Esu Speaks on Upcoming Stasis

These are two posts from August 2009 that deal with changes we can expect in the upcoming stasis. They were worth re-posting.


Esu, I have some specific questions and ask for additional guidance as I go forward. Speak on stasis, including the explanation of what it is and outlining the latest thinking on how it will be used. I ask for process and how it will be used. Speak of how long this may continue and what is planned to Earth during the time it’s in effect. Speak of any information that will be useful to know in terms of focusing our responsibility. Help me to see the best path through the seeming chaos that is described.

Jess, it is time to speak of these concerns and explain the current thinking regarding their use and imposition. Stasis is a device that occurs whenever a planet that is inhabited must undergo some sort of upheaval—be it galactic or geophysical. This allows the planet’s system to stop and reorganize itself to adapt to the next level of vibrational intensity its surroundings demand. This presumes the evolution of its surroundings link to the evolutional process the planet itself is undergoing. The planet’s evolution does or does not take its ecosystem into account. If it is beyond any sort of salvaging, then its environment and life forms are removed and the system is begun again at a new level of universal interaction. The problems and imbalances are not continued, even in adapted form.

The system with Earth is unique. Christ Michael wishes to maintain the remnants of the existence that has become established in accordance with his own vision, in order for it to evolve into the higher frequency the planet itself is moving into. In order for this to take place, the planet has to be adapted to suit the evolvement of the inhabitants that are staying, and vice versa. This involves changing the inhabitants and the existing ecosystem to accommodate the new frequencies. This change is most easily accomplished by a period of stasis on the planet. Existence as it is presently will pause and be reacclimated to a new vibration in a higher dimensional status.  Man is nothing but a series of vibrational interactions that appear to be chemical in nature. Change his vibrational pattern and he will morph into a new vibrational sequence. This is the same process as entraining two frequencies vibrating at different speeds. The higher and faster one prevails and the two merge into one frequency, become two strings of the one.

Man’s vibrational pattern will change and adapt to the new frequency for Earth. This requires a strong and resilient physical body and a mental awareness that doesn’t challenge spiritual perception or experiential discoveries. Only a percentage of the Earth’s current population will be able to adapt. This requires a physical body that is connected to spiritual awareness. Spiritual insight automatically shapes the physical and mental bodies that function on this Earthly plane. Only lately has man’s understanding of this relationship been nourished enough to allow comprehension. Now is the time for man to move ahead into his next evolutionary phase. This evolutionary status will involve a symbiosis with the evolution of the Earth. Man will interact with his environment on a much more conscious level and will realize the importance of spiritual dialogue with his surroundings.

I will speak of the timeline as it is proposed at present. We are looking to the appearance of Jupiter as a new sun to provide sufficient shock and disruption to established scientific and religious belief systems to enable enough awareness of a difference to trigger a conscious desire or action. We don’t expect much will happen as a result of any Earthly action or crisis. People are too passive and ineffectual to galvanize much rethinking because of just another political or environmental crisis.

We expect to move into stasis mode very soon after Jupiter finally is allowed to reveal itself. The process of starting this mode has been tremendously streamlined since the earlier descriptions that have come through. The length of time it will take should be two hours or less, still moving around the global time zones as described previously. Enough ships are available to beam working energy to Earth to interact with existing vibrational motion and cause it to pause. This is not going to sleep—this is putting existence on hold. Nothing is planned to age, because time will seem to stop.

Time, you realize, is only a perception on Earth to systematize the relationship between two people or two incidents.


Let’s continue with the description. The plan involves sending a beam of energy to Earth that is of such a frequency that it causes the basic speed of energy transfer to pause in its movement. When energy is not moving there is no sequence of interactions that characterize life on your planet. This is different from what you regard as death. That involves the spirit leaving the physical shell and reuniting with its group soul assemblage. The physical shell continues to interact with its environment and energy exchange is still going on. Stasis stops this energy movement for a period of time. There is no aging, as a result, and time seems to be halted in your perception. With time stopped, there is no perception, in fact, because observations or evaluations are based on measurements of your physical context.

Our perception of time is different and our physical embodiment is not dependant on the attributes you require. We are able to interact with your energy grid work on many levels of complexity and redirect those pathways that are out of balance with a higher frequency of energy movement unaffected by your perceptions. We are able to retool your design, as it were, and produce a more efficient structure that is more integrated with the ascending universal manifestation.

Those of you who intend to stay and work after the stasis period will be redesigned and refashioned to accommodate the changes that Earth will be going through. The symbiosis with your environment will need to be much more exact. It will require a more intuitive understanding of community needs and an accepted awareness of the necessity of considering your fellow inhabitants in the context of your community.

Many will choose not to stay to work with Earth’s ascension. Cleaning your environment involves supporting a population that is suited to the available resources necessary for balance and harmony. A maximum number of about a tenth of your current population is appropriate for the landmass that will be most beneficial for the planet’s ascension. Parts of the current geography will be removed and new land will emerge from the existing oceans. This was part of the surface that was flooded when Lemuria and Atlantis submerged. This will happen when the Earth shifts its axis tilt. The water will cover different portions of the existing landmass. There will also be earthquakes to remove built up tectonic stress, and these too will change the shape of the current landforms.

These events will occur during the stasis period because they are connected with a larger system of energy exchange that does not depend on interaction with the ecosystem developed around Earth’s inhabitants. The inhabitants are an extension of their surroundings, but they do not cause the surroundings to change to the extent that will be necessary to refashion Earth. These changes are linked to geophysical shifts and redirected energy from the sun and solar system.  The energy changes coming to Earth affect the magnetosphere’s operation and alter the system of planetary rotation. These changes are necessary to re-circuit the grid pattern the Earth is operating in. This restructuring will provide the new environment for Earth’s inhabitants.

I cannot say at this point how long this will take. The length of time by your measurement will occur after the stasis is completed. I suspect your perception of the length of time it takes will be different from what you presume now. You will not see it as it occurs and you will be surprised when you awake from it.

The plan is not to physically remove all of Earth’s inhabitants and take you to ships or inner Earth cities. Most of those staying will remain here and be transformed like the Earth. Many will choose to leave or will not be spiritually able to adapt to the higher dimensional frequency that will be necessary for Earth’s evolution. This change must be viewed as a necessary step in ascension. No soul is destroyed unless he or she chooses that option; when someone ends existence on Earth that soul moves into another form in its progression. The inevitable grief you will experience here must be tempered by awareness and a realization of the larger picture of a soul’s evolution.

There will be a large group of inhabitants that will be assembled in retreat centers to continue their education. These are members of the group that have been called lightworkers, meaning those who have had awareness of the true nature of what is happening on Earth and have held out some form of insight to others. This group of teachers and workers will make up the large body of facilitators who have chosen to help others accommodate their new forms to the new environment. These will be leaders, artists, educators, healers, and workers who have committed themselves to building a sustainable society. They have special talents suited to the tasks that lie ahead and have incarnated at this time to take on those roles. They will be brought out of stasis at the time that is necessary for their training to begin.

I think this is sufficient to say at this time. Look for the signs that will be appearing in the skies. This will be happening in sequence from now on. Much of the harvest is being stored, and events will happen when you least expect them. The sun will move and Jupiter will appear as it actually is. Then you will know that stasis is ready to begin.

Esu, Planetary Prince in Physical form.

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