.

I look at political crises in many countries, not just the United States—as you call it. Financial control is loosening, and the players the money has bought are being seen for what they truly are. The governmental decisions they have influenced are leading to the chaos that is boiling up. This instability will cause vast numbers of people affected by these decisions to recognize the true nature of their society and their lack of control over their lives. This powerlessness will become clearer as the days pass.

It will take a few strategic incidents to trigger this new awareness. These have to be so overwhelming at this point that the mindless public will see and understand. This conditioned state of mindlessness has been a tool developed by those seeking to control them. This control goes beyond what you can imagine. It is not just control of activities—although that is evident in the laws that regulate every action you take—but it is also control of perceptions and expectations.  The general public doesn’t complain because it no longer feels it can.

Once the public’s eyes begin to open, it will find an innate sense of personal responsibility that has been blunted and covered over until now. This is part of the role I will take as this enlightenment starts. I am designated as the coordinator to bring a new perception.  My task merges with that of others to steer the direction the ascension will take. Other coordinators are tasked with evaluating the results of chosen actions on Earth. Others still are in a position to make decisions as a result of these evaluations. Closure must happen to end the actions that have led up to this point. The Creator Source you refer to as God the Father has always had an end point determined for this phase of Earth’s ascension, and the nature of the process getting to that point must be finished out.

Man has had the freedom to choose how he has pursued this end point, and his decisions play into the shape this wrapping up embodies. The level of complexity of this closure, in truth, is evidence of the level of intelligence that has been involved with man’s blind incarnation on Earth. He was tasked with finding a way back to his creator without the direct guidance normally provided. It has led to immense difficulties, but also amazing growth and maturity. This has been a testing ground for a most difficult scenario, and man has caused the unexpected to take place. He has forced those coordinating the ascension process to modify normal parameters and create a way for him to continue on Earth as an active participant. This is new and without precedent, and the process has now become a collaborative involvement that includes both man and those from higher dimensions. The parameters are untested and the uncertainty of the steps has led to this sense of flexibility in reaching the end goal.

The bigger picture was always in place, however, to use your phrase. The time for closure and ascension is part of a larger template that involves much more of your universe than just Earth. This is the point that the Creator Source determined would end one phase and begin another.  The changes on Earth are part of a vast interconnected shift that brings this section of the universe more in line with the spiritual light of the Paradise Trinity. The unimagined changes that will take place on Earth are only a miniscule portion of the immense changes taking place throughout your portion of creation. This is all to bring you into a stronger unity with your universe and your creator as spiritual beings.


I am Aton, your Christ Michael. That title means I envisioned your world and your universe, and I created you to embody my idea of spiritual experience. I shaped you with physical natures of various sorts to explore and learn. I use all of you to learn for me. I am the creative energy you extend, and Nebadonia gives you the spiritual insight to know how to use it. You all are extensions of me in the sense that arms and hands explore for the body and the brain. I experience through you. My desire is that you remember this connection. Earth has been special to me as the site of my own physical experience. I look at this part of my creation as a special jewel that has become tarnished almost beyond recognition.  I want to reclaim that pristine beauty as part of the vast evolution that is taking place.

To that end I am intervening again to be involved with the direction my planet goes. I have taken many steps to reach the point we are at now. I have allowed the initiatives man has begun to reach their inevitable conclusions, and one by one I have allowed my forces to take charge of the processes. We have control over the decisions now, and no new directives will be ordered that are not in alignment with my wishes.

The public’s perception is only of the desperate struggles that are taking place to retain control. These struggles are now useless.  Much will be revealed and explained as man begins to take back his responsibility. This is happening now.


I am Siraya. I speak again as I have before to Jess as a link with his spiritual purpose. I express the ideas of the Creator Source to his universe of Orvonton, and I say that this process is unstoppable.  The distinctive form this evolution takes on Earth is shaped by those who have worked on preparing the way for this to happen.  Man on Earth has an innate sense of what is true, and this is pointed out to him by the means he has come to cherish as embodiments of the truth.  Man will recognize what is in alignment with his creator through the aspects of his life that resonate with him. He will have an awareness of what is right and what provides spiritual nourishment. He will recognize the façade his existence has become to ignore this truth, and he will seek to remove the elements that prevent his alignment with his creator. He will experience the joy that this unity will bring. His existence on Earth will become the extension of Christ Michael Aton that it once was.


I am Creator Source as you call me, and I speak directly. I have determined that your existence on Earth is ready to take its next step. This is one of an unlimited sequence you will take. I view the process and know how it will evolve. I have created those to make this happen. Many levels of connection and coordination, all being parts of my creation. You are my vision. My vision is for joy.

Christ Michael Aton Comments on Reality and Creation

I think it’s time to listen for comments. I am open to whoever wishes to speak.

Jess, this is Christ Michael, as you call me. I am in you, so it is not hard for me to speak whenever I feel the necessity. The mystery surrounding hearing messages and comments from your guides is not as complicated as people believe. It is a matter of clearing your mind of thoughts that clutter your focus and then being open to hearing what we have to say. Anyone can do this if they let themselves. Think on that statement. My availability is constant; it is only the uncertainty of the listener that creates the barrier.

You have been preoccupied with activities that have enriched your personal life and your view of yourself. This is a good thing. I experience the joy you have when you accomplish a task you have given yourself. I also feel the disappointment or the frustration you experience when your envisioned outcome is not achieved.  Your perceptions on your actions and on yourself are factors that color your willingness to accept the end result as a creation. You feel failure when measured by your imagined standards, when you should regard the end result as an amazing achievement. You have formed an idea that connected with your physical surroundings. This is creation, make no mistake about it.

I understand your sense of restlessness in the face of what seems like ever-continuing delays.  Be assured there is a definite end goal that is determined. This will not be prevented. However, the process of getting to that point is always in flux because what you think is a one solid reality is in actuality a vast arrangement of choices that determine what reality is. Reality is a sequence of choices that connect from the beginning idea to the completed product. Once the end product is reached, man tends to look at the sequence as the only path to the result. This is not the case. There are as many sequences to results as there are individuals making choices. No two individual choices are exactly the same. All are factored by the individual’s personality, the parameters defining the choice options, and the perception of how best to proceed.  No sequence of choices is better than another, in terms of the nature of one choice being superior to another; all are part of my experiences through individuals. However, for man, the nature of the end result does color the decisions along the way. Some sequences are deemed less aligned just because of the nature of the end result. The process itself is not flawed-only the ability to discern the most spiritual sequence in terms of remaining as closely aligned to my truth as possible.

Alignment with me comes in as many colors as the natures of the individuals seeking to be aligned. I am all of my creation, and the aspects of my creation reflect back on me. Some aspects shine more than others, as you know.  Even so, I don’t condemn those who are darkest in their reflection of my light. You perceive me as disappointed, frustrated, and out of patience with the inability of the so-called dark to see the truth. Remember I still love them.  All you understand is factored by your discernment and past experiences; your characterizations of my feelings are extensions of your own emotional reactions. You perceive me in the likeness of you, and you have me reacting the way you choose for yourself based on your memories and perceptions. I am this to you, but I am much more. Your task is to view me beyond your individual limitations.

Many refuse to do this. This blindness to the light has caused the disastrous state your world is in. The free choices man has made on your planet have led to unimaginable problems-all  because man has refused to ask my assistance. He has taken it upon himself to be the source of creation, not me. I am forgotten and ignored. Man doesn’t understand the limits of his understanding, and he blindly assumes he knows all. This myopic view has led him to create religions and political structures that compliment his misperceptions. It is a chain reaction of bad choices and tremendous mistakes, and the end products have created the chaotic situation you find yourself in at present. I created the means for this to happen, and I am stopping the possibility for it to continue. This is my right as creator. I love my creations, but I want them to function as perfectly as my original perception of their capabilities.

This is happening now. I am closing down the channels of misdirection and falsity. It is time for man to see clearly again and be able to make choices informed with my truth, not man’s untruth. I always envisioned an earth that was a beautiful extension of my love and will. The best way for others to perceive my vision is to recreate the experience through exploration and choices of outcomes. Man is created to mirror my intention. He won’t fully understand me until he aligns himself with me. This was my dream and my way of guiding my creation to that end result.

Earth has been a training ground and a laboratory of experience for man. I have experienced this life through my creations. I am in all and I experience all. Your judgment and selection of right or wrong has been your choice. I follow your thinking and your activities to observe your interpretation of your situation. If you ask for me to be with you, I am there. If you choose to ignore me, I observe as you take steps that are not in alignment with me.  I don’t punish as you assume. I watch man as he experiences his own feeling of guilt and sense of punishment. I offer my help even in the direst situations. Man chooses to accept it or not.

I want to move on to the next phase, at this point. I still love my creation and I always support it, but it is time to move it to a higher level of spiritual awareness. This is the decision of my creator. As an extension of the prime source, I experience my created universe for him, just as you are experiencing my universe for me. He has determined a change, and I am facilitating that.

Man is being given an opportunity to experience this change with me. My plans have determined a way for this to happen. This is at work now. I am resolving misunderstandings and creating a new template for man to experience new ideas. He has more to explore for me, just as I have more to explore for prime source.

Be ready for this to happen.

Christ Michael Aton

Monjoronson Speaks about his Mission Post Stasis

Jess, this is Monjoronson… I feel it is time to speak more specifically about what has happened to my magisterial mission.

I have spoken to you before. It has been a few years now, but I am aware of the direction Christ Michael Aton is taking his creation. You and your group have been very involved in shaping the direction this is going. You are working on the preliminary steps, while I am preparing the second phase that will involve sorting out claims and making judgments on past actions. My role is one of evaluating and guiding the direction your rebuilding will follow. My organization will oversee what is being planned and facilitated.

We already are doing preliminary work to establish parameters Earth will be measured by. This involves a clear interpretation of Christ Michael’s intentions for Earth. The planet’s role has been derailed and bastardized by those who sought to reject the Creator’s mandate for his creation.  Your role has been to help reorient the direction this evolution is taking. You lightworkers have been guiding those unaware though example and by teaching, in whatever form that takes. My task here has not been connected to what you have been working with. Only a few of you have focused on where my mission is taking me. This will be a more business-like activity than one of re-creating the ascended Earth. We will be determining how this past era of Earth’s life fits into the standards that were laid down before the inhabitants begin trying to fulfill them.  Most will fall short of the ideals possible, and my job is to judge those missteps accurately.

My role doesn’t involve much of what Christ Michael is currently involved with. He is finding closure for this phase of his planet’s life, and assisting Gaia to find her own ascension. The notion that the change will take place without a traditional sweeping house to remove all vestiges of the past is radical and untested. He is finding his way through a compromise situation and determining the absolute best course he can pursue. As you understand, this determination is complex and novel. Christ Michael changes his parameters constantly on a global and universal scale.

Your frustration with delays as you perceive them is an ingrained emotional response you have developed to allow you to inhabit this lower frequency existence. It feels that something is wrong because the sequence of events has upset your mental understanding of what makes rational sense to you. As lightworkers you must learn how to be balanced and flexible within this spiritual flux and find ways to express this fluidity to others who have a more focused, sequential perception.

I will be involved in your teaching later on, as well as helping Machiventa and Esu coordinate the progress of awakening that will occur after the stasis reconstruction is completed. I am here to coordinate the ascension, which means finding closure for the past and outlining the path for the future.

I am seeking new voices as I return to the Abundant Hope network. I have comments that compliment what Christ Michael Aton is doing, and it will be more productive to coordinate our messages on a more systematic basis. That is not to say I won’t develop my own network and organization, but it will be useful to me to connect with your group.

Christ Michael has his plan well formulated, and most elements are prepared, or about to be reached. I ask you to listen and work as you are guided. There will be more coming from me to you and to others.

With that I leave you today.


Christ Michael Aton Says “Curtain Up!”

I’m going to leave the table open to whoever wants to speak. I feel the need to convey something, but I don’t have specific issues or questions. I just sense there is something to talk about.

Jess, this is Christ Michael, as you call me. I have some things that it will be good for you to say beyond what you normally comment on. We are entering a time for you on Earth of impending change and drastic upheavals. The events you have anticipated are here. The defense Earth has provided has been transformed into a new game plan with her own restoration and revitalization the paramount issues. Change is occurring. You see some traces physically, but more choices are being made on man’s mental and spiritual levels.

Let me point out, first of all, that all of creation in this universe is my idea, and that I am experiencing my manifestation on Earth in the conflict that still is being pursued.  I am, in a sense, at war with myself. I want a resolution, and am taking steps to end this dispute.  I am by nature balanced and unified. My willingness to explore duality and free will has resulted in a long history of imbalance and division. The lessons in this state of being have been taught over and over, and no more possibilities exist in terms of alternate interpretations or resolutions.

I have experienced a wealth of new pursuits that have allowed me to learn options that have never been envisioned before. I understand much more about how this level of existence operates and have seen firsthand the problems that develop. I am involved in all, and I have a full awareness of everything that man has tried and experienced.  I am in man as he makes his decisions, and unfortunately, am disregarded too much of the time. My voice is ignored. It often is not even listened for. Man lives his life– and that is what I wished-but not at the level of disconnection he has grown to assume is normal.

The decision has been made to transform this level of confusion and struggle into one of focus and cooperation.  This edict has come from the Creator Source, as you call him. The time for this experiment is over. I have been allowed to examine the paradigms in my Universe until I have taken in all there is to know that is unique and creative. The Earth is part of a much larger cosmological mechanism that is moving to a new formation and purpose. The miraculous thing is man has been given the opportunity to witness much of this reformation.  This participation is new and unexamined within the universal dimension where you find yourself at present, and man has been blessed with the opportunity to be part of this.

We have spoken of responsibilities. Man has come to Earth to learn and experience. Your choice was to participate in a difficult existence that involved searching for your purpose without much clue where it was or even what it was. Man has been manipulated and misled because of his ignorance and naiveté. Others have taken control and used most of the inhabitants as objects to provide the things the controllers’ personal wishes desired. Man has been blind to his situation and only a glimmer of my essence was causing a sense of judgment and discernment. Not enough to cause an awakening.

We provided tools and guides to trigger some sense of dissatisfaction with current circumstances. Examples and demonstrations showed alternatives; guides and teachers indicated more productive methods to use for achieving more satisfying outcomes.

Man’s responsibility on Earth was to take what was available and use it to find the truth of his existence. He was charged with examining his life and finding a way to return it to its spiritual origins. Some did this; most did not.

I have now called an end to this experiment in this laboratory. Man has chosen his position at his basic level. He may still not be conscious of his choice, but he is being presented with an increasingly visible spectacle of treachery and gratification that he has cooperated with previously. His enlightenment is soon to be complete. Those who have intuited a problem will find it easier to realize the alternative direction they should head. Some others, who have ignored their misgivings, will find their future is a continuation of this attempt to have them realize the errors of their blindness.

Earth’s choice has been to wake up and ask for renewal and spiritual ascendancy. Much upheaval will have to happen to Earth’s current configuration to allow her changes to being in earnest.  This will cause chaos and geographic instability. The continental plates must move and realign themselves. The atmosphere surrounding Earth must be transformed. These changes must take place before Earth can move into a higher frequency of balance and freedom.

Let’s talk about your role in this. We have spoken of this service on many occasions. You came to Earth to help adjust the imbalance that had developed with those from off world influencing the conceptions of those who had chosen to experience life on Earth during the time you call the Atlantis epoch. Man was developing a sense of reasoning and an ability to evaluate the circumstances he was experiencing. This was necessary for him to learn as he became further detached from a direct link with spiritual truth.  His existence was becoming familiar and automatic; comfort and blind acceptance were taking away a need to hone his ability to discern.  This is much the same situation as now, unfortunately.

You came to show them a way to use their circumstances to reconnect with their forgotten inner understanding.  Situations became tools for examining their own personal preconceptions and reactions.  You created a system which used the best of their creations as templates for excellence. The products that have become known as art provided the most perfect creations. Their structure and the messages they communicated guided man to a higher level of spiritual insight. Art became the best guide to inner awareness and clarity.

Certain men were inspired to express this inner awareness in works that, in turn, influenced others.  Artists realized ways they could use external media to exemplify their own personal insight. Each was different and unique because they saw how to use their individual insights to manifest creations to express their individual realizations. Each person’s personal agenda was distinctive, just as were the creations that exemplified their unique perspectives.

Each creation found the energetic  vibrational pattern it needed to manifest. Let me explain that process more clearly. Man may perceive that he is a solid physical object, but this is a misconception. All creation is energy and light that moves at an infinite number of speeds from one point to another. A thought is a focus of particular energy streams that move in a specified direction. When this wave or burst of energy interacts with another energy focus, it synchronizes with the other and is understood through the nature of the interaction. The objectified thought acquires a resulting shape only to the extent the originator and the receiver can assimilate the interaction.  The effect of this reaction with intersected energy is understood by the thought originator only to the extent the observation can be measured by previous experiences.  The originator of the thought can only look on, as it were, and categorize it from his personal perspective. The nature of the assimilation can be measured by the receiver only through its similarity to his range of previous experiences. Because of the uniqueness of individual memories and experiences, the originator and the receiver will each perceive the created thought differently. The truest communication has the fewest differences in understanding.

Man is a focus of energy that moves at different speeds. The different frequencies are attracted to other energies that move at similar speeds.  I have told you that my physical body at the present is more correctly understood as a shell surrounded by my true essence. I enter the shell and cause it to function in human ways.  Your physical body on Earth functions in a similar way.  Your true self is a focus of energy that vibrates at different speeds.  The surrounding energy that defines your personal identity is fastest moving and interactive. It connects you with your universe by forming an identity that is discrete but linked. The layer interacts with other energies. The information it collects is then assimilated into your energy focus. The information coming in arrives vibrating at different speeds, depending on the source of the original energy.  Your energy field then synchronizes with the data to take it in. Different types of information cause reactions with different layers of your energy field-some slower than others. These levels of layers communicate with different segments of what makes up your awareness and understanding.

You have been told there are seven layers of your aura. In a general way this is a good description of the sorts of interactions that are happening to you and defining who you are. Each layer is a slower vibrational level with its own range of vibrational input. The physical body you perceive as a solid is still moving energy, but at a speed that man’s perceptions identify as physicality. This physical state is your own shell that gives a form to your energy body in this dimension and at this density. It was designed to function in this way. Your actual energy self is linked to this shell and provides the information that the body uses to function here.  The layer of energy surrounding your physical shell contains information about the makeup of the body you have chosen, including the nature of your organs and other physical systems.  This energy level is most directly in contact with your body shell and conveys the information it receives to the brain to be passed on to the internal mechanism.

The layer surrounding that synchronizes with the energy that shapes feelings and emotions. Emotional conflicts register most keenly at this level. These wavelengths mostly closely match those of music and sound. The layer above that connects with individual thinking and discernment, and is separate from emotional reactions. This level connects with the frequencies involved with perceiving color and light. The faster vibrating energy above the mental layer links with the spiritual purpose of the individual and his cosmic memories. The layer above that links the person with his personal identity and spiritual uniqueness. The highest level is multi-dimensional and connects with the soul’s purpose.

All these energy levels make up an individual and develop at different ages of maturity; however, many have their spiritual growth blunted and never rise any higher than the lowest levels of emotional reactions or mental analysis. These humans never realize their spiritual nature or their connection with the universe they are part of.

The task you took on in coming here was to find a way man could raise himself to the highest levels of his spiritual identity. You guided the development of art as a metaphor for spiritual awareness knowing that man would synchronize with these vibrational patterns and assimilate the spiritual truth it represented. Works of art became patterns for growth and rethinking, representing the closest approximations of spiritual truth. Visual art and music and the descriptive corollaries with words and languages established patterns for balanced interaction and harmonious existence. As tarnished as these examples may have become, they still provide man’s most reliable guide to his personal spiritual nature. Man relies on art to refresh his civilization and stimulate its growth.

In a true sense, man has become his art-for better or worse. It reflects his preoccupations and answers back to his attempts to ignore the spiritual truth at its core. Each person has a vibrational pattern that is distinct, and all information that he comes in contact with is assimilated with varying degrees of success.  If the vibrational frequency is too dissimilar to his, it won’t register or cause his personal vibrations to synchronize to a different frequency. This is why certain music styles or certain colors are not as appealing. Their outside vibrational frequency won’t easily match up with a person’s distinctive human vibrational pattern.  On the other hand, if a person is out of balance and missing some aspect of his vibrational identity, then introducing these frequencies in music or color can cause the listener or observer to assimilate this balancing component.

Once these balancing vibrations are assimilated, the receiver incorporates this new artistic energy pattern into the ideas that it creates and sends out.  The spiritual truth of art has reshaped the person’s spiritual perspective and influenced the way he interacts with his environment.  His creations now begin to exemplify the art that has reshaped him, and he has a new awareness of the way he should be in harmony with his fellow man.

The role of the light workers, as you call yourself, will be to preserve these spiritual truths and continue to teach others. Some will do this through art and the ideas that have been embodied. Others will embody the creative nature tapped into by artists in the past and use it to generate new ideals and metaphors for spiritual ascension. All will not be battle and chaos. The bulk of what we do-and the best-will be to guide man to finding his own spiritual nature in its truest and fullest sense. The time is now for this to begin. The stage is ready for a new performance, and the players have their roles in hand.

Curtain up!

Christ Michael Aton

Siraya Discusses Earth’s Inevitable Change

Siraya, I feel you have comments you want to make. I ask you to use my written voice to speak to our situation as you see it at this time.

Jess, I can speak to you now. My voice is your voice this evening. We are watching the developments on Earth and are excited to see the nearness of the completion of this phase of its evolution. This has been a period of great confusion, and many have learned lessons to avoid in the future. A smaller number has awakened to their inner connection with the spiritual universe that surrounds them. They each are part of your Creator Michael’s vision for how his universe grows and deals with its problems. Each has a role, and each must accept his or her place in the tapestry showing the growth and exponential learning of the human collective.

I say we observe because we are overseers for the development of each universe within our superuniverse of Orvonton. Each universe has its own purpose, and the working out of each set of issues inherent in its design is described by the way it develops and addresses its core problems. Urantia, as Earth is called in our records, has had its share of trickery and persuasion not to accept its place in Christ Michael’s creation. Lucifer, as you know, turned many against the plans of Christ Michael Aton, and Urantia was quarantined for the re-education of many of those siding with Lucifer.

The time of Lucifer is over, as you know. He chose uncreation, and his followers are now without a leader. They continue to act as if they have a purpose, but their cause is lost. The negativity this rejection of Christ Michael has caused is immeasurable. The effect of this reversal is evident today on your planet. The truth of spiritual unity and compassion has been subverted to a pursuit of individual power at the expense of the rights of anyone in the way. Man’s understanding of his role in the created universe has been hidden from him intentionally, and his self perception has been blunted to provide little insight into his spiritual nature. He has been trained not to think or feel anything but what has been proscribed for him by those who have obtained power. This reverse education has made the majority of Earth’s inhabitants politically malleable and intellectually undiscerning.

This agenda has allowed the few who have wrested control to use the majority of Earth’s population for their personal interests. Their actions began in opposition to Christ Michael’s intent and have continued their momentum to today. The global nature of this disruption has eaten away at the spiritual reality of Earth’s creation. Man’s attention today is focused more on his surroundings and his perception of position than it is on his spiritual nature and an existence beyond the details of this incarnation. He has lost his awareness that he is an eternal part of the universe that has been created for this stage of his experience.

Earth’s state of being was foreseen as a possibility but not projected as the likely direction Christ Michael’s creation would take. The showplace he created as Earth has become tarnished and almost unrecognizable.  Man reflects his surroundings because, unfortunately, he has forgotten his connection to Christ Michael.

The transformation that has been determined for Urantia will restore its original character and nature.  Man will be awake to his surroundings and the purpose of his existence on this planet. He will understand the role he has to play. He will see how it interacts with everyone else who is working to actualize this change.

Man will become a vessel of light and energy. His purpose will be clear and enlightening for the direction he goes as a physical being. His actions will be decided with responsibility and an awareness of his function as part of the spiritual whole.

This state of spiritual enlightenment is not achieved immediately, even as Christ Michael is shaping the parameters of what may be most open to this new agenda.  Man is removing himself from the shackles of his overlords, but his ingrained habits are difficult to erase overnight. The transformation that has begun will be in phases and is dependent upon man’s willingness to embrace his purpose.

The scenario Christ Michael has devised will accomplish his intentions with less disaster than was projected, although his realization that man needs a shock to his mental system to acknowledge a paradigm shift in cultural norms seems to be persuading him that man should experience some of the results of his uncaring treatment of Earth by losing many of what are considered his basic needs. The necessity for him to evaluate and compromise in his interactions with others will trigger the start of a new way of viewing his place as a part of Urantia’s mission.

You ask for details and projections. I cannot give you those. You situation on Earth is uniquely yours, and your reality will be what you make it to be. Spiritual truth means existing within the parameters of your chosen lifestyle and reconciling those with the intentions and choices of your creator. Christ Michael Aton designed and constructed his universe of Nebadon to explore aspects of an incarnation with a triune spirit. Your existence on Urantia has examined only certain aspects of what is a much grander concept. These have been focused on the limits of duality and lack of spiritual awareness that has shaped your recorded history.

This exploration has run its course, and it is time now for those desiring to continue with the evolution of Urantia to prepare for its next phase of existence. The physical form of Urantia will adapt to new waves of energy and a higher frequency of awareness. All things connected with the planet will change to accommodate this evolution. Man, as part of this physical embodiment will also adapt and assume new forms in keeping with the new levels of energy and information.

I wish I could tell you specific political and economic developments, but like the energy in your universe, they are in flux and no outcome is fixed beyond the reality of your planet changing. The need for restructuring, however, will force existing assumptions to evolve. Those that cannot or will not change will not be able to continue existing.

Watch the results of what is happening. The reportage and the commentaries are misleading, if not downright misinforming.  These untruths instruct you to accept the conclusions they present without any individual research or examination. Accepting interpretations without determining your own opinions is foolhardy.

To survive this inevitable change, man must prepare physically and emotionally. He must be ready to move if necessary. He must be sufficiently rested to maintain any degree of stamina. He must participate willingly and with an idea of obtaining new insights. This new perception will begin to define man’s changing involvement with his circumstances and those he interacts with. The changed Urantia will be reflected in the changes in man’s behavior and attitudes.  This entire one unified whole will ascend together.

I speak to you as representative of the Creator Source in Orvonton. We are pleased with what is happening on your creator’s favored planet.


Father Source Speaks on Closure and Change

Creator Source, I ask for comments from you. This may come through Siraya, or some other voice, but I do remember words this morning. They said you were all around. Speak to that again, please.

Jess, I am speaking to you again. This is the Creator Source, as you called me. Papa Source as others have. First Source seems too impersonal. Papa seems, to you, to familial.

I am speaking directly. I have no need to go through others, if I choose. I have spoken to you before, and we discussed our long history together. My attention is now focused on Earth, particularly, and its concluding moments before the next phase of its evolution begins.

I spoke of being wrapped in my energy. I sent out the wave of my intentions and it is manifesting as higher frequency vibrations that are affecting all. My comments to you this morning came at a time when you were most receptive to hearing. Now is more of an effort. But your focus is holding my comments together so that I may speak to you and others who may read this.

I told [another channeler] that decisions had been made. Christ Michael Aton as you call him also said to you that there was a timetable based on my wishes. I have a vision of how I intend for Earth to change. Man who has become attuned to her intentions also has a place in the process. This requires awareness and willingness to become part of this movement. Man is a part of Earth and should not be eliminated out of hand.

Earth must let go of what it has held on to for so long. As you know this is difficult. The most difficult step is the first one. The flood of relief that comes once this has been taken is a revelation. Preliminary steps are being taken to test the resilience of her physical system. More and more quakes are recorded, and more extreme weather is being experienced. Her confidence is almost ready for this major shift. It probably won’t be mindless, even so. Her care for her inhabitants continues to influence the extent and location of her releases.

I do see July as a month of letting go in many areas. Events will continue, nonetheless, but the long range assumptions are really not going to happen. This is all taking place because my energy is seeping in and raising the normal level of vibration. This part of my idea is refashioning itself. My wealth of new experience that has come from man’s embodiment on Earth has allowed me to create the new phase of Earth’s ascension in more detail that was ever possible. I know where I want this universe to go, and Christ Michael has become one with my idea. This refashioning is what will happen. Christ Michael is working out the details of how this is to take place.

He knows that the time is near for this to shift into a higher phase. He, by his very nature, continues to call for more to awaken, even as he draws this phase to a close. Because reality and materialization are always in flux based on the actualization that continues to change what had come before, the details necessary to make the decision to close are constantly modifying their arrangement. This fact is part of what has caused an extended closing down beyond the assumed timeframe in Earth’s system of measurement.

Look to the East for the beginning. The arrival of the sun will indicate that my will is being manifest. Each day brings more of my closeness.

Father Source, as part of the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


Christ Michael Aton Speaks on Man’s Choices

This is a message from Christ Michael Aton from 2009 that is worth re-posting.


Christ Michael, I ask to continue our conversation this morning. My insight into your being in me and seeing my interpretation of the world for you was a thread that carried through the day. I see my role as experiencing my circumstances in connection with you. I make choices and I am responsible for my decisions; their results are not what shapes me or causes me to suffer because of punishment or anger. I create the perceptions of separation or failure, not you. Speak on how we all should view our world. Give us a statement of where we are in your thinking and what you are projecting.  We find it difficult to wait without some sense of schedule or confirmation.

Jess, good evening. This is a session I requested. When I spoke to you this morning, you were open to my discussion of separation and my spark inside you. It is just as easy to imagine that I am speaking from inside your head, instead of pouring my insights into your crown chakra area. That is an artistic estimation of how energy moves through you and your physical body. In reality, all is energy and all is moving. All is connected and I am part of all. You are connected to me in every manifestation of energy you see as a separate three dimensional entity. We are all one, and you are connected to me through all.

This means what you refer to as both the good and the bad. The “bad” is really only “not-good,” by which I mean it is not connected with me by intent. The individual collection of energy that has been given a specific personality that identifies itself as a separate person has the option of flowing whichever way it chooses to explore its expression. I am part of that “bad” person, but I don’t make the choices for them unless they ask my assistance. There is no power in conflict with my power. I am all power and all of creation is my idea and my vision. I am in all and I love all because it is an extension of me.  Man has chosen to characterize those choices and actions that are in conflict with a balanced alignment with me as “evil.” I didn’t create evil, man did through his interpretation of choices. Man chose to be victimized; man chose to be what he interprets as injured and suffering. What is hurting but a way of experiencing a relationship with me? The more someone hurts, the more they are detached from their intentional connection with me.

Life in your world is created by man, and your conflicts and disharmony are a result of your willingness to accept this situation of detachment from me. Part of this detachment manifests itself as a feeling of powerless or a fear of others being your God. You have forgotten how you are always connected with me, how you have infinite power through me to do anything you choose. Your situation is because you want it. You don’t take steps to change it—in fact, you have the mistaken belief that you can’t change it because others have power over you. This is not the truth. Everyone has equal power because I am in all and I am more powerful than anything else. Your ability to create balance and harmony is part of your nature, but you have forgotten what that means.

The situation you see in the world today is man’s creation and man determines how it progresses. Men that have been given control are shaping how the world operates, and they are acting completely in disregard of my universal laws. They are intending to go against me. You label them “bad” or “evil.” I say they are consciously ignoring me. I love all and I am not the wrathful, vengeful God looking to make someone suffer. Your perception of self-protection and an assumed threat to your existence causes you to imagine I operate in the same way you have created on Earth for your dual existence. I do not punish with hellfire—you do. I do not hate part of my creation—you do. I see all as moving at an individually determined rate of seeking re-union with my love. Once you realize the true connection with me, you realize the error of judging others by thinking some are good and some bad. Your higher spiritual self realizes that you are all part of the same creation and that everyone you find inferior or second class is, in truth, your equal. You are not better than they; they are not worse than you. They are only at a different place in their progression back to me and are making choices that seem at odds with yours.

It is not your role to determine what anyone but you alone should do. You make your decisions to the best of your ability to discern my truth, and then you live complete by those decisions. Your interaction with others is shaped by your awareness of what I guide you to do. You don’t choose to react without consulting me first. You don’t rely on your collected memories and past experiences without examining your feelings first. Your feelings know my truth when you seek to communicate with me. This knowing allows you to choose thoughts and behaviors that cause you to act in line with my wishes. What else can you do but seek my guidance and live in balance with my vision of a created universe?

I will speak some on the time you live in. I am shaping your material universe to reflect a different concept. I choose to have balance and harmony again. I have experienced all I wish to experience through duality and illusory perceptions of man’s relationship to me in this particularly dimensional construct on this planet. My vision is of this system moving into a higher frequency of energy reaction. The chaos you feel caught up in is still of your perception, but we with a higher overview are helping some of you shape a new awareness of the true facts the illusions mask. The awareness and awakening to your true status and power is all that will break the restrictions you have assumed. We will not intervene in the sense your movies describe for you. We will intervene through a quickening of your inner understanding. We will guide those of you that are receptive to actions and behaviors that are more and more in keeping with your heightened awareness of your connection with me.

This is reaching a peak and is being influenced by physical stimuli that are coming with the increasing energy that is surrounding you. Jupiter is sending more to you regardless of whether you can see the planet or not. The photon belt is raising your physical stamina and forcing your body to reconnect its basic elements to be in sync with its greater vibrations.  All these elements are playing into your quickening as an extension of me. You are raising your frequencies as I change mine to experience a different set of universal parameters.

I will not give you a timetable. That is purely a fiction you feel you need to satisfy your ego. If you seek to be ever more in alignment with me and my truths, the timeline becomes unimportant, or at least secondary in importance in your thinking. The truth is that man will end the chaos when man ends the chaos. You choose when that will be and how soon it will be. The mitigating factors in this are your surroundings are changing, forcing you to change and causing your previous assumptions and behavioral choices to be ineffectual. Things you have accepted as certainties are no longer the norm. Your perceptions are no longer the same and your beliefs are continually being questioned. Wake up! See your power and choose to live in balance with others. Take control of your life by my assistance and create a new existence.

These words this evening by Christ Michael Aton.